Blast4Traffic Review: Is This The Answer For Your Traffic Needs?

Today we’ll be reviewing an online app called Blast4Traffic. Is Blast4Traffic worth its value? Find out in this Blast4Traffic Review.

Traffic. You’re going to hear this every time you engage in a topic about online marketing. And for a very good reason.

Traffic is the lifeblood of any online marketer. All the SEO methods and other affiliate marketing efforts lead to one goal: To drive web traffic to your website.

Because obviously, without web traffic, no one is even going to see your website, let alone buy the products that you’re promoting. After all, they can’t buy what they can’t see.

Blast4Traffic promises to help the affiliate in promoting their website to as many people as you can. How will they do it? By sending around 2-3 million e-mails a day, which contains your website link.

Sounds good, right? But does it live up to its name? Will Blast4Traffic help you in your web traffic and sales struggles. Read on this Blast4Traffic review to help you decide on your purchase.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not affiliated with Blast4Traffic in any way.

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What Is Blast4Traffic?

Blast4Traffic Review - Blast4Traffic 2

Blast4Traffic’s main feature is simple: It allows you to send over 2-3 million e-mails to different addresses of your chosen category PER DAY. This translates to around 70 million e-mail sent per month!

And each e-mail contains a link to your selling site. It may be your landing page, or even your main website. Whichever you prefer.

Blast4Traffic is pretty easy to use.

  • Write your headline.
  • Write your own e-mail, then a link to your website.
  • Select up t 5 categories of people that you want to receive the e-mail. Mostly like it’ll be on your current niche.

And that’s pretty much all it takes.  The program will take care of sending your e-mails in bulk.

Here’s a video about Blast4Traffic if you want to find out more.


Blast4Traffic Review - Blast4Traffic

As you can already see, Blast4Traffic is good for e-mail marketing. While online promotions nowadays are typically done on social media and the like, e-mail is still a viable asset. That’s because based on the attention span of some people, an e-mail sent to them is more likely to become viewed than a post on social media. And a well-crafted e-mail pitch is more than likely to catch a potential lead’s interest.


I’m not going to lie. The cons of this product may far outweigh the pros highlighted here. And there are plenty of them.

  • While it’s intended for e-mail marketing, Blast4Traffic can potentially be used by malicious users, who may use the product to spread malware and the like. A potential attacker might write a malicious website, which contains different kinds of malware, and use a bulk e-mailer like Blast4Traffic to send them to millions of potential victims across the web. Furthermore, there are still some untrained users who will still click on any link that they’re sent to without checking them thoroughly, which increases the risk.
  • Sending millions of the same kind of e-mail to multiple addresses is already considered spamming. Most of the major e-mail providers (GMail, Outlook, etc.) have strong spam-detection capabilities. You’ll even be lucky if your e-mail even reaches the Junk Mail folder of the recipient (i.e. some e-mails of this kind can get blocked before it reaches the recipient’s folders).
  • Most of the e-mail list the programs sends to, are also fellow online marketers. Just like yourself.
  • The product is made way back in 2008, and is hardly updated.
  • While the product does have a 60-day money back guarantee, there are still complaints from users who never even get their money back whenever they tried to avail of it.

Is Blast4Traffic A Scam?

Based on this Blast4Traffic review, yes. Anyone can call it a scam. But it’s not the type of scam that you think.

First, take a look first at Blast4Traffic’s claims when you buy their app…


It’s apparent from the first line that the app is already making an unrealistic claim. And it’s further reinforced by the time you get to the second line.

These are all unrealistic claims. Getting your online sales to increase dramatically can’t be done in just a single day. Especially when you have to contend with your fellow affiliate marketers who are also aiming for those sweet commissions.

The fact that the page says they’re not a scam or a gimmick, can and WILL also raise a fair warning to some. Any product should speak to themselves with REAL results.

Let’s also take a look at the member’s area of this app…

Blast4Traffic Review - UpsellsBlast4Traffic Review - Upsells 2

You may think that these are included in the app that you purchased, but they’re not. These are upsells. The product is also trying to sell you other products. And speaking of products…

Paid Ads

Why are there also paid ads on the app itself, if this product claims that it’ll help you with your affiliate marketing and increase your sales in less than a day?  It’s pretty suspicious.

And lastly, the official website for Blast4Traffic  doesn’t exist anymore. It only shows that the domain is for sale.

Overall, Blast4Traffic is just another scam. But it’s not the type of scam where they” just take the money from you and run away, leaving you with nothing. It’s the type of scam wherein they’ll give you this product for a price, but the product will fail your expectations completely.

Watch here if you’re still not convinced that Blast4Traffic is a scam.

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E-Mail Marketing: General Tips

Now that you’ve been at this point of this Blast4Traffic review, you may be asking if it’s still possible to gain leads and potential buyers via e-mail marketing. The answer is always “YES!”. And you don’t need blackhat methods to do so.

Just keep in mind these simple tips help out on your e-mail marketing efforts:

  1. Make A Subscriber’s List: This is where the “Subscribe” button is helpful for your website. But take note. Visitors will only subscribe if they find your content (and the products you’re selling) entertaining and eye-catching. So build your subscriber’s list by creating engaging content. Make sure that your potential customers are the ones that’ll approach you for your product, instead of the other way around.
  2. Remember The Law: Always keep in mind the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. You want to make sure that the e-mail you send to your subscribers follows the law. This means, having a clear subject line, giving a visible option to unsubscribe, and placing your name and address at the end of every e-mail.
  3. Mobile Optimization: Make sure your e-mails are comfortably viewable on a mobile device. Nowadays, people spend their time on their mobile devices than on their computers, including checking their e-mail.
  4. Maintain A Consistent Schedule: For newsletters, this is important. When you set and maintain a schedule when sending e-mails on your list, your subscribers will know when to expect new updates from your website.
  5. Have E-Mail Variety: Remember that there are real people behind those e-mails. If you send them ads all the time, they’ll find you annoying. From time to time, give some value to your subscribers by sharing some of your own tips and insights on your selected field. This’ll let them know that you value them as well.
  6. Respect: Keep in mind that these subscribers entrusted you not just with their e-mail addresses, but also some of their personal information, like their full names.  Take advantage of those to personalize your e-mails to them, but use them ethically.

Always make your sales e-mail as presentable as possible. And try to add some personal touch to it. Sometimes, most people will prefer reading content that they can relate to.

Failing to do a proper construction of the sales e-mail will just make some subscribers flag them as spam/junk.

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Final Thoughts – Blast4Traffic

I hope that after reading this Blast4Traffic review, you’ll now have better knowledge on what tools to avoid when optimizing your online marketing strategies. E-mail marketing is still an important part of online marketing. Every method counts, and combining it with proper SEO methods, you’ll be sure to increase the number of your commissions.

Blast4Trafic is similar to other apps like Passive Profit Funnels. They both claim to give you an unfair advantage on your affiliate marketing efforts, for a price. But they only use blackhat methods that’ll only give you more harm than good. Avoid them at all costs. It’s not worth your online marketing investment.

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