Bad Ass Marketers (BAM University) Review : (*It’s A Hard-No For Me!)

Today, we’re going to talk about an online course named Bad Ass Marketers. Is this a must-join? See for yourself in this Bad Ass Marketers review.

Usually, most people prefer the 9-5 work lifestyle because it affords them a sense of financial security. However, some want to escape that dull grind and are now looking for alternatives to earn money, especially online.

And one of the more popular methods of making money online is being an affiliate marketer. All for a number of reasons.

The key here is to find the affiliate marketing program that is best suited for you. Because while there are plenty of opportunities out there, some of them are just plain scams.

This is what reviews like this Bad Ass Marketers review are here for.

In this review, we’re going to talk about Bad Ass Marketers, and what it’s all about. More importantly, we’re going to help you determine if this is the right opportunity for you.

So before you decide to sign up for this company, you should read this Bad Ass Marketers review first. This is to help you with your decision.

DISCLAIMER: This is an independent Bad Ass Marketers review. I’m not affiliated with Bad Ass Marketers, in any way or form whatsoever.

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What Is Bad Ass Marketers?

Bad Ass Marketers

Bad Ass Marketers certainly isn’t much different from the other moneymaking opportunities that you can find on the internet. The gist of it is that it’s another online course that teaches students how they can run an online business successfully.

This time, the business model they’re going to teach you is “lead generation” via “digital real estate”. While it sounds confusing, it’s actually simpler than it sounds.

You make money by generating leads (or customers) for small businesses. This can be done by running Seo on a simple 2-page site (the “digital real estate” part).

Business owners will pay you for this, because they don’t know how to rank themselves online on google. Because you own the sites, they will keep paying you month after month,passive and recurring income.

The demand for lead generation businesses is growing due to increased demand for them. Thus, you can say that it’s a viable business model to get into if you want to make money online.

At the same time, the great demand for this also means you’ll also be encountering a lot of competition. In fact, 61% of marketers point out that lead generation is one of their biggest challenges.

Thus, if you plan on going through this route, you’re going to have to learn a lot of skills (i-e Seo,on page and off page),here is a bummer!,I am into Seo for four years and still can’t with 100% assurity that I can rank this blah blah keyword/site.

But the rewards gained are certainly worth it.

My recommendation for making money online is also based on lead generation.

It’s a great and trusted alternative if for some reason you don’t prefer Bad Ass Marketers. This one has also helped over 6,000+ people, and still counting.

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The Person Behind Bad Ass Marketers

The Bad Ass Marketers course was created by Joshua T. Osborne, an online entrepreneur.

Joshua T. Osborne

Aside from being the creator of this course, I can’t really find any more information about him. Most especially, his business track record.

But his journey to success isn’t simple either. In fact, before he was a motivational business speaker…

He has spent quite a few times in and out of jail.

But, as the story goes, everything changed when he was visited by a mentor during his jail time. And soon, he started his own moving company.

That was the start of his digital business venture, as he started to look for more opportunities online that can not only earn him money, but also have more free time.

His social media numbers record is pretty decent, as well. Especially with his YouTube channel and Facebook page subscriber count.

And with a net worth of 12.5 million today, there’s no denying his legitimacy.

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What Does Bad Ass Marketers Teach You?

Bad Ass Marketers 2

As stated before, Bad Ass Marketers will teach you how you can launch a lead generation, digital real estate business. As well as pitching it to local businesses.

You’ll start off by first building and publishing your lead generation website. Then the course will teach several methods on how you can optimize it in order to drive traffic to it.

Developing The Proper Mindset

In starting your own business, the proper mindset is a big factor in determining your success.

So as with any business course, Bad Ass Marketers starts with helping you develop the right mindset for your business. Here, it states that this isn’t a “get-rich-quick” scheme, and hard work and dedication are still important here.

However, this course also tells you that you need to also develop a positive mindset. And reminds you to always stay determined to your goals for this course

Creating Your Lead Generation Website

Of course, in order to start your lead generation business, you’ll need a website. And this section will teach you exactly that.

