Overages Blueprint Review: Is Bob Diamond’s Course A Scam?

Today, we’re going to talk about Bob Diamond’s Overages online course. Is this a legit business? Find out in this Overages Blueprint review.

The current pandemic situation has been really hard for many of us. Several industries closed down, jobs were lost, and those that do retain their jobs have to contend with increasing work stress levels. Even worse, many of these workers aren’t even properly compensated for their effort.

Thus, it’s no surprise that some of these workers end up resigning from their jobs altogether. Sadly, many of them think they don’t have a choice and just bear the brunt of that ugly and sometimes unfair work condition.

And we can’t really blame most of them. They needed the money.

This pandemic situation, however, has also taught many people to be creative. Many of them learn that there are actually plenty of opportunities to earn money around.

And most of the time, you don’t have to look for them. Because some of these opportunities are constantly being advertised.

Overages Blueprint is one example of those.  The business model may have worked for the creators, but will it work for you as well?

Before you spend any money on this course, you should read this Overages Blueprint review first. And hopefully, this can help you decide if this is the right business model for you, or not.

Note that this is a fully unbiased Overages Blueprint review. And I’m not affiliated with Overages Blueprint and its creators in any way or form.

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What Is Overages Blueprint?

Overages Blueprint

Overages Blueprint is an online course that talks about a new and unusual way (for some) to make money. It talks about a certain “loophole” and how you can use this little-known “government scandal” to earn money for yourself.

The mention of the statement “government scandal” may already put off some people and think of this course as illegal. But the creators of this course can assure you that this is completely legal, and you won’t be breaking any law when you do this.

After all, you can trust some lawyers, right? Maybe.

Basically, it’s about taking advantage of this certain loophole about the government’s right to auction off any foreclosed properties when some people fail to pay their real property taxes.

According to the creator of this course, you don’t need any licenses or skills or even experience to start this business model. Other than the hidden formula taught in this course, all you need is a phone, a laptop, and an internet connection.

How Does Overages Blueprint’s Business Model Work?

The video advertisement about Overages Blueprint gives a very good example of how can this business model work.

Let’s say, for example, someone didn’t pay their taxes for three years, which amounts to roughly $22,000 in back taxes and penalties on a $200,000 property.

In order to pay off those taxes, the government has the right to seize the property from the original owner and put the property in question up for auction. This is called “foreclosing the property, and it’s a completely legal process (the government has all the rights for that).

In this auction, usually, the starting price of the property is based on the amount of the taxes the previous owner has accumulated. In this case, it’s $22,000.

Let’s say, someone bought the property at an auction price of around $102,000. The government would then use the $22,000 to pay off the remaining taxes incurred by the previous property owner.

Now, let’s do the math. The property was sold at around $102,000, yet the government only needs $22,000 for the taxes.

102,000 minus 22,000, equals 80,000

Which means there’s an excess of $80,000. So where does it go?

The excess funds from the sale can go by many terms, including “tax sale overage”, “surplus”, “excess proceeds”, “overbid”, etc. And usually, the government keeps it for their own.

The So-Called “Secret Business Opportunity”.

This is where you and this online course will come in.

Some states have rules and regulations that can let the original property owner claim those overage funds for themselves. But most of them either don’t know about it, or can’t be bothered to do the process.

This course will teach you how you can accomplish that process and basically help your customers recover those funds for themselves. And once they did you, you’ll be paid a certain amount of commission, a so-called “finder’s fee”. Which is usually around 30-40% of the amounts recovered.

The creator claims that this business model is profitable because almost 15,000 people are foreclosing their houses every week. And if you can tap into that market, they claim that earning around $1,000 an hour isn’t impossible.

They also claim that this business model can work because, as I said before, most people don’t have any idea that this loophole exists, or is just too embarrassed (or bothered) to do it themselves and just move on.

However, there are plenty of reasons why this business model isn’t just for anyone. Furthermore, you may be in for a rather big disappointment when you really that earning money from this isn’t really as easy as this course makes you think.

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Who Created The Overages Blueprint?

The creator of the Overages Blueprint online course is Bob Diamond.

Overages Blueprint - Bob Diamond

According to this website profile, he is a practicing attorney, a published author of three books on foreclosure investing, a successful real estate developer, and an active investor.

