BAM University Review – Joshua Osborne Scam?

BAM University Review - Joshua Osborne Scam?

Today we will be reviewing an online training platform known as BAM University. Is it legit? Find out in this BAM University review.

In this detailed review, we are checking out every part of the program really carefully. We are diving deep into it, looking at stuff like the different courses they have got, how they are pricing things, and what they are good at and where they might be slacking a bit. Our main goal here is to give you the lowdown – a good, all-around view that satisfies your curiosity. We are aiming to make sure anyone curious gets what is going on at BAM University and understands the whole deal they have got going on.

Let us figure out if giving them a shot is a good or potentially not so great idea.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with BAM University in anyway possible. This is solely an independent review.

But before I start …

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BAM University Review: Quick Details

  • Name: BAM University 
  • Founder: Joshua T. Osborne
  • Website:
  • Socials: YouTube, Instagram
  • Type: Online Courses
  • Niche: Lead Generation and Digital Marketing
  • Recommendation: The program’s cost doesn’t justify the value of the knowledge it provides. Considering more worthwhile alternatives for a better return on investment in your learning journey would be a wiser choice.

Who is Joshua T. Osborne?

BAM University Review - Joshua Osborne Scam?

Joshua T. Osborne’s journey to becoming a business minded teacher was shaped by a challenging path with struggles and setbacks. He learned from mistakes and the rewards of hard work, with each moment playing a role in shaping his mindset and skills. Despite initial uncertainty about fitting in, he realized that being unique and not conforming were key to achieving his goals.

During childhood, Joshua’s restlessness was seen as a potential obstacle to success. However, he recognized that his constant movement and love for learning were strengths. Inspired by entrepreneurs who forged their paths, he understood that success was within his control, motivating him to pursue his goals relentlessly.

The internet opened doors for Joshua to connect with like-minded individuals, and despite challenges, he invested time, money, and passion to master effective ways to grow businesses. He believes that wholehearted investment in work is crucial for financial success and business growth.

Transitioning from a creative force, Joshua focused his energy on small business growth, internet marketing, SEO, and branding. Recognizing the internet’s ever-changing nature, he created a course to guide others toward successful business leadership.

Overcoming self-doubt, trusting instincts, and making bold investments, Joshua achieved success through creativity, passion, and hard work. His emphasis on SEO, website development, and business growth underscores the importance of hard work, acknowledging the time, money, and energy required. Joshua’s course aims to help others unlock their potential in the business world.

Encouraging others to recognize their inner power, he urges individuals to envision possibilities beyond mundane jobs. Believing the world needs more leaders, he claims to offers a guaranteed path to becoming a prominent figure in the business community, drawing from his experiences. Joshua looks forward to working with others on their path to success.

What is BAM University?

BAM University Review - Joshua Osborne Scam?

BAM University, a specialized training program centers on digital marketing, giving special attention to lead generation. Geared towards entrepreneurs, small business owners and freelancers, tall-encompassing course explores key aspects of online marketing. Using coaching sessions and video materials, BAM University help participants with the knowledge and skills that they needed to initiate and manage their digital marketing business.

The course highlights lead generation as a primary revenue stream, illustrating effective methods for participants to generate leads and promote their services to local businesses. Notably, the program stands out for its coverage of organic SEO (search engine optimization) and social media advertising strategies tailored specifically for locally owned businesses.

BAM University takes a multifaceted approach to digital marketing, aiming to empower individuals not only in lead generation but also in effectively marketing their services to local businesses. It stands as a valuable resource for those looking to establish themselves in the competitive field of digital marketing.

How does it Work?

BAM University Review - Joshua Osborne Scam?