But instead of walking you over through the difficult process of coding your own website, this section will only teach you the very basics of website design. Such as the proper placement of ads on your website (so it doesn’t hinder user experience), optimizing your website for users and web crawlers, etc.

Also, this section will teach you how you can build your own website without any coding experience using WordPress.

Search Engine Optimization

Proper SEO is the core component of your lead generation business. Without it, your website won’t even be seen by any potential leads.

And it’s a well-known fact that most users don’t even scroll past the first page of a search engine result. Therefore, this section teaches students how to do proper SEO.

This section of the Bad Ass Marketers course is then further sub-divided into two sections.

  • On-Page SEO – This section focuses on how you can create good website content, to properly optimizing your headers and meta-tags. The goal here is to make your website more visible to search engine crawlers, and to make sure that they’re relevant to the keywords you want to rank.
  • Off-Page SEO – This section then focuses on backlinks. It focuses on how you can build quality backlinks, and differentiate the good backlinks from the bad, as well as from the do-follow to no-follow ones. The author is also kind enough to suggest a place where you can get high-quality backlinks for free (though this can be shady practice).

Seo is a WAR : Read Why You Should Not Start Rent Digital Assets (rank & rent biz)

Google Maps Pack

The Google Map Pack optimization is important when you’re building a website for local businesses. And here’s why.

When a user looks for a certain business keyword in Google, Google itself will usually list the top-rated relevant businesses in the vicinity. And Google will only list the top three businesses from that list.

Therefore, Google Maps Pack results is a VERY VALUABLE piece of online real estate. And this, it’s very important that your website will grab those top three slots.

This part of the training will show you how you can do it. From properly optimizing your photos to getting good reviews for your business, it’ll be covered here.

Paid Ads Training

Aside from good SEO, the Bad Ass Marketers online course will also teach you how you can properly run paid ads to boost your site traffic, and generate more leads.

Note that while this course will train you on the proper setup and management of your paid ads campaign, it may not be the best choice for beginners. As paid ads cost some money, you need to make sure that you have enough capital for this.

However, this could be a good option to use should you want to rank your business website as soon as possible and hopefully get more leads immediately.

The paid ads training from Bad Ass Marketers is also divided into two parts. Google Ads, and Facebook Ads.

Sales Strategies & Client Retention

This part of the course deals with how you can properly sell your lead generation and digital marketing services to potential clients.

From proper pitching of your services to the client to retaining your existing clients, this course will teach you how to do them properly.

Facebook Group Access

Finally, signing in to Bad Ass Marketers gives you access to their official Facebook group, wherein you can discuss with fellow members and share or even ask for further tips about the program.

In addition, the author of this course itself, Josh, will also hold occasional live streams inside this Facebook group. During these live streams, you can then ask more questions from Josh himself, especially about the program.

Walk Through Video Of Bad Ass Marketers

If you want to see more of Bad Ass Marketers, like how it looks like inside, here’s an official walkthrough video from the creator himself, Joshua T. Osborne.

How Much Does Bad Ass Marketers Cost?

And here’s the part where it gets a little…suspicious.

There’s absolutely no mention of how much will it cost to register for this cost. Even on the official site itself, you can’t find anything there.

Even most of the “sponsored” reviews about Bad Ass Marketers have made no mention of the price. The only source of information about the pricing of this course is through the Reddit network.

According to a Reddit user, when they tried to call the hotline to join, they said that badass Marketers costs $7,000 to join the course. But later, they changed it to $5,000 when they complained that the pricing was too high.

Regardless of the price, Bad Ass Marketers’ price point is rather high. For an amount like that, you can already start your own lead generation business yourself, and just try to get relevant educational materials elsewhere. Especially if some of those materials are FREE OF CHARGE.

