HighStrike Trading Review: Is Ben Zogby’s Trading Course Legit?

Today, we’re going to take a look at Ben Zogby’s HighStrike Trading. Is this course legitimate? Find out in this HighStrike Trading review.

A number of people right now are getting interested in investing and trading in the stock market. While there’s some misconception that it’s only for the “rich”, in truth, the majority of stock traders compose of middle-class young adults.

The reason for its popularity as an investment is because, unlike a bank savings account, stock investments can yield higher returns. And the fact that you can start in as little as a single dollar, means it’s also more accessible.

Of course, having money to spare in stock trading isn’t quite enough to get you started. It still requires the proper education, trading strategy, and even mindset.

Because the hard truth is, you’re not always a winner in stock trading. And if you can’t handle yourself on that, you may lose more money than expected.

And this is where HighStrike Trading comes in. It claims that if you ever need to get educated on things related to stock trading and investments, then you should enroll in this course.

But before you enroll in this online course, it would be great if you read this HighStrike Trading review first. So you can determine for yourself if this is the right course for you, or not.

Note that this is a fully independent HighStrike Trading review. I’m not affiliated with HighStrike Trading, or any of its creators, in any form whatsoever.

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What Is HighStrike Trading?

HighStrike Trading

As what is said on its website, HighStrike Trading claims to be the leading trading education platform used by thousands of traders worldwide. To date, it claims to have educated over 6,400 students from 140 countries.

The educational platform is composed of two products, the HighStrike Trading School and the HighStrike Signals. While they both focus on stock trading education, they function quite differently.

  • HighStrike Trading is an online course that will teach you how you can do stock trading from the ground up. While it’s intended for complete beginners, they also claim that even advanced traders can benefit from the educational material here.’
  • HighStrike Signals is a stock market alert service that claims to guide you on when and where you can enter your trades. By following their team’s suggestions on trading, they claim that you can get an increased percentage of profits from trading.

If you want to get started on stock trading, or you’re an existing trader and you want to profit more from your trades, then HighStrike Trading may be the system for you.

But let me emphasize that, stock trading is still quite a risky method to make money. Especially in day trading where everything is happening so fast that you may not have enough time to react.

It makes no difference whatever stock trading system or course you take. Whether it’s this, or others like The Oxford Club, True Trader (which also focus on day trading like this one), even some software systems like VantagePoint.

There’s still no guarantee that you’ll even be making consistent profits with this. If you’re not careful, you may even lose all the money you invested.


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The People Behind HighStrike Trading

HighStrike Trading is headlined by a group of four instructors. They are…

  • Clayton Bell
  • Ben Zogby
  • Alex Viscusi
  • Ben Chaffee

Out of the four, Ben Zogby is the founder and head instructor of HighStrike Trading. The other three are former students of the HighStrike Trading School, and have since become full-time instructors here.

While Ben Zogby is the main instructor, each of them plays a different role in assisting their students.

  • Clayton Bell is the manager of the HighStrike Signals Discord chat.
  • Alex Viscusi is the manager of the HighStrike Slack group chat.
  • Ben Chafee is the in-house trading expert on trading, while still having a full-time job as an engineer.

HighStrike Trading Instructors

What’s Inside HighStrike Trading School?

The HighStrike Trading School is composed of around 100+ training videos, which are split into five main modules, plus some bonus modules. Overall, the online course gives a total of 14+ hours of educational material.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what you can expect from the HighStrike Trading School.

Module 1: Setting Up Your Success

To get started, you first need to have an account for stock trading. The first module will teach you exactly how to do that.

Do take note that the instructions on this module assume that you’re going to use TD Ameritrade as your broker, and TradingView. If you’re going to use different tools other than the ones mentioned, the instructions may be a bit different.

This module gives you training on the following:

  • How to set up your broker and platform
  • Setting up your trading station
  • How to fund your first trades
  • How to use TD Ameritrade
  • An overview of TradingView

Module 2: The Technical Analysis Blueprint

The second module will now teach you the technical aspects you should be aware of when trading. Specifically, on how to read those patterns and charts so you’ll know where and when is the best time to trade.

This module covers the following:

  • Stocks charts and candles
  • How to figure out the value of a stock
  • Pattern day trader
  • Planning your trades
  • Various trading strategies (range trading, breakout trading, reversal trading)
  • Technical indicators (moving averages, volume-weighted adjusted prices, relative strength index)
  • How to figure out how much you’re going to invest.

Module 3: The A-Z Options Roadmap

According to an article by Investopedia

“A stock option gives an investor the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell a stock at an agreed-upon price and date.”

