BAM University Review – Digital Leasing + Online Landlord Biz Mixture?

BAM University Review - Digital Leasing + Online Landlord Biz Mixture?

Today we will be reviewing an online training platform known as BAM University and Digital Leasing. Is it legit? Find out in this BAM University and Digital Leasing review.

Joshua Osborne is associated with various online marketing and coaching programs, including initiatives related to digital leasing and lead generation. Helping people to earn sufficiently and at the same time spend time with their loved ones is one of the reason why Joshua started his BAM University and Digital Leasing. The struggles of needing to make ends meet is something that he had experienced during his early days and thus, when he had the capacity to help others, he did not hesitated.

If you want to learn more about him and his program, this review is for you!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with BAM University in anyway possible. This is solely an independent review.

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BAM University and Digital Leasing Review: Quick Details

  • Name: BAM University, Digital Leasing
  • Founder: Joshua T. Osborne
  • Website:
  • Socials: YouTube, Instagram
  • Type: Online Course
  • Niche: Lead Generation, Digital Leasing and Digital Marketing
  • Recommendation: Besides the actual cost of the program, overhead factors needs to be considered to which might come at high cost.

Who is Joshua T. Osborne?

BAM University Review - Digital Leasing + Online Landlord Biz Mixture?

Shaped by challenges, mistakes, and successes, Joshua Osborne began his journey to becoming a business-minded educator. Despite initial uncertainty about fitting in, he learned that embracing his uniqueness was crucial for reaching his goals.

In childhood, Joshua’s restlessness became a strength, inspiring him to learn from entrepreneurs and pursue goals in the digital realm. He invested time, money, and passion to master effective business growth strategies.

Transitioning to focus on small business growth, internet marketing, SEO, and branding, Joshua created a course to guide others in navigating successful business leadership in the dynamic online world.

Encouraging others to recognize their inner strength, Joshua urges them to envision possibilities beyond ordinary jobs. Claiming to offer a guaranteed path to prominence, he looks forward to collaborating with others on their journey to success and making a meaningful impact in the business realm.

In 2014, Joshua joined a local lead generation coaching program led by Dan Klein and Brad Campbell, formerly known as Job Killing. Applying Dan’s teachings, he experienced a remarkable transition from zero to a seven-figure income within just 12 months.

Currently, Joshua dedicates all his time to his digital real estate venture, earning a monthly income exceeding $41,000. He also coaches thousands of students, guiding them in establishing their rank and rent empire.

What is Digital Leasing?

BAM University Review - Digital Leasing + Online Landlord Biz Mixture?

Digital Leasing, introduced by Joshua, is an innovative concept that borrows ideas from traditional real estate, blending them with Joshua’s practical expertise and a digital approach. The core idea involves creating digital assets, mainly websites, and renting them to local businesses.

Think of it like flipping a house, but with digital properties. Instead of leasing a physical space, you lease the online traffic from your digital property to local businesses, acting as tenants.

To start, you create a website for your digital rental property using the rank-and-rent model. Choose a domain that matches your service and location. Then, use modern search engine strategies to ensure your website and Google Business Profile rank high, especially in the town where you want leads.

This digital space becomes a valuable tool for supporting local businesses. When your digital property is highly ranked, customers seeking your service will find it on Google, share their details, and connect with your client. You play the role of a “digital landlord,” earning income as long as your property maintains a top position on Google.

You can read more about it here.

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What is BAM University?

BAM University Review - Digital Leasing + Online Landlord Biz Mixture?

Bad Ass Marketers (BAM) is a program by Joshua T. Osborne that teaches the rank and rent model for lead generation. It focuses on generating leads for local service-based businesses using the concept of “digital real estate.” This model involves creating and optimizing online assets, like websites, to attract clients looking for services in a specific area. Participants in the BAM program gain knowledge on effectively using digital real estate to generate leads, making it a valuable resource for those interested in mastering this lead generation approach.

The program focuses on lead generation as a key source of income that offers participants effective methods to generate leads and market their services to local businesses. BAM University stands out by social media advertising strategies designed specifically for locally owned businesses and giving coverage of organic SEO (search engine optimization).

