Automatic Income Academy Review – Scam Or Legit?

Today we will be reviewing a program known as Automatic Income Academy. Is it legit? Find out in this Automatic Income Academy review.

Being able to make a successful business is all about timing. It’s all about knowing the trends, marketing your products, and being able to pursue financial freedom.

Building a business is no joke and no easy endeavor. It is not all about earning money; it is all about building something that will last for years to come.

You should know that putting your energy into something that isn’t your passion can be bothersome. I suggest that you do not do anything you wouldn’t put 100% of your effort to.

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this Automatic Income Academy review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Automatic Income Academy in any shape or form whatsoever.

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Automatic Income Academy Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Automatic Income Academy
  • Founder: Graham Cochrane
  • Website:
  • Socials: N/A
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: Entrepreneurship
  • Recommendation: I do not recommend this program even if it sounds tempting.

What is Automatic Income Academy?

Automatic Income Academy Review - Logo

Automatic Income Academy offers a comprehensive and tested system designed to transform your passions, skills, and ideas into a profitable online business, generating revenue consistently, regardless of your activity level.

This program grants you the freedom to dictate your earning potential, removing traditional income ceilings tied to work tenure.

Basically, it promises to help you enjoy unparalleled time flexibility, set a schedule that harmoniously aligns with your lifestyle, as well as engage in work that resonates deeply with your values, allowing you to end each day with a sense of fulfillment.

The Academy’s online course spans five detailed, user-friendly modules, each sharing a piece of the puzzle for building a sustainable, automated income stream.

In this course, every step towards creating passive income is meticulously outlined, ensuring a clear understanding of how to navigate your new business.

Automatic Income Academy Overview

Automatic Income Academy Review - Graham Cochrane

The entire Automatic Income Academy course is accessible in both video and audio formats, offering flexibility for learning during commutes or workouts.

To aid in retention and review, PDF notes are provided for each segment.

Additionally, at the conclusion of each of the five modules, participants are assigned specific Action Steps. These tasks function as a form of homework—a checklist that establishes clear benchmarks and outlines “next steps.”

This systematic approach ensures that participants know precisely what actions to take first, second, and third after absorbing the module’s content.

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My Favorite Program

Module 1 – Your Roadmap

The first module delves into several vital aspects of setting up a successful business. It guides you on pinpointing an optimal and lucrative business idea tailored for you, even amidst a crowded market.

It introduces the concept of the “Value Circle,” which acts as the backbone of my business model.

Additionally, this module sheds light on four subtle yet powerful psychological hurdles that often impede business owners from achieving their goals.

Beyond that, it presents an often-ignored tactic that transforms potential leads into lifelong loyal customers. This module is designed to lay the foundation for your entrepreneurial journey.

Module 2 – Your Website

Optimizing a website is essential for significant income growth, and many individuals often miss a crucial error when establishing their sites. Interestingly, while many highlight the significance of social media, renowned brands such as Apple, Home Depot, and Banana Republic suggest that it shouldn’t be the primary focus.

Directing efforts towards driving steady traffic to the site can be more beneficial. Graham Cochrane has developed two effective strategies to generate a continuous influx of visitors without spending on Facebook advertising.

To bolster an online presence further, they recommend a variety of cost-effective and complimentary tools that have been pivotal in growing their digital empire.

Module 3 – Your Product

In this module, you can discover the most effective digital products to develop initially, and learn the art of crafting them at no cost.

The program will teach you to master the skill of designing offerings that not only have a high likelihood of selling but almost promote themselves.

Graham says that with this module, you can unlock the secrets of a potent psychological strategy that almost ensures a purchase with each interaction.

Additionally, you can delve into an unexpected approach that could potentially double your sales figures, drawing inspiration from a long-standing strategy employed by Starbucks.

Module 4 – Your Sales

For the fourth module, you can discover a straightforward 9-step formula that facilitates genuine sales without resorting to aggressive or deceptive tactics.