There are two kinds of stock options you can trade here.

  • call option gives you the right to buy the stock at an agreed price within a certain timeframe.
  • put option basically does the same thing, but gives you the right to sell that stock instead.

This module will focus on teaching how you can trade options, and it covers the following:

  • The basics of options
  • Understanding buyers and sellers
  • Option value changes (The Greeks, Delta, Gamma)
  • Variables (implied volatility, time decay)
  • Which stocks are good for options
  • Options checklist
  • Buying options on TD Ameritrade

Module 4: The Advanced Strategies Toolkit

As stated in the title, this module will now teach students some of the more advanced stock trading techniques. These usually include the following:

  • Advanced candle patterns
  • A look at how news can change a stock price
  • Figuring out when the best time to buy is
  • Various trade strategies (Goldilock trading, partial sell strategy, sideways trend strategies)

This is the part where some advanced stock traders can benefit on.

Module 5: Case Studies And Live Trade Library

This module is simply a video showcase about the trading strategies that are taught here. It serves more as proof that this online course works for them.

This module also can serve as a visual aid on how you can apply the trading strategies here into actual use.

Other Modules

HighStrike Trading School also has a couple of bonus training videos you can access. There are some training videos for using the FinViz stock screener, some live trading videos, swing trade breakdowns, and more.

There’s also an old lesson archive that may contain some outdated information, but could be useful as a trading reference.

How Much Does HighStrike Trading Cost?

Enrolling in the HighStrike Trading School can easily cost you a one-time payment of around $397. And to join its companion program, the HighStrike Signals, you’ll need to pay around $97, which is to be paid monthly to avail of the continuous service.

Overall, it’s roughly the same as other stock market trading courses like True Trader. and is certainly more affordable than the others.

But before you go ahead and pay to enroll in this course, you have to determine for yourself first if stock market trading is the side hustle that you want to do.

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Things I Liked About HighStrike Trading

If you’re looking for an online course that’ll teach you how to get started in the stock market, then HighStrike Trading is worth investing in.

In fact, several people on various forums (Reddit) recommend this course for beginners in stock trading.

While it focuses on the basic knowledge of stock trading, it also includes a few advanced trading strategies. Most of which are rather helpful overall.

Finally, HighStrike Signal service could be a great guide to use, should you want to make the highest possible profit out of stock trading.

Things I Don’t Like About HighStrike Trading

As I said before, this is a great course for someone who wants to get started in stock trading. However, that’s all there is to it.

Despite the claim that it’s also intended for advanced users, most likely there won’t be any new information that you’ll gain from this course.

It’s also pretty basic that, in fact, most of the training that is provided in this online course, can be found in other free resources elsewhere.

Therefore, while useful if you want to get into stock tracking, it’s not really a must-have. You can rely on other free resources about stock trading,m and you’ll still get the same amount of training provided here.

And My Verdict Is…

If you’re that person who really wants to get into stock trading, and wants to know and understand all the information about it, then this course might be a good investment for you.

However, I still think it’s not worth the price. Given that you can easily find the same kind of training in other free resources.

And yes. While stock trading, especially day trading, has the potential to be profitable, it’s highly unreliable as a side hustle.

Trading still requires a good amount of investment, even just a little bit. And the amount you invest in this will also determine how much you can earn.

Hence, while you can start investing in stocks with a single dollar, you won’t be able to make much of it.

Also, remember that the stock market is highly volatile. You can either double your money in one day, or lose it all in the same day.

It may not be as volatile as cryptocurrency, but it’s still significant enough.

It’s for this reason that I have my own doubts on whether the four mentors featured in this course actually got rich from stock trading. A more reasonable possibility is that they may have gotten wealthy by selling HighStrike Trading to users instead.

HighStrike Trading Review: Final Thoughts

Before I close off this HighStrike Trading review, I would like to share a few more insights that could help you.

If you are attracted to the idea of stock trading as a side hustle to make money online, then True Trader might be a course that’s worth it for you.

But keep in mind the risks that are associated with day trading and the stock market itself.

While systems like this, and even others from other stock market mentors like Louis Navellier, may help you reduce those risks, there’s still no guarantee that you’ll earn a lot of money here.

My suggestion is to just learn a bit about the stock market and start out small, to build your experience. Don’t rely on stock trading too much to make money, but rather just invest in a few, and if possible, hold it for a long time (until the situation calls for it to be sold).

If you want my advice, there’s still a better way to make money online out there. And most of the time, it only involves little monetary capital, and some knowledge.

If you want to find out more about it, keep on reading beyond this HighStrike Trading review.

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