Taking a multifaceted approach to digital marketing, BAM University aims to empower individuals not only in lead generation but also in marketing their services to local businesses, effectively. The goal is to serve as a valuable resource for those seeking to build themselves in the competitive field of digital marketing.

Training Material

BAM University’s training material includes the following steps:

Step 1: Vision and Precision

The idea is to create a vision board by utilizing what’s called as 4 F’s — Family, Fitness, Finance and Faith. By finishing this course, you would be able to establish your goals and get an overview of what you can get in the near future.

Step: 2: Proper Research

You will be taught how to do proper keyword searching so you can have an advantage against other competitors in ranking.

Step 3: Building Agency Sites

You’ll gain knowledge on launching your Digital Marketing Agency, acquiring the essential skills to build and launch your website, and attracting clients aligned with your site’s niche.

Step 4: 6-Step Training

This step introduces you to a 6-step training that BAM University use to look for clients.

Step 5: Lead Generation Launch

This step teaches you to launch your Digital Leasing and will mostly go over building the rents for your digital properties and how to use them so you can create a steady cashflow.

Step 6: Advance Training in Call Sling

This tackles a comprehensive training of Call Sling which helps you manage calls that are being received by your lead generations.

Step 7: Snapps Advance Training and On-Site SEO

Using Snapp builder, you will learn to design your website like professional. You will be taught to use advance features that will improve your website to attract more clients. In addition, fundamentals of On Site SEOs will be learned and how these components will help rank your site to the top.

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Step 8: Off-Site SEO and Backlink

If there’s the On-Site SEO, it is also important to learn about Off-Site ones. Together with Backlinking, you will learn its importance, and how to get your site listed across the internet which will eventually bring traffic to your website.

Step 9: Google My Business

This Google My Business will help you learn about the vital details to get your site listed in the Google Maps and how to optimize it the best way possible.

Step 10 and 11: Ads on Facebook and Google

This step will teach you how to make Facebook and Google Ads that will bring higher engagement and visibility to your ad campaign.

Step 12: Retention of Clients

You will be taught the importance and fundamentals of maintaining and managing the clients you pick to ensure sustainability.

Step 13: Structure and Finance

This step covers all about billing. Finance and Structure will help you learn the importance of financially managing your business as well as your clients.

Step 14: Outsourcing and Hiring

In this step, you will be taught how to outsource work for your business and hire the people that perfectly fits the description. You will be familiarized on how you would hire a Virtual Assistant and manage your team in Hiring and Outsourcing.

Digital Leasing: Pros and Cons


Once your website ranks high, it keeps bringing in traffic and income automatically. You can explore over 100 niches in thousands of cities, generating leads for big projects like roof replacement. This method offers significant earnings with less traffic than affiliate marketing. Mastering website ranking and lead generation ensures a constant demand, given the lasting growth of the internet and small businesses.


Ranking a website can take 6 weeks to 6 months, and it’s advised to build 10 lead generation sites initially for efficiency. The upfront cost for building and ranking is a few hundred dollars, but once the site ranks, the ongoing monthly expenses are only $25 for domain, phone number, and hosting. It might take time to find business owners to collaborate with, and the solution is to have more digital properties to increase the likelihood of finding suitable partnerships.

Final Verdict – BAM University and Digital Leasing Reviews

Digital Leasing is gaining popularity and proving to be an effective way for individuals to earn money online. However, there are several cost factors to take into account, such as the website, domain, and hosting services. These elements are essential for enhancing your website to attract business owners. Additionally, creating effective sales pitches is crucial to persuade them to rent your website.

In addition, other courses which mostly have the similar contents from different providers often provide more comprehensive training. They help you get clients for your business and offer insights into acquiring clients for other businesses, usually at a more affordable price.

In a nutshell, considering alternative choices may expose you to more extensive and valuable training, encompassing both the technical aspects of SEO and the practical aspects of acquiring clients in a more comprehensive manner.

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