Passive Profit Pages Review: Scam Or Legit?

Today, we’re going to take a peek at Passive Profit Pages by Bill. How does this measure up? Find out in this Passive Profit Pages review.

Have you ever felt being burnt out in your job? Don’t worry if you do, because you’re not the only one who feels it from time to time.

In fact, even the World Health Organization itself has recognized work burnout as something really serious.

While there are several factors that can contribute to work burnout, the most important factor, in my own opinion, is being overworked yet underpaid.

Some employers are doing some steps to ensure that this never happens to the best of their ability. But sadly, some of them aren’t doing enough to solve this. Hence, many employees resign from their jobs altogether

This is also the reason why most people today are constantly looking for several opportunities to make money. And most of them prefer something that gives them the ability to build an online business that lets them work wherever, whenever they want.

The Passive Profit Pages system claims to be able to give that kind of opportunity to people.

But is this also the right moneymaking opportunity for you? Before you decide to commit to this program, it’s better if you read this Passive Profit Pages review first. And hopefully, this can help you decide.

Note that this is a fully unbiased Passive Profit Pages. Thus, you won’t find any affiliated links here, as I’m not affiliated with them.

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What Is Passive Profit Pages?

Passive Profit Pages - Claims

That bold statement above comes from the introduction video of this product. And for some people, that claim alone is enough to get them interested.

Passive Profit Pages is a program that seemingly uses affiliate marketing to create a method that members can use to earn money.

It’s a system that lets you create have several one-page websites, all completely done-for-you. Each of those websites then contains several pre-made affiliate offers (most of them are from ClickBank) that you can promote.

So the idea for this is very simple. You get your website from this program, then promote those websites (that contain affiliate links) to others. And when someone makes a purchase of the products through your affiliate link, you’ll get a commission.

You’ll also get some minor affiliate marketing training from this system.

Passive Profit Pages states that through their system, you’ll be able to earn around $1,000 per day, and $25,000 per month.

Again, it’s a rather bold claim. But it also presents a red flag for this system. This kind of marketing evokes the idea that this is a “get-rich-quick” kind of business.

Which is definitely not! Especially when it comes to affiliate marketing. A done-for-you system that generates a passive income of up to $1,000 per day, doesn’t exist at all.

Any opportunity who claims they can make you rich quickly like that, is most definitely very suspicious.

I’m not saying affiliate marketing itself is suspicious, however. It’s just that some of the programs that use this business model don’t really give you the results they’re presenting in their marketing presentations.

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Who Created Passive Profit Pages?

Passive Profit Pages is created by William Mcrea, which is known only as “Bill” in most of its sales pages.

Very little is known about him. In fact, there’s absolutely no information that’s provided about this guy anymore. It might even be possible that “William Mcrea” or “Bill” isn’t his real name, or maybe it’s just a collective pseudonym of several creators of this program.

Either way, it’s another red flag. Seeing as we can’t really find out anything about who made this system, there’s not much that can be said about its reliability, if any at all.

What Can You Get From Passive Profit Pages?

Here’s what the inside of Passive Profit Pages looks like, once you’re in.

Passive Profit Pages - Inside 1

The main feature of Passive Profit Pages, is that it acts as a page builder from which you can create several affiliate marketing websites. Each website contains various offers that you can promote to earn commissions.

You can build a total of 5 affiliate webpages in all, from 5 different niches.

Additionally, there’s a small amount of training that’s provided from this program. It’s not a whole lot, however, and you can get much better affiliate marketing training from somewhere.

Website Builder

Passive Profit Pages - Inside 2

Creating an affiliate website in Passive Profit Pages only requires a few steps.

  1. Fill out your ClickBank ID. Obviously, having a ClickBank account is required, as that’s how you’re going to earn your commissions.
  2. Choose from 5 pre-built webpages. The 5 niches you can choose are: Guitar, Home Biz, Acne, Debt Free, Affiliate
  3. Select your own page name (subdomain) and your main domain name. Unfortunately, the main domain name is stuck at “”, with no way to change it to a custom domain name. So this step is kind of useless.

And you’re all set. Once you’re done, this is what your website looks like.

Passive Profit Pages - Website

As you can see, the website that you’re going to build looks, and even feels, extremely basic. The only good thing about this is that your done-for-you website also comes complete with article content that’s relevant to your niche.

Unfortunately, as many of them come from various PLR sources, they’ll also feel quite unpolished. This means they may also have various grammatical errors and contain just the general information needed.

The website you’ve done is also known to be full of technical errors, so expect various broken links and even empty webpages when you, or someone, browses the site.


Passive Profit Pages - Training

Passive Profit Pages also includes various training videos to “help” out with your affiliate marketing venture in this program.

Unfortunately, they’re more like instructional videos on how to use this product. Thus, you won’t get any complete affiliate marketing training from them.

There’s also a PDF document included which deals with generating traffic for your affiliate webpages. But as with the rest of this program, it’s also not comprehensive and advanced at all.

It only tells you to share your affiliate websites to various social media websites because you can get plenty of converting traffic. But we all know that’s not going to be the case here, especially if the affiliate website in question is of very poor quality.