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Pros And Cons Of Bad Ass Marketers


  • It’s a decent online course about making money online.
  • The business model it uses (lead generation) is one of the most lucrative online businesses out there. Several people have already made a decent amount of money out of it.
  • The course itself is almost an all-in-one package that teaches you almost everything you need to know about the lead generation business, from start to finish.


  • Its all-in-one approach to the course means that some may find its training a bit lacking in some aspects. The paid ads section, in particular, needs more comprehensive training. You’ll be able to get better results if you just look for an SEO expert instead.
  • The pricing for the course isn’t transparent at all. They’ll only reveal it to you if you make that call first.
  • Apparently, they rely on sponsored reviews to give the course a positive image to many users. Which makes it even harder to determine if this is legitimate or not.

Let’s go In detail of the pros and cons of badass Marketers,so you can find it easier to make a decision.

What I like about badass Marketers (BAM University)

Here are the points which I liked in Badass Marketers..


1 – Students are making money!

Their students are making money.They have a free Facebook group,where they keep on showing screenshot of students making money 💰.The screenshot they are showing are from the inside of their private facebook group.But here, you need to understand difference between long term and quick money from here and there.


I-e…I have seen some students saying that they sold website for $1k-$2k.Success?




How to make $1k a day(a little tip from me🤗)


Go to Fiverr and make a website for your targeted client/small business owner for $100 and sell it to him for $1k-$2k.


But, for this you have to contact hundreds and thousands of biz owners before even one actually replies,Yes I want webiiiess!


2 – Legit Business Model

Joshua T Osborne is not a scam.He is legit and the things he is teaching is actually working for many students.


3 – Private Facebook Group

They have a private facebook group and of which Joshua T Osborne regularly uploads video on his youtube channel.


It seems that the group is quite active and people are getting what they need.


What they need,you ask?



What I Disliked In Badass Marketers (BAM Univeristy)

There are few things which I Disliked in Badass Marketers,which are as follows.


1 – Short Term,Get Rich quick Mindset

As I said,or maybe not..the sales funnels through which you are being sold is really flashy.

It seems to be a really get rich quick and short term make money online scheme.


Why So,You ask?


Simple, sell your SEO services to some local business owner and promise him to rank her site in 1-2 months.You can’t do it 99.99%.He/She will fire you after one or two months and you make $500-1000 from that, including curse of your clients.


Client retention is the hard part here.

2 – Pbns

They and Their business model (which they teach Thier students) rely on Pbns.


What are Pbns?

A great way to get your website penalized!

Pbns stand for private blog network.And here is the bummer!


Private blog networks are illegal by Google.Google can caught your Pbns,and whole traffic/audience of your site comes down to zero in a single night.😰


Pbn is black hat according to Google…but question is that why people like joshua T Osborne focuses on Pbns?


Answer : It is really quick way to get rank on google.But Pbns are not that easy.You can’t expect to just pbn a site and watch it rank in 2,3 months.

There are good and bad Pbns which you have to test yourselves.And testing these Pbns yourselves takes time.And the negative side of it is that, let’s say you have a site that is getting good traffic,and you started Pbns on it.


And that pbn, google find to be a spam.You are done!

Rank drop plus effort and time wasted.

Writing Own Reviews Of Own Course

On first page of google,there are many positive reviews of BAM university which are written by Bam university itself.It’s like,me reviewing me.😂

Seo Takes Time,Here Is Why!

This site of which you are reading review of BAM university,took 8 months to get 10 visitors per day with white hat seo.

Pbns are black hat seo and white hat seo is backlinks which are made naturally.It takes time but as it is a long term game..I have no problem.And till today.This site makea me shit $$$$.

So, let’s say you go with BAM university and ranked a site to rent it,and one of our student came and set ppc,your efforts will be wasted.Yikes!!

Will You Recommend Bad Ass Marketers?

At this point in this Bad Ass Marketers review, it’s rather hard to give the verdict if BAM university is a scam or not.

But given that the social media following of the author is large enough, it may not be a scam at all.

