Bear Dice App Review: Will This App Let You Win?

Today, we’re going to talk about a game app named Bear Dice. Can you earn money just by playing this game? Find out in this Bear Dice app review.

When it comes to board gaming, most people think that only geeks can enjoy those types of games. But in reality, anyone can enjoy some good casual board gaming depending on their taste.

In fact, there are several benefits to doing so.

I’m telling you some of this because the app that we’re going to take a look at today is an online board game.

Normally, most people, especially gamers, won’t even bother with casual game apps. They would usually prefer the more challenging ones, like MMORPGs and other competitive games.

So aside from a rather aggressive marketing behavior, apps like Bear Dice have one other thing to convince many people to download and play them.

In their ads, they claim that you can earn real money and various prizes on these apps. All you have to do is to play the game continuously.

As the current situation of the entire world today has impacted many lives financially, some people will be interested to play this. Because having an extra income opportunity isn’t always bad.

But the real question here is this. Is Bear Dice a legitimate moneymaker or not?

Before you go ahead and download this, please read this Bear Dice app review first. See if it’s worth investing your time and effort into.

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Bear Dice: Full Details

  • Name: Bear Dice
  • Developer: Game Lone Ranger
  • Eligibility: Worldwide
  • Price: Free To Download
  • App Icon: Bear Dice

How To Play Bear Dice?

Bear Dice plays like a children’s board game. The objective of this game is to move around your character (the bear) from the starting tile position, up until the end. All while collecting as many items as you can along the way.

At the start of the game, you have a total of 50 dice for movement. Simply tap on the dice button to roll it, and your character will move depending on the number that appears on the dice.

Bear Dice Gameplay

If you ran out of dice, you can just wait for at least 15 minutes until it refills again, buy new dice rolls with virtual money, or just watch a video advertisement.

Items On The Board

Along the way, you can collect several items that are represented by different icons on the board. The items you can collect are…

  • Cash Bundle – Gives you a certain amount of in-game currency. This currency is different from your real money earnings, and is only used to buy more dice.
  • Treasure Chests – These chests are the ones that can give you real money, either in the form of stars (which you can redeem for rewards) or real money.
  • Scratch Cards – If you land on a tile containing this card, you’ll be given a chance to scratch a card. Matching three symbols on it gives you a random cash reward.
  • 7″ Frog – Takes you to the “Lucky Slot”, a slot machine-type rewards system. If you match three symbols in a row, you’ll get another cash reward. You’ll also be given a chance to double the rewards if you watch a video advertisement.
  • Question Marks – Gives you any random reward.

Note that whenever you get a reward from any of these icons, you’re also given a chance to double the reward. But you need to watch a video advertisement first.

Also, during gameplay, you’ll notice that there’s a treasure chest floating around the board. You can also tap on that treasure chest to receive a random reward.

Lucky Roulette Rewards?

Aside from the previous reward icons, you can also engage into a lucky roulette activity wherein you can win not only cash rewards, but also other prizes.

To access them, simply land on the tile with the respective roulette icon.

Normal Roulette Icon – Takes you to a lucky roulette where you can win either stars to redeem, or real money.

Bear Dice Roulette 1

Key Icon – This takes you to a special roulette wherein you can win various puzzle pieces. Supposedly, you can collect these puzzle pieces to earn gadget pirzes such as a Samsung phone and a Sony TV.

Bear Dice Roulette 2

How Can You Make Money In Bear Dice?

Bear Dice has two primary methods from which you can “earn” real money from this game.

The first one is by collecting the coins with the “$” sign. This represents the ACTUAL money that you can earn from playing this game.

The second one is by collecting coins that have star marks on them. These “star coins” represent in-game currency, but they can also be exchanged for real money rewards.

Both of these currency types can be earned by continuously playing the game and collecting the items scattered along the board (as described on the previous paragraph).

You can also “earn” even more money by doing the Daily Login activities, shown whenever you start the game.