If you want to see more on how Passive Profit Pages actually works, here’s a video demo of this product.

How Much Does Passive Profit Pages Cost?

Passive Profit Pages only cost around $9 to join.

But as soon as you have access to the members’ area of Passive Profit Pages, you’ll then be bombarded with a variety of upsells. These upsells will be presented to you before you can even get started using the program itself.

And all of them cost even more than the base product. Thus, assuming that you purchased these upsells, the entire program is going to cost you more than a thousand dollars overall.

For me, upselling a product that costs way more than the base product itself is quite absurd. It’s an obvious attempt of the creators trying to make you shell out much more of your money, for a system that even has a questionable reputation.

Thus, I don’t really think the price is worth it for this product.

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Passive Profit Pages Upsells

As stated before, Passive Profit Pages will bombard you with a number of upsells as soon as you start to use their product. There are several upsells that this program offers, but here are some of the most notable ones on the list.

  • Passive Profit Pages Pro ($197, downsell to $147) – This upsell only allows you to host your done-for-you websites on your own domain, instead of using the one provided by this program itself.
  • Profit Pages X ($196, downsell to $146) – Supposedly, gives you access to their “top-secret traffic source” so that you can earn more commissions.
  • Passive Profit Pages Online Community ($20 per month) – Gives you access to their private Facebook group. Why this has to be an upsell is beyond me, as it’s supposed to be part of the initial package.

The last upsell isn’t really a true upsell in a sense, but it’s just a call-to-action” for you to join John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System.

Is Passive Profit Pages Worth Buying?

Based on what I’ve observed from various sources, I don’t think I can recommend Passive Profit Pages to anyone.

Let me be clear, though. Affiliate marketing is a great business model, and if you can do it right, you can earn a good amount of money from it.

But using Passive Profit Pages isn’t the way to go from this. It’s actually too similar to those “Make Money Online” products being sold on places like WarriorPlus or JVZoo.

And if you’re very familiar with that platform, you should know that most of those products are either scams, or of very low quality.

In fact, Passive Profit Pages feels extremely similar to various products offered on WarriorPlus. Some examples of it are Set & Forget, and 1 Page Profits.

And most of them share the same marketing pitch. That you’ll be able to earn a huge amount of commissions per day, just by using this system.

Most of them even use video testimonials as proof of the effectiveness of this system.

However, you should know that none of those claims are true. Unless you have a million or so visitors everyday, and all of them buying the products you’re promoting using your affiliate link, you’re not going to earn over $1,000 or more everyday from this system.

Is Passive Profit Pages A Scam?

The affiliate marketing business model isn’t a scam at all. It’s completely legitimate if done correctly.

However, due to the use of fake testimonials from hired people and fake claims, Passive Profit Pages can qualify as a scam. Or at least, very close to it.


Not only are the testimonials and claims about this product questionable, but the creator of this product is a total mystery. Aside from his name, we don’t really know much about “Bill”, especially his credibility as an affiliate marketer.

Why would you trust your money to someone whose reputation is unknown? Even if the system itself is cheaper compared to others, it’s much better to spend it on something more reliable than this.

Pros And Cons Of Passive Profit Pages


  • The base product itself is very cheap. However, that’s pretty much it.
  • Affiliate marketing is a completely legitimate business model which can let you earn a good amount of money. But only if it’s done right.


  • The success stories and testimonials presented by this system aren’t even backed by solid evidence. There’s even a disclaimer saying that there’s no guarantee that you’ll earn a good amount of money by using this system, which totally contradicts their marketing pitch.
  • It relies on too many upsells, none of which can make this product more reliable.
  • The websites created by this system are of very poor quality. Furthermore, there’s no way you can even edit or add content to your websites to fix them.
  • There’s absolutely no comprehensive and effective training about affiliate marketing here. Even the traffic training here is very unreliable.

Passive Profit Pages Review: Final Thoughts

Let me give you my final thoughts before I close off this Passive Profit Pages review.


As I said before, affiliate marketing is one of the best methods out there to make money online. And you can certainly earn a lot from it.

However, relying on “done-for-you” systems like Passive Profit Pages for this purpose, is certainly a big mistake. And that’s simply because, you won’t even get any proper affiliate marketing training from this.

Instead of relying on these systems, it’s much better if you just avail of a reliable website builder, and start from there. That way, you’ll have finer control over the quality of the websites you’ll use, and you can even choose the products that you want to promote as an affiliate marketer.

And keep in mind also, that whatever online business you want to set up, you would inevitably face some tough competition. Especially when the niche you’ve chosen is a potentially lucrative one, some marketers will definitely jump ship.

Therefore, what you need are some good educational materials first to give you the necessary knowledge, skills, and especially the proper mindset to hopefully succeed in any business venture.

And let me add that mindset is a very important factor when setting up any kind of business. As long as you don’t falter even in the toughest of challenges, you’ll be sure to succeed.

Still, if affiliate marketing is something that you’d like to do as a business, do not buy this product. There are much better moneymaking systems elsewhere.

If you want an alternative for this, however. Something that you might even like in the long run, yet still sustainable…

Then I have a good offer for you. If you want to know more about it, keep on reading this Passive Profit Pages review.

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