Better Earth Solar Review – Is Zain Jan Manipulating You?

Today, we are going to talk about Better Earth Solar. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

There are ton of different companies out there that provide a service to people. I know that that sentence could refer to any kind of company that exists right now. But it’s technically a true statement. You can’t fault me for that one.

When I was pitched Better Earth Solar as a topic, I was kind of confused. It’s definitely out of left field from most of the other reviews that I have done. Usually, it has been about training programs for people who want to learn more about virtual assistance or e-commerce. But maybe there was something to it that I don’t really see just yet.

Nothing about a company like Better Earth kind of interests me. I mean, I’m all for companies offer alternative energy sources. It’s good to not have to rely on fossil fuels. But there’s no reason for me to become fully invested in their existence. As long as they’re doing good work, it’s fine.

Still, any kind of industry can have their own pyramid or multi-level marketing schemes. It has happened enough to the nutritional supplement industry as well as fashion and cosmetics. Surely, there’s ones for the solar panel industry. I wouldn’t put it past people to do something like that.

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Better Earth Solar Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Better Earth Solar
  • Founder: Zain Jan
  • Website:
  • Socials: Instagram, YouTube
  • Type: Product
  • Niche: Energy services
  • Recommendation: You’re better off purchasing solar panels from more well-known providers. It doesn’t seem that there’s much difference if you use service providing by other solar panel companies.

Who Is Zain Jan?

A screenshot of a video featuring Better Earth Solar founder Zain Jan

There’s not a lot that you could find about Zain Jan online. I did manage to find some interviews that he did for a bunch of podcasts. But that’s the extent of it.

It seems that Zain had dropped out of college. He had taken up a degree in finance and economics. Around the same time that he was studying in college, he worked as a sales manager for Solar City. Even then, Zain was already working in the solar industry. You can kind of see the gears start to roll in a way. By the time that Zain had left the company, it was acquired by Tesla.

Pretty much soon after, he decided to help start called Sungrade Solar. He served as the company’s chief revenue officer. It was pretty much similar to his previous job at Solar City. But with a more senior title. I’m not really sure what else to say about this. His main focus at the company is to make sure that the company earns money. He lasted about three years in that role.

Seeing as he had managed to garner up experience in the industry, it was time for him to start his own. A month after he had left Sungrade Solar he co-founded Better Earth. There’s nothing really different from the kind of services that the other companies provided. This time around, Zain was the one in charge of it.

It is interesting that Zain didn’t really deviate all that much in terms of his career. Sometimes a career path will lead you somewhere different. But I guess there was just an opportunity in the solar industry that was too good to pass up.

Although, it does seem that Zain decided to start his mentoring program for budding entrepreneurs. But that’s a whole different thing that may require its own review. Though, who knows. Maybe it could fit here.

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What Is Better Earth Solar?

From what I could see, there’s nothing really different about Better Earth’s business. It’s a solar panel installation company. What were you expecting them to do?

From their mission statement, apparently there was something that the solar panel industry wasn’t doing right. They don’t really mention it. But it’s there and it exists. Judging from the vibe of the offices for Better Earth that you can see on their YouTube channel, it seems that they have this sort of Silicon Valley startup feel to it. As good as it is that the management team at the company shows up in a handful of the company’s official videos, it does feel like it’s more focused on the personalities than the actual product.

As good as the website looks, there’s nothing that you can find with regards to the cost of installation. I guess the cost depends on your home’s location. Especially since Better Earth’s markets are currently California, Florida and Arizona. So there might be some differences to the cost. But they could have at least mentioned a range for it. It does seem that they’ll pay you back $2,000 if they don’t manage to install their system to your house within 60 days.

Looking at some of the installations for their clients, it doesn’t look bad. I mean, it’s solar panels installed on a roof. There’s very little to go by with regards to aesthetics. It’s going to look how most of them look.

Somehow There’s A Compensation Plan?

A screenshot of a video featuring Andrew Zambetti talking about Better Earth Solar's compensation plan

While I was searching for videos about Better Earth, I came across a video from co-founder Andrew Zambetti about Better Earth’s sales compensation plan. It’s weird that such a thing exists for a solar panel installation company. But I decided to skim through the entire video.

What’s interesting about this particular video is that their compensation plan has different tiers. It starts from Ambassador and goes all the way to Executive Chairman. There’s a break down with the rest of commissions you might get from each tier. It definitely feels like this might be a multi-level marketing scheme. I don’t often see that kind of compensation plans except for multi-level marketing.

Like I mentioned earlier, any kind of industry can have a multi-level marketing scheme that exists within it. It’s not at all surprising that one exists, in a way, within the solar energy industry. But the terms that they use are really confusing.

With most multi-level marketing schemes, the more product you sell, the higher your commissions are. And as you recruit more people into this scheme, you’re bound to jump higher in the ranks. The cycle kind of continues after that. Considering that there isn’t any other products besides solar panels, it doesn’t really makes sense that such a scheme exists in the industry.

According to the description box, they have since changed the compensation plan and it’s only available internally. There’s no mention of any kind of compensation plan on their website. So they might stopped it at some point.

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Is Better Earth Solar A Pyramid Scheme?

The real question is that whether better earth solar is a pyramid scheme or not?..When it comes to Mlm this question raises with it automatically.because some mlms ,not all, are designed to just recruit people.Many people join them just to recruit others or to promote it to others.They have nothing to do what the product is or whether they need it or not.

They just buy it into the idea of recruiting other and making recurring commissions out of it.For your notice, pyramid schemes or ponzi scheme are banned in USA and all across the globe.i can easily say that better earth solar is a pyramid scheme but I want you to be judge yourself.

So, what is actually a pyramid scheme?It is IF the ONLY making money option from that business/program/course/mlm is by promoting it to to other and there is not any physical product to sell.Just snake oil salesman joining it for the sake of it promoting thin air to other people.

Where in Mlms, there have to be some product to sell.From this definition, you can say that better earth solar is not a pyramid scheme.There are many pyramid schemes I have reviewed on this same site which are as follows:

Final Verdict – Better Earth Solar

I do not really recommend that you use Better Earth’s service. Based on some reviews on Yelp and on Better Solar’s Facebook page, it doesn’t seem that the response to it is overly positive. A lot of the reviews that I have seen have mentioned that they’re not really great at installing the panels that the customers paid for.

You’re pretty much better off finding a more reputable company to install solar panels for you. As good as their website might make it seem, it doesn’t feel that Better Earth’s service is all that worthwhile. Sure, you’re saving a bit more money not relying heavily on usual energy sources. But it’s hard to put all of your trust into a company that seems good at face value.

I am genuinely curious about their whole compensation plan though. Like, why would you need to have something like that in the first place? I feel like that should’ve been an immediate red flag to a lot of people. But I guess there was an opportunity to do so and they just went with it.

It doesn’t really seem that they abide all that much by their mission statement. The videos that they post really made it seem that what they’re doing is a noble cause. But they’re really just trying to get into an industry with not that much of a competition.

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That’s it for my review of Better Earth Solar. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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