However, given that their marketing practices are shady at best (relying too much on affiliated reviews) and the fact that they’re not upfront with their pricing, I don’t think I can recommend this course to anyone.

It’s like you’re going blind into something that you don’t even know what to expect.

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Bad Ass Marketers Review: Final Thoughts

Before I end this Bad Ass Marketers review, I would like to share a few more insights that might help.

Whatever online business you want to set up, you would inevitably face some tough competition. Therefore, what you need are some good educational materials first to give you the necessary knowledge, skills, and especially the proper mindset to hopefully succeed in any business venture.

Moreover, you need to get your money’s worth with that online course. Seeing as it’s also going to be part of your investment.

For this reason alone, Bad Ass Marketers is a course that’s simply not worth its price. It would be good if they’re at least transparent with their price, but they’re not.

While I don’t see any reason to consider Bad Ass Marketers as a scam course, they also don’t give me any reason to trust my money with them, either.

But then you say,hey…their business model seems Awesome.And I kinda Agree to that.Now,you have to ask yourself,If it was that easy to make money online or get rich online,everybody would be driving lamborghinis.They are not driving them,and you know the reason,Why!

Because it is not as easy as presented by Joshua T.Osborne.Even if I would be a newbie,I would have fallen for it.Because the way he describes the business model on his website,I was like..shhhh Grab my moniiiie!

If Joshua Osborne is that great at what he teaches his students, then why I am ranking #1 for all his keywords, courses and even name too? THINK !

Let me expose Bam University(badass Marketers)/Joshua Osborne a bit more.

I am not new to this lead generation concept.As I told you earlier.I have been here for a long time and I know how this business works.It is their only way to present you this opportunity like this,so they can make more and more money.

So, let’s get in depth.

Rank and rent business model,which is called rent digital assets by Joshua T Osborne.

It’s not my first rank and rent course review.I have reviewed many rank and rent courses like Zubbly real estate reimagined,Astro flipping ,Douglas James rank and rent model,Ippei Kanehera, Job killing ,land profit generator ,lead generation blueprint , Growth cave and digital storefronts.They all costs anywhere from $5k to $7k.

Nothing different with BAM University.But the good thing about it is that it sounds like an easy opportunity,which it is not.

I mentioned this in my previous rank and rent business model reviews that ranking a site requires skills.More specifically SEO.

You say ,what is Seo?

Seo basically is the rules that google follows to rank a site.Let’s say you want to rank for a keyword,dentist in Las Vegas.(because only then you will make money after BAM Univeristy)




There are thousands and thousands of people that are already there who are competing there to get that #1 spot on google.So,after that traffic comes and business owner makes money and eventually you make money.Right?


First thing – Competition.Not just competition but a War!


Seo is a war guys.Even if I wrote this review,I have to fight for that #1 place on google.But it is international keyword,so it will be easy for me.But not for you,you are competing locally.Other guys also works their ass off to rank their site and it is not easy,I am telling you from my personal experience.

Ok, let’s say, according to Josh,rent them to business owners.

After banging your head on the laptop,day in and day out,you finally succeeded to rent your first website to business owner.That’s it.You end up making passive income?


As I said that thousands guys already working on that keyword to get you down.And you still have to work 24/7 to keep that site checked.Means on #1 spit of google.


What kind of Roi is that?Work your ass off for 6-8 months without knowing results?


Well,you say..what about the results that Josh shows in his free group?Listen,these are short term money.Quick grands from here and there.

Basically, a lady revealed that he says to sell a crappy $100 websites (made from fiverr)to business owners for $1000.Here is the screenshot.

Joshua T Osborne

Another thing is that even if you end up ranking your website on google,organically,then one of our student (from my #1 recommendation to make Passive income online) comes and sets a $5 google ad.

You are done, DUDE.

He will got #1 spot and your time and effort will get wasted, unfortunately.

Fortunately, if you want to get started on a lead generation business, I’m also here to offer you my personal recommendation for this.

If you want to find out more about it, keep on reading beyond this Bad Ass Marketers review

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