But other than that, not much is known about him so far. The only credential that is publicly known to establish himself as legitimate is that he’s a lawyer.

He also has a YouTube channel where he shares his insights on real estate investing and taxes. But his views there aren’t publicly shown either.

Overages Blueprint Inclusions

The Overages Blueprint online course consists of the typical inclusions that you can get from an online course.

These educational materials will teach you everything that you need to get started with this business method.

  • Quick Start Guide – Included here is a guide that gives you a quick introduction about the entire online course, the business model it teaches, and everything else that you need to know.
  • Video Training Modules – This is the main course itself, where you’ll now be taught in good detail how this business model works. You’ll also be taught here how to market your services to potential leads, which include paid ads, cold calling, and the like.
  • Customer Support
  • Scripts – As you’re going to be doing plenty of cold calling and client interaction with this business model, included in this course are some scripts that may help you in landing that client.
  • Legal Documents – Since you’re also dealing with government-related services here, you’ll also need plenty of legal documents to clear when getting your client’s overages surplus. To save you the hassle of finding them, they’re also included in this online course for you to download.
  • States List – The regulations for eligibility to claim one’s sales tax overage can vary from state to state. As each of them has different regulations than the other, it’s important that you know them so as you won’t face any legal repercussions.

How Much Does Overages Blueprint Cost?

To get access to the Overages Blueprint, you need to pay a one-time fee of $1,497. Alternatively, you can access the course with three easy installments of $597.

Needless to say, the online course is a bit on the pricey end. Some people might defend this, saying that you get what you pay for, and the quality of this course is high.

But for me, I still have some doubts that this business model could work for anyone.

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Pros & Cons Of Overages Blueprint


The course and the creator are, for the most part, legit. They’re not going to scam your money, and will legitimately teach you everything you need to know about sales overages taxes.

The course will also provide you with all the materials that you’ll need to get started. So as soon as you’re done with the course and know what to do, you can immediately set up your business and start earning commissions.

The creator of this course also claims that this business model isn’t saturated, and you’ll only face little competition with this. This ensures that you’ll get steady earnings.


First, not all states allow you to collect tax overages. If you attempt to do you, you may have some legal repercussions.

Thankfully, Overage Blueprint gives you a list of the states that allow collecting overages and those that don’t. However, regulations change, and the course may not be updated anymore.

Second, after you’ve done the due process for your tax sale overages, it would usually take a long wait of up to four months before your clients can actually collect the money. Obviously, this is such a long wait, and even worse, there’s even a chance that you won’t even be able to receive the surplus taxes at all.

Third, as said before, there’s even a chance that you’ll receive nothing in the end. If such is the case, you’ll not only waste your money (which, hopefully, should be the least of your worries), but you’ll also waste quite a lot of your time.

Finally, the course and the business model itself aren’t really beginner-friendly. For me, you’ll be able to absorb this business model if you have some background in state laws and real estate. But for an average user who just wants to have a simple side hustle, this could become very complicated.

It’s also worth noting that sometimes, cold-calling people who may have lost their homes due to foreclosure can quickly become awkward. And even if they accept your call, what are the chances that they’ll even work with you?

I mean, personally, if I know about this tax loophole, I could just apply for it myself. Thus, I may or may not need the help of an agent to do those tasks. Unless I’m severely lacking in time to bother doing these things…

Overages Blueprint Review: Final Thoughts

To close off this Overages Blueprint review, let me share some final thoughts that might help you.

For me, the business model of assisting people in claiming their tax overages may seem to be a lucrative venture. It’s not saturated, and your potential profit could be high as well.

But personally, finding clients who are willing to avail of your services can be difficult on your end. Because chances are, once they know about their rights for that overage surplus money, they can just do for themselves. Thus ensuring that they can keep all that money for themselves.

Unless some people don’t like the hard work associated with it In which case, your services are needed.

Still, I don’t recommend this business model for everyone. The slow turnaround of profits, coupled with the 50/50 chances of getting the tax overages for your clients, and the complexity of the course itself, is a big turn-off for me.

It’s much better if you choose a business opportunity that not only can give you profits at a higher frequency, but is also less complicated,  while still giving you higher potential earnings.

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