BetterMe Health Coaching Review – Scam Or Legit?

Are you curious about the BetterMe coaching program, but unsure if it works for you? Then this BetterMe health coaching review is for you.

Many of you are surely familiar with the saying, “Health is Wealth”. And this saying is very important to keep in mind, especially in today’s unpredictable environment.

It’s no wonder plenty of people are starting to become health-conscious, especially in the food they eat, and their lifestyle. Don’t be surprised if you’ll see plenty of people at the gym nowadays or participating in fun runs and other similar events.

And technology has advanced so much, that it has changed how we approach health and fitness. There have been a lot of different companies that have made products and services that have leveraged these technological innovations

In turn, these products have made the fitness journey of several people that much easier. Especially since these advancements allow individuals to find a workout suitable for them, and even track their progress in real-time.

One example of this is BetterMe. At its core, BetterMe is an app that aids individuals with various features to help them on their fitness journey.

But is BetterMe something that’s going to be useful for you? This BetterMe health coaching review will help you answer that question.

As a disclaimer, this is a completely unbiased BetterMe health coaching review. And it’s based on information publicly available, as well as my own thoughts and opinions.

Furthermore, I’m not affiliated with any of the BetterMe personnel in any form.

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BetterMe Health Coaching Review: Quick Details

  • Name: BetterMe
  • Website:
  • Type: Smartphone App
  • Niche: Health And Wellness
  • Price: From $4.99 to $120
  • Recommended?: Using an app to aid in your fitness journey may be helpful if you’re somehow not able to find an actual fitness coach. But for all intents and purposes, it’s still much better if you have a real fitness coach to guide you. And remember, always consult a physician first before starting any exercise program.

What Is BetterMe?

BetterMe Banner

BetterMe is what has been called a health and fitness platform with the goal of making health and wellness that much more accessible to everyone. It’s not to be confused with BetterUp, a similar-sounding brand with a very different purpose.

According to their website, BetterMe doesn’t promote any drastic weight loss solutions or perfect body ideals as part of their program. Instead, they just promote a healthy and active lifestyle. Simple as that. No more, no less.

This is reflected in their mission, which is “to teach users to create happiness within.” For me, it’s definitely an interesting take on the whole fitness aspect of it.

Because they seem to consider people’s mental health into the equation, which is always appreciated. After all, both physical and mental health should be taken care of equally. Because one always influences the other.

BetterMe offers two products, each suited to your individual needs. Their main offering is a smartphone app that allows you to pick a workout plan suitable to your fitness goals, and track it efficiently.

The second one is also a smartphone app, this time focusing on the mental health aspect. It contains a variety of self-help programs like guided meditation and others.

Of course, before you start on any of the fitness plans that you set with BetterMe, it’s always imperative that you consult a trusted physician first. This is so you don’t end up hurting yourself in any form whatsoever when you’re starting your workout and diet plan.

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BetterMe’s Origins

BetterMe is founded in 2016 by a team of two individuals. They are Victoria Repa and Vitaly Laptenok.

Victoria Repa

BetterMe Health Coaching Review - Victoria Repa

Vitaly Laptenok

BetterMe Health Coaching Review - Vitaly Laptenok

The reason why they developed BetterMe is that they saw a growing trend of many people having several weight and health issues, and they wanted to address that. However, they also saw that a lot of people don’t have the time needed to either go to the gym for their workout or consult a fitness expert. So they made this app to give these people more access.

Since then, it’s now available in over 190 countries and offered in over ten languages, making it accessible to just about anyone who owns a smartphone. Also, it’s now available not only on Android Google Play Store, but also on the Apple App Store.

BetterMe’s Products

BetterMe Health Coaching Products

BetterMe offers two products that cater to what the individual needs for their health improvement. There’s one for physical health, and there’s one for mental health.

Both of them are found in separate apps that you can download individually in the app store. This is one of the aspects that I liked about BetterMe, as there are two dedicated apps for physical fitness and mental health.

BetterMe Health Coaching

BetterMe Health Coaching is the flagship app of Better. As such, it’s the one that’s most frequently downloaded by many users.

As a fitness app, BetterMe Health Coaching contains a variety of exercise and meal plans that are tailored to suit your fitness needs and goals. These plans are made by fitness and nutritional experts, so as long as you commit to the plan you chosen, you’ll get the results you want.

When you first open the app, you will be welcomed with a log-in screen. If you don’t want to sign up immediately, you can skip it. Signing up will definitely allow you to access more options in the app, but it’s not really needed to use its core functionalities.