Here is the training included in the BAM University program:

  • Start by putting together your vision board with the 4F’s: Family, Fitness, Finance, And Faith. This part helps you set your goals and gives you a sneak peek into what’s coming up next
  • Gain an edge in ranking against competitors by learning the art of proper keyword research.
  • Prepare to establish your Digital Marketing Agency by acquiring the skills needed to build your site, take it live, and attract potential clients.
  • The Six Steps to Close, covering the fundamentals of the six steps used to prospect and secure clients.
  • Launching your Digital Real Estate Empire, focusing on building digital rental properties to create auto-pilot cash flow.
  • Call Sling Advanced Training to efficiently manage the calls your lead generators receive.
  • Design your website with advanced features using the Snapps builder.
  • Learn the basics of On Site SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and understand how key components contribute to ranking your site at the top.
  • Explore OFF-SITE SEO & Backlinking, crucial for growing your site on the internet. Understand how to get your site listed in various places online, attracting more traffic.
  • Master the key components of getting your site listed in the map pack with Google through Google My Business, optimizing it to outperform the competition.
  • Tackle Facebook Ads with proficiency, boosting conversions and engagement in your ad campaigns.
  • Understand the fundamentals of client retention, learning how to manage and maintain clients over time.
  • Explore Finance & Structure for comprehensive insights into managing your clients and business finances.
  • Learn the ropes of hiring and outsourcing work for your business, covering topics like hiring a VA, outsourcing to the store, and team management in Hiring & Outsourcing.

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My Favorite Program

In addition, they also offer premium trainings:

  1. Digital Dojo, which combines WP Samurai and Outsource Assassin courses to teach WordPress, emphasizing high-value e-commerce sites, with potential fees of $10,000 to $30,000 per build. This includes creating professionally designed websites valued at $50,000 or more, enhancing skills, and offering tailored solutions to clients. The program introduces outsourcing, allowing delegation for business tasks. The goal is to expedite agency growth, build a capable team, and progress towards financial freedom.
  2. Social Ad Tribe assists people in attaining financial freedom by backing local businesses. The program incorporates a systematic sales approach, known as “6 Steps 2 Close,” to efficiently finalize deals. Members enjoy access to an exclusive community featuring weekly live training sessions, a private Facebook Group for networking and support, and annual events that enrich the learning process. The primary objective is to establish a dynamic and supportive community where individuals collaborate, exchange insights, and prosper in the realm of local business advertising.

  3. The BAMJAM 2020 EVENT (Recording) provides a unique opportunity for attendees to learn proven strategies from top-performing students for generating consistent monthly income. Described as an exclusive interaction, successful students share valuable secrets, offering attendees a learning experience to uncover undisclosed methods leading to ongoing success. It’s a chance to tap into the collective knowledge of high-achieving individuals and apply their strategies to personal ventures.
  4. The Backlink Masterclass, which is an extensive course focusing on backlinking strategies for your agency’s everyday hustle, expanding your agency’s clientele. They will take you through choosing the right links and how they really amp up your success. Plus, you will learn to whip up your own epic backlinking lists, making your online game stronger and more efficient.


Digital Dojo program, which claims to be a premium training, comes with an initial price tag of $1994, but conveniently, it is now being peddled at a “promotional” rate of $597.

If you are considering the BAM JAM 2020 EVENT, which is only a recording, brace yourself for the cost of $397 for a one-time payment. They generously throw in the option of breaking it down into 2 monthly payments of $210.00 or 3 monthly installments of $149.00.

The Backlink Master Class is priced at a one-time payment of $497.00. You can also go for the 2 monthly installments of $269.00 or 3 monthly installments of $189.00.

Regrettably, the exact tuition fees for their additional program offerings are not accessible on their website. To obtain more information about the costs associated with these programs, it is advised to contact them directly. This direct communication will offer precise and current details regarding the financial aspects of the programs, ensuring you have a thorough understanding before making any decisions.

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My Favorite Program

Final Verdict – BAM University Reviews

If you are pondering whether to invest in this program or explore other options, I would lean towards the latter. Similar courses from alternative providers often offer more comprehensive training. These alternatives not only guide you in acquiring clients for your business but also provide insights into securing clients for other businesses, typically at a more budget friendly cost.

Exploring other options might present you with more extensive and valuable training, covering both the technical intricacies of SEO and the practical aspects of client acquisition in a more holistic manner. Additionally, the absence of fee details for other courses raises a red flag. Legitimate programs typically make such information readily available on their website.

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