In this, you can learn the art of crafting a sales playbook in just 15 minutes, positioning you directly within your customer’s mindset, enabling the creation of compelling sales content.

Basically, the module will teach you how to unearth a tried-and-true method that has powered product launches reaching five and six figures.

Additionally, you will be taught to recognize a commonly overlooked strategy that many hesitate to implement during launches, but has the potential to amplify sales twofold.

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My Favorite Program

Module 5 – Your System

For the fifth module, you can learn how they seamlessly generate up to $50k each month on autopilot. The module explores the critical four components that drive their online business, bolstered by their proven weekly business strategy.

They provide meticulous templates to design compelling email sequences that manage sales, even when they’re taking a break.

For this one, you can also learn to recognize the significant role of generosity in their approach—seeing how giving back acts as a powerful driver for long-term business growth.

Updated + Expanded Module

Detailed guides are presented in this module, illustrating each step in constructing a user-friendly website. These guides cover a range of topics, from setting up potent email opt-ins to designing effective sales funnels that transform prospects into dedicated customers.

For a clearer understanding of digital product creation and marketing, comprehensive analyses of genuine sales copy and product layouts are shared.

Starting a home-based business has its challenges, especially when juggled with other commitments. Insights and strategies are offered to enhance productivity, ensuring a harmonious balance between work, passion projects, and personal life.

With the ever-changing digital landscape, being updated is essential. You will be provided with information on the latest effective tools and methods.

Furthermore, the emerging trends shaping the digital world are highlighted.


The Basic plan costs $397. Here are the inclusions:

  • Automatic Income Academy Course (30 videos)
  • “The Vault” – 13 bonus videos and guides
  • “Make Money Faster With Coaching” – 4 part video series

The Platinum plan costs $497. The inclusions are as follows:

  • Automatic Income Academy Course (30 videos)
  • “The Vault” – 13 bonus videos and guides
  • “Make Money Faster With Coaching” – 4 part video series
  • “Work/Life Balance” training
  • “Wealth Building” training
  • “Branding/Positioning in a Crowded Niche” training

The information in this section are pulled straight from the Automatic Income Academy website.

Final Verdict – Automatic Income Academy Review

In concluding this Automatic Income Academy review, I must express deep reservations. Despite its alluring promises of passive income and systematic guidance, the program’s heavy price tag and bold claims warrant skepticism.

The Basic plan, priced at $397, and the Platinum plan, at $497, demand a significant financial commitment for content that seems somewhat generic. The modules, while comprehensive, appear to rehash common online business principles that can be found in numerous free resources.

The Automatic Income Academy’s emphasis on psychological strategies and guaranteed success raises red flags. No program can promise absolute success, especially in the unpredictable realm of online business.

The allure of making up to $50k a month on autopilot seems overstated, potentially setting unrealistic expectations. Furthermore, the program’s reliance on the concept of generosity as a business tool seems overly idealistic and may not necessarily translate into tangible business growth.

The course content, although extensive, leans towards theoretical concepts with potentially limited practical application. For someone starting from scratch, the depth of information might be overwhelming without adequate hands-on support.

Additionally, the need for “Action Steps” and “homework” could be seen as a burden rather than a benefit, potentially adding unnecessary pressure to the learning process.

Moreover, the program’s lack of affiliation with established educational or entrepreneurial bodies raises questions about its credibility and the value of the teachings.

While the modules cover various aspects of online business, there’s a lack of unique insights or innovative strategies that differentiate it from other available courses.

Lastly, the notion of earning while on vacation, through email sequences and automated systems, feeds into the get-rich-quick mentality, which is often misleading and unproductive. Building a sustainable business requires time, effort, and often personal involvement, especially in its nascent stages.

In essence, while the Automatic Income Academy may offer some foundational knowledge, its high cost, coupled with extravagant promises, make it difficult to recommend wholeheartedly.

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