Anyway, once you’re in the app, you’ll then take a short quiz. Answering it as honestly as you can is a must, since your answers here will help BetterMe determine the workout and diet plans that you’re going to take.

The quiz itself is rather detailed. It takes into account everything about the current condition of your body, including dietary restrictions, any health conditions, etc. So it’s important that you be honest in this quiz.

One of the special aspects of BetterMe is they also have Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as part of their program. Basically, BetterMe helps you change your bad behaviors with positive encouragement, instead of negative ones.

Because BetterMe believes that it’s all about using positivity to change our mindset and thus change our behaviors into better habits and patterns.

Finally, BetterMe also provides a personal coaching option so that you don’t have to work towards your fitness goals alone. They consist of certified nutritionists and fitness instructors that are available all day, every day, to give advice, answer questions, or offer much-needed emotional support.

BetterMe Mental Health

The BetterMe Mental Health is the second app that’s offered by BetterMe. While the BetterMe Health Coaching focuses on physical health, this app now focuses on improving your mental and emotional health and well-being.

As such, it contains a variety of self-help plans that aim to reduce your stress level, improve your mood, and regain your focus. Some of these programs include several meditation exercises, good work habits, and the proper time for breaks.

The plans provided by BetterMe Mental Health are scheduled according to the time of the day. So you’ll know which activity should you do in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

It also contains various online meditation courses that can provide various benefits for you, such as relieving anxiety, getting a night of deep sleep, eliminating stress, and even weight loss. Overall, these meditation courses can last for around 150+ days.

Finally, to aid you in your meditation and relaxation, the BetterMe Mental Heath app has an archive of relaxing sounds you can listen to during meditation. And you can also set it so that it gradually winds down after a certain time has passed, to help you with your sleeping.

Overall, BetterMe Mental Health offers more or less the same functionality as the  BetterMe Health Coaching app. The only difference is that this one focuses on mental health.

How Much Does BetterMe Health Coaching Cost?

Both of BetterMe’s apps can be downloaded free of charge. And you can also try out some of the plans inside the app to give you an idea of what to expect from BetterMe.

But in order to get the full features of either app, you need to subscribe. A BetterMe app subscription comes in three different membership tiers:

  • A weekly subscription will cost you $4.99 per week, which translates to around $21.50 USD a month.
  • A 12-week subscription will cost you $29.99 upfront, which works out to be $10.74 USD per month (basically a 50% discount).
  • An annual subscription will cost you $120 upfront, then translates to $10.00 per month (saving you around 50% as well).

The price doesn’t seem too high for a subscription service. Though it’s probably best to go with the monthly plan than the weekly plan.

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Is BetterMe Health Coaching Worth It?

From what I’ve seen inside BetterMe, it doesn’t look any different from the other fitness tracking apps out there. You get very detailed workout plans that also include videos on how to do certain exercises.

Overall, if you’re someone who’s serious about being fit, improving your health, whether it’s physical or mental, then BetterMe is an app worth trying out. After all, you can download the app for free first, and be able to try the workout plans, meal plans, and other exercises the app offers.

You can pay some money in order to get more features out of that if you want to step up. As in you’re going to get really serious with your fitness goals.

Which is definitely not a bad thing. However, before you do, it might be more beneficial for you if you consult a physician first before starting any exercise program.

It would allow you to know if the program you’re going to start is something that you can do without any adverse side effects on your body.

As for the mental health app, again, there’s nothing wrong if you want to try using it to improve your mental condition. Though it’s worth noting that some of these meditations and habit practices can be learned free of charge from other sources.

BetterMe Health Coaching Review: Final Thoughts

Let me just give some final thoughts before I close off this BetterMe health coaching review.

Being fit demands a lot of time and effort from you. Aside from the short exercises that will take you about 30 minutes or so to complete, you also have to prepare the meals that will get recommended to your meal plan.

Preparing meals take a lot of time and money, especially if the ingredients needed aren’t as easily available at your local grocery. There are a lot of external factors to consider, even though the workout plans are tailored for you.

The important factor here is consistency. You start a program, you have to do it regularly until you get the desired results. And even then, you should not stop in order for you to maintain it.

In conclusion, BetterMe can help you with your fitness and mental health goals. However, no amount of fitness app can replace a one-on-one live coaching session with a real fitness coach.

And once again, I’m stressing the importance of consulting a physician first before you start any exercise and diet plan.

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