AWAI Copywriting Course Review – Worth It?

Today, we are going to talk about the AWAI Copywriting Course. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

A lot of people know how to write. It’s a skill that we learn early on in our lives. There probably isn’t a moment where we aren’t writing something. It could be as simple as a text to your love ones. Or it could be a paper you’re doing for your history class. Everybody knows how to put down words on a piece of paper or on a blog post like this one. But it takes a lot of time to be able to write well.

There are a lot of people who become writers because of something they read. Usually, it’s a piece of fiction that they fell in love with when they were a kid. Sometimes, people become writers because they want to continue a story they read that abruptly came to an end. There are multiple reasons that people become writers.

Even though there are a glut of different artificial intelligence tools that generate different pieces of text for you, it doesn’t really beat the thrill of writing on your own. I admit that I’ve been tempted to feed a prompt to an AI tool just so I wouldn’t be writing this review. But there’s something different about putting in your own flavor to a review like this. Even if you’ve written something similar hundreds of times.

So it’s always fun to write about all of the different online course out there that teach you how to become a better writer. There is still a lot of clients out there searching for people to write for them. Even if a lot of those AI tools are already in their disposal.

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AWAI Copywriting Course Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Accelerated Program for Seven-Figure Copywriting
  • Founder: American Writers and Artists Institute (AWAI)
  • Website:
  • Socials: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: Copywriting
  • Recommendation: This is one of the better writing-related courses out there that you could find out there. But don’t expect that you will actually be earning 7-figure amounts once you finish the course. Copywriting jobs pay okay. But it will definitely be a long ways before you start earning the kind of money that their copywriting course says you can earn. You’re competing with a lot of other copywriters in the business. But you actually need to keep working before you could earn “7-figures” from copywriting alone.

What AWAI?

AWAI Copywriting Course learning chief Pam Foster

I have to be honest with you, but I have never heard of the American Writers and Artists Institute until I started to research for this review. This particular organization hadn’t really come across my radar before. Sometimes that just happens when you’re doing so many reviews like this one. You’re bound to have some groups or people fall down the cracks.

It was actually a surprise for me when I found out that this particular organization has been operating since 1997. There isn’t a lot that you could find with regards to how it started. Which is weird, I have to say. Usually, there are similar organizations who make it a point to actually flesh out the story of how they were founded. But there isn’t really a clear story to how exactly AWAI was founded.

It seemed that the driving force for the beginnings of AWAI was its co-founder Don Mahoney. Don seemingly had a talent for copywriting. He had previously worked for a publishing company that published books regarding finance. Don had been working with his friend Mark Ford at that time. And they had send out ads for a direct-mail copywriter which was seen by Paul Hollingshead, one of the other co-founders of AWAI. Don and Paul seem to have developed a good working relationship at that point. So when Don decided to start his own business, I guess Paul was willing to help him start it. Katie Yealke was also a part of this. She had previously worked as a direct mail marketer for a publishing company, which I am assuming is the same company that Don and Paul worked for.

(Like I said, there isn’t a clear story for how AWAI started. And a lot of the information is based on an interview that Katie Yealke did and an essay that Paul Hollingshead wrote in commemoration of the passing of Don Mahoney in 2015. The lack of any clear narrative basically means that I just patched together any and all information at my disposal.)

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What Is Accelerated Seven-Figure Copywriting?

Accelerated Seven-Figure Copywriting is pretty much the flagship AWAI copywriting course. It’s an online course where you can learn how to start a career in copywriting. Considering that this particular course has existed for more than two decades, it has obviously gone through a lot of changes. I’m amazed that a skill-based course like this one would regular update itself based on what the industry is like nowadays.

Sometimes, especially with certain newer skill-based courses, they don’t really try to be as up-to-date as possible. Which could sometimes be fine, there isn’t really a lot of changes that happen within a year or so. But with something like copywriting, a course made a decade ago will have some differences with ones created within the last few months. Especially since the internet has gone through a lot of changes within that time.

AWAI also offers a lot of other training programs that you can take. But the Accelerated Seven-Figure Copywriting can be considered the pride and joy of the organization. It’s their main program. Everything else is basically just an off-shoot of it.

But before we go through the contents of the course, let’s first talk about copywriting. Copywriting is basically just a form of writing that is meant people to take action over something, specifically buying a product or service from a certain brand. Don’t confuse copy editing from copywriting. Those are two different things. Copy editors do edit the text written by copywriters. But a lot of copy editors can exist in other types of writing. Copywriters basically work within the marketing industry.

AWAI Copywriting Course executive Katie Yealke

What Do You Get From The Accelerated Seven-Figure Copywriting Course?

Like a lot other online courses, you basically get access to the full AWAI copywriting course. I think before they had an online version of this, the course actually came in book form. Which is not at all surprising. But nowadays, most training programs like this one happen on a specialized website that goes through each chapter of the course.

There are a total of 20 lessons inside the course. Unfortunately, AWAI doesn’t provide a breakdown of what the course looks like. But just imagine that there are video lessons as well as supplementary exercises per lesson. It’s an online course. There isn’t really a lot to go by.

Aside from the main lessons, you will answer quizzes at the end of each lesson. There are also a bunch of other bonus materials outside of the main course. You also get full access to any updates made to the program, which should be the default, especially if you’re paying either $197 in full or five installments worth $59.

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Final Verdict – AWAI Copywriting Course

Even though the Accelerated Seven-Figure Copywriting course from AWAI has existed for a while now, I don’t really highly recommend it. There’s nothing particularly bad about the flagship AWAI copywriting course. It’s just that copywriting is a hard skill to master.

Sure, the course will definitely help you hone your skill in copywriting, it doesn’t guarantee that it will get you consistent work or even work that would seemingly earn you a seven-figure salary. There are so many copywriters out there already. You could get lost in the mix.

If you really want to actually become a copywriter, then this is one of the better ones out there. The installment plan isn’t all that bad. It’s definitely a bit more expensive compare to the one-time payment for the course. But if you manage to find work once you finish this course, then it’ll be easy to recoup the cost of it. Entry-level copywriting gigs will still earn you money. But it’s not going to be a seven-figure amount.

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That’s it for my review of the AWAI Copywriting Course. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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