Billy Gene Is Marketing Review – Clicks Into Customers 2-0

Are you looking for honest Billy Gene is Marketing Review?If so I write this review about clicks into customers which will help you to make a decision.

Whether you should buy it or not?Does this course worth the price or it is a Scam?

No problem I will talk about every aspect of this and help you figure it out on your own.

Billy Gene is marketing is a very famous company and launched a course called clicks into customer.

In this course they will teach you how to market your business effectively.Basically the idea is to teach marketers how to market themselves.

Let?s figure it out.

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Billy Gene Is Marketing Review

It is a very colourful company.Is it owned by Billy Gene.He is very well known in the marketing industry.

I often hit by his ads on his new course that he will be launching soon.In this new course he will teach people how to run youtube ads.

He also says that it?s time to move on to youtube ads.I don?t know why?Probably he may think that facebook ads are dead?

Clicks into customers is a course in billy gene in marketing.Billy gene has an audience and good following on youtube.

It teaches people to convert clicks into customers by running facebook and instagram ads.

The concept is to teach you fb and instagram ads.And how to use it effectively to turn the customers into clicks.

So,basically you will be paying for this course to learn facebook ads.The question is should you invest in the course?

Can this course take your business to the next level?Ok we are going to figure it out.

First let me tell you one thing.The price of the course is $197 a month.There are additional things(services) inside the course.But you have to pay for them.

I will give my honest review and let you made your decision.

Is Billy Gene Is Marketing Clicks into Customers Scam?

Well it seems to be a good game for money.But I do not want to say it a scam.

A lot of bad reviews of people out there who are saying that billy gene is marketing do not worth the money.

The claims that Billy Gene make seems to be very unrealistic.And the course billy gene is marketing does not have effectiveness.

It did not provide people the value and you should not buy it.

But let?s get deep into billy gene is marketing clicks into customers.

Now,I want to say one thing.I spent hundreds and thousands of dollars on facebook ads.

I spent more than ten thousand dollars on facebook ads courses like jordan platten,kevin david and iman gadzhi.

But it was a complete waste of money.I did not learn skills that will help me grow my business.Facebook ads are a real deal.But it is too expensive if you are mainly focused on growing your business with it.

Focus on organic traffic!

It has potential to take your business to the next level.But finding a good a guru seems to be very hard now a days.

Giving a facebook and instagram ads course to marketing is something unethical in my opinion.There are something that I liked in Billy Gene is Marketing.

Things That I Liked in Billy Gene is marketing

Well there a lot of good things in the billy gene is marketing.I will talk about each of them step by step to help you make your decision.

Free seminar

Billy gene is marketing also offers an online is totally free.

In this seminar they will give you an idea that what are you going to learn in clicks into customers.I like their this approach.

It is like and idea to give the value in front and charge them in the backend.

They are going to tell you that this course worth it or not.

What you are going to learn about facebook advertising etc.


There is a lot of content in this course which is useful.

More than this the videos inside the course are on the latest facebook techniques.

It is on of the few course online which teaches people messenger advertising and live video advertising.

Wide range

There are a lot of positives things about it too.The course is very wide and contains long videos.

The videos covers various features along with facebook and instagram ads.

There is also complete training on email marketing.There will be a lot of things that are covered in clicks into customers.

So,I talked about the good things.Now I want to read cons too!!!

Things That i Disliked about billy gene is marketing

There are lot of reasons that I am not recommending you this course.Let?s talk about the cons of billy gene is marketing?


There are a lot of fake claims made by clicks into customer.

First of all they say that this is the best and complete online marketing course.

Let?s say it is.So,if billy gene is marketing is complete marketing course than they will cover all aspects of marketing.

But there are zero to no knowledge about SEO and Google rankings.

It is very basics of any business.Whether it is online business or offline.

They say it complete but focuses on facebook ads(lol).

Hard Work

Facebook ads are very profitable if done well.But it also requires a lot of maintenance.

It seems that in the billy gene is marketing he completely forget to talk about this.

It does need a lot of hard work and maintenance.If you choose to select the facebook ads option.

This means that you had to work really hard.

I want to add one thing about facebook ads.That it is not about the hard work.

It is all about the skills that you will need to grow your business.

People want more money but do not want to get high on the skills that will make them money(facebook ads).

It seems to be hard to learn and get on top of that skill with billy gene is marketing clicks into customers.


You know what facebook ads are getting very expensive now a days.

I still remember the days when I ran facebook ads in 2012.

It was super cheap back then.But now a days they are very expensive.I lost a lot of money when I started and new in running ads.

This is because I do not have the right guidance.

Sometimes it is very hard to find the right option to put hard earned bucks.

Facebook ads are not kids does require a lot of money to start with.

There is a great chance that you will end up losing your money if you go with billy gene is marketing.

This is because they do not give guarantee that there methods will work.Or you will get success or not.

Less Effort

It seems that Billy Gene puts less effort in billy gene in marketing to give you guys value.

There are good videos in the first part in clicks into customers.But as you keep getting more into the course,you will be lost.

Billy Gene had put less effort in the course.

I think after taking the course you will be end up finding the questions online.

Free Contant

I believe that there are 80% of the videos which are available for free are in the course.

There are lots of videos for free online on facebook ads,youtube tutorials and blogs on it.

You can find these free tutorials online rather than putting your money on this course.

Billy Gene is marketing is scam

Well it seems to be.This is because there are a lot of videos which are online for free.

Billy gene puts them into this course and charge you for this.It is a good game for money.

There are a lot of bad reviews online.

These are the people who bought the course and end up losing their money.

I would not recommend it to you but read this further.


First of all I want to say that I put my readers above of my pocket.

This means that I will not bullshit you.

The course I am recommending you will cost you seven dollars and upsell of $38.If you want it.

This is the best online training on Facebook ads that you will get.The value you will get inside is insane.

As I said that I bought a lot of courses online.

Lost a thousands of dollars on facebook ads.But the value I got in this little to no money is out of this world.

More than this you will get every knowledge you need about marketing.

Upsells,psychology,value ladder and everything that will help you with paid traffic and marketing.

This is everything you know instead of Billy gene is marketing.You did a good job to read this review.

Because there is so much online scams now a days.I reviewed them recently which were cb passive income,ecom hacks,affiliate champ and ecom empires.

BEST OF LUCK..cheers!!!

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