Blake Nubar Review: Is His Partner Program A Scam?

Today, we’re going to talk about Blake Nubar and his Partner Program. Are he and his system a scam?? Let’s find out in this Blake Nubar Review.

In the early days of the internet, the role of a social media website is to connect to people from all over the world. This may mean friends, relatives, and whatnot. Thanks to social media, we’re now able to communicate with them whenever and wherever we are.

But it’s that same connecting technology that has allowed several businesses to have a wider reach. And using them, they’re now able to connect to even more leads, and reach out to a wider customer demographic.

Seeing this potential, many social media sites have now taken various steps to make their platforms more suitable for any business. And today, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, even Tiktok, has now become an essential tool for marketing.

But let’s face it. With so many businesses using Facebook for their marketing needs, anyone new business owner may get into a hard time.

Blake Nubar claims that through his partner program, he can teach you how to effectively run a Facebook marketing campaign. And thus, earn a good amount of money from Facebook.

But before you jump ahead and join this program, you should read this Blake Nubar review first. So you can determine for yourself if this online course will work for you or not.

Disclaimer: This is a fully independent Blake Nubar review. I’m not affiliated with Dolmar Cross in any way or form whatsoever.

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Who Is Blake Nubar?

Blake Nubar

Many publications say that Blake Nubar can be classified as a “sales funnel expert”. And needless to say, that couldn’t be far from the truth.

As verified by the ClickFunnels website itself, he’s made around 10 million dollars in total by building effective sales funnels and marketing his items through them.

In fact, one of his funnels generated $1,000,000 in around 40-days. It’s no wonder he was awarded the ClickFunnels 2 Comma Club Award, and has been featured in numerous business publications like Entrepreneur and Funnel.

You can say, he’s the real deal when it comes to internet marketing.

According to his website, he usually charges over six figures to work with clients one on one. But through his Partner Program, you’ll be able to learn the exact same methods of creating sales funnels. The same methods that Blake uses to achieve those great profits.

All About The Blake Nubar Partner Program

Blake Nubar Partner Program

Blake Nubar’s Partner Program is a business method wherein you’re basically given the right to sell some of Blake’s own products and services. This includes some of his online courses, which aren’t really specified initially unless you signed up with the program.

The program also gives you a white-label license for these products. This means you can sell them under your own name and branding and keep 90% of the profits for yourself. As the program says, the products that you will be selling are made specifically for you, and you’ll be able to tweak it a little, apply your branding, and make it completely your own.

It also states that the products have already set prices to make it easier to give upsells. These products are priced at $7, $37, $197, and $797 (the last one is not usually stated in the program.)

The program also teaches you how you can effectively sell these products for your profit. Some of the things that this program teaches you include effective Facebook marketing, and how to create your own profitable sales funnel.

In a way, it’s quite similar to the PWA (Partner With Anthony) program, wherein most (but not all) of the things that you need to start marketing are already given to you.

Again, while this business opportunity is quite a good one, you still have to take note if this business model is something that you’ll like to do. After all, running Facebook ads may pose some difficulty, given the saturation of the market.

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What’s Inside The Blake Nubar Partner Program?

The Blake Nubar Partner Program is broken into a series of steps that you need to follow. Each step will guide you on how you can set up your sales funnel and promote it so you can earn money.

Starting Point

The starting point basically just gives you an overview of what you can expect from the program. Inside, you’ll also be asked a few questions by the program itself. This is to see if you’re really serious about joining the program, and if you’re going to commit to it until the end.

Here, you’ll also be taught how to create your ClickFunnels account, plus some invitations to join the VIP group and how you can apply to be his affiliate.

Step 1: Choosing Your Niche

Blake Nubar Partner Program - Step 1

Whenever you’re going to start any kind of online business, you first have to determine your preferred niche. This is what the first step is going to do for you, by asking what niche you prefer.

Once you answered these questions to the program, you’ll then be given the sales funnel, which you have to register. You’ll also be given the task of naming your domain, your brand label, and designing the logo for the products in your sales funnel.

Step 2: Customizing Your Sales Funnel

Blake Nubar Partner Program - Step 2

Now that you have the sales funnel provided for you, it’s time you customize it to your own taste.

Here, you’ll be taught how to register your own domain (for your funnel), and where to submit your domain name. You’ll also be taught how to add graphics to your sales funnel, like favicons, animated gifs, etc.

And if you’re still unsure of what design you want for your sales funnel, this program also provides you with some templates. All you have to do is to copy them and make some minor customization with them.

Step 3: Setting Up Your Email Marketing

Blake Nubar Partner Program - Step 3

Email marketing is still a very essential form of marketing today, despite being one of the older methods. This step is where you can properly set up your email marketing campaign so you can do it correctly the first time around.

Here, you’ll have access to several email templates, how you can connect your payment processor to your funnel (only Stripe seems to be the supported one), and training on email follow-ups and share funnels.