Bear Dice Daily Login

How To Redeem Your Earnings

To redeem your earnings from playing Bear Dice, simply tap on one of the money counters above. This will then take you to this screen.

Bear Dice Redeem Rewards

Do take note that in order to be able to claim your rewards, you need to reach the minimum amount of $200 first.

You can also choose to redeem your coins for various gift cards for other payment processors. However, you’ll notice that the coins needed to redeem those rewards are almost impossible to achieve (unless you “grind” for it).

Gameplay Video

If you want to see what Bear Dice looks like, here an actual gameplay video you can watch.

Is Bear Dice A Legitimate Moneymaker Game?

It might seem, at first glance, that if you play enough, you can reach the minimum $200 worth of money that Bear Dice requires to encash it.

However, the real problem arises when you’re getting closer to your goal.

Most of the people who played this game, claimed that it’s almost impossible for them to reach that cashout quota. Because of how the app was built.

You see, many claimed that once you reached the $100 mark, the cash rewards you’ll gain will totally drop. You’ll even be lucky if you received even a cent at this point.

Furthermore, once you reach the $160+ mark, the game COMPLETELY STOPS giving out cash rewards. Thus making it impossible to reach the $200 quota.

Usually, most people would not notice it and they would just dismiss it. However, it’ll be more noticeable once you started playing continuously for a week AND your money isn’t going up at all.

Though there are some people that claim that they reached the $200 mark and were able to access the “Redeem” feature. However, the end results are the same.

Bear Dice isn’t giving the players any money that they “earned” while playing this game. They’re intentionally dwindling down the rewards so users will play even longer.

Because they want you to watch more ads from this game. And the more ads you watch, the more money the developers earn from this game.

However, not even a single cent of it is rewarded to the players, despite their claims.

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Any Alternatives To Bear Dice?

Bear Dice is just one of those game apps that will only waste your time and energy. Especially when the only reason you downloaded this app is to make money.

But at some point, you may ask: Is it still possible to make money online even when playing games?

The good news is, it’s still possible. If gaming is your thing, and you want to earn from it…

Then you may want to try your hand at NFT games. They provide some level of gaming fun, all while you earn a decent income.

NFT games can also come in any gaming genre, so there’s always an NFT game that is suitable for your taste.

However, there are still some drawbacks when you’re going to want to play NFT games as a source of income online.

  • NFT games are based on cryptocurrency, which is a rather volatile investment. This means that the payout from these games can rapidly go up, or even drop dramatically, all on short notice. So if the value of their in-game currency drops, then so are your real-life earnings.
  • If the NFT game that you want to join is already an established game, the barrier for joining these games can be very high, cost-wise. In cases like this, “scholarship programs” for these NFT games are available, where they’ll let you play the game without investing in anything. The condition, of course, is that you will split your earnings to the one that took you under their wing.
  • NFT games are at most competitive in nature, so prepare for a bit of legwork if you want to really earn from these games.

Plus, not all people find gaming their preference, so this may still not work for everyone. Also, if having passive income is your preference, then this may or may not work for you.

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Bear Dice App Review: Final Thoughts

To close off this Bear Dice app review…

Due to this game forcing players to watch video ads for their rewards, it’s easy to tell that this is just a cash grab app.

And just like other games like Pop Diamonds and Money Garden, this can easily be called a scam.


If you downloaded this app with the intention of making money from this, then I strongly suggest that you uninstall it right now.

This app isn’t going to earn you any money at all. You’re only going to waste your time (and internet data) in trying to make money from this.

However, if you download this just because you want a casual game to play, then go ahead. You’re free to do so.

Just don’t expect that you’re going to earn from this, at all.

Don’t be fooled by this app’s million download count. They’re also people who are fooled into thinking this can help them earn money.

If you’re asking me if I can suggest a good system that can help you earn money online, keep on reading beyond this Bear Dice app review…

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