Step 4: Get The Digital Products

Blake Nubar Partner Program - Step 4

It’s here at this point that you’re now going to start adding your products to the funnel. Here, you’ll learn how to write suitable product descriptions, set up your Stripe payment details for each product, and of course, the proper pricing.

You’ll also be able to download a Facebook Page profile template for your products here. This, as they claim, can help you increase your leads.

Step 5: Video Scripts

Blake Nubar Partner Program - Step 5

Any online marketer knows, that video content often has a higher engagement rate that other types of content. But sometimes, you may lack the proper dialog to say when you’re recording your marketing video.

In this step, the program will provide several video scripts that you can use when producing your video content.

If you’re going to hold an online masterclass, there is a sales script and a launch checklist to ensure you deliver the right thing. You will also edit your membership area and introduction script here.

Step 6: Generating Organic Traffic

Blake Nubar Partner Program - Step 6

Now that you’ve built your sales funnel, it’s time for you to drive traffic through it so you can collect leads.

This step will first teach you how you can generate traffic using organic and free methods. The organic traffic method is centered on using Facebook as your traffic source.

This means that you’re going to be joining several Facebook groups related to your niche in order to promote your sales funnel. Again, this program will also provide you with various post templates for maximum customer engagement.

Step 7: Paid Facebook Ads

Blake Nubar Partner Program - Step 7

After learning how to generate organic free traffic, you’ll also be taught how to run paid Facebook ads for even more leads.

In my own opinion, this should only be used when you’re already getting plenty of sales from your funnel. Even with good training, paid Facebook ads are still a bit risky because, they cost money.

If your paid Facebook marketing campaign fails the first time around, you may end up paying more than your intended budget. Therefore, constant monitoring is always required for this campaign.

How Much Does The Blake Nubar Partner Program Cost?

To sign up for the Blake Nubar Partner Program, it’ll cost you a one-time payment of $997. You also have the option to avail of the program with two payments of $597 each.

While you may get a good value for its price, the return of investment for this course is still questionable. And this doesn’t still count the investment that you’ll need for hosting your funnel websites and your paid Facebook ads budget, among others.

Especially when you’re a beginner, since you may not have enough money yet to afford this program.

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Pros And Cons Of The Blake Nubar Partner Program


Blake Nubar is definitely an authority at making sales funnels. He’s able to achieve plenty of sales with his method, and his awards are as legit as they can come.

Thus, you can say that there’s some value with this program. It teaches you everything you may need to learn about online marketing. From setting up your sales funnel website to how you can drive traffic from it.

But one of the most notable things about this program is the done-for-you materials included here. From marketing scripts to funnel templates, this can make the process much easier if you set them up correctly.


The biggest drawback of this program is the price point. Not only is the cost to join here quite expensive, but the costs of hosting your ClickFunnels and your Facebook ads campaign can certainly add up here.

In fact, the cost of Facebook ads has risen dramatically in recent years. It can cost up to $35 to obtain a lead, which, at best, equals $350 for a deal with a 10% conversion rate.

And according to Forbes, Facebook’s ad prices have increased by 90% every year. Worse, since Facebook’s algorithm is constantly changing, the learning curve for Facebook advertising is getting extremely difficult as it goes by.
Thus, even if the quality of the training is good, getting your ROI with this system could take you a very long time, in the best-case scenario.

And My Verdict For This Course Is…

I can understand most of the comments about Blake Nubar being a scammer, since many of those who tried his program ended up not making a single sale with his methods.

Furthermore, there are even reports of poor customer service, and virtually nonexistent money-back guarantee. But I’m going to tell you this.

Blake Nubar himself certainly isn’t a scam. His Facebook marketing methods may work, but certainly not for everybody. Especially since the marketing competition in Facebook is getting intense, that the chances of getting a sale from the products offered by this program can be slim, but certainly not impossible.

So if you think you have a good enough following or a large enough network that you can effectively promote the offers this program has, then this may be the business method for you.

However, this is also the same reason why I can’t really recommend this program to everyone, despite its legitimacy. The success rate is still quite low, and you may find yourself working rather hard and investing in a lot of capital for you to succeed here.

Blake Nubar Review: Final Thoughts

To close off this Blake Nubar review, I would like to share some additional thoughts that might help your decision.

The deal about most financial mentors is that most of them aren’t really earning from their business method. Rather, some of them only get rich from selling the online courses they make.

Haven’t you noticed? The products that you usually sell when you join these courses and programs are, for the most part, the very same courses and programs that you joined in the first place.

Anthony Morrison and even Jono Armstrong’s Ministry of Freedom are some examples of this.

If the strategies presented here are applied to legitimate products and courses, you’ll not only earn a good amount of money, but it’s also quite sustainable. As you’ll be earning the trust of a loyal userbase.

Basically, Blake Nubar’s Partner Program is a good program by itself. But I still can’t recommend it because of its method.

If you want a better alternative for this, something that’s more sustainable, you’re better off trying my personal recommendation for it.

If you want to find out more about it, keep on reading beyond this Blake Nubar review.

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