Bonus Bitcoin Review – 100% Scam 0% Legit!

Hello and welcome to my review of Bonus Bitcoin Review.Bonus Bitcoin is a site which claims that you can earn bitcoins for free.

Yes without spending a penny on anything.But it is true or not this is the question.

I am doing this review after doing a complete research on it.Before diving into this topic I want to take a minute and appreciate you for watching this review.

There are a few reasons of this.First and the most important of which is that there is a lot of online scams out there.

A lot of people fell for these scams.They do not research about the product they are investing their priceless time in.

I am doing review a lot of reviews of online scams and saw that in some of online money making schemes they lost almost up to $20k.Make money online is not as simple as it sounds.

There are a lot of scams online regarding to bitcoin like BTS Global and USI Tech.These program are scamming people.

Some are making their on banks and others are wasting your priceless time.So let?s dive into this topic.

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Bonus Bitcoin Review

First thing you will  notice about bonus bitcoin website is that it is not out dated like other online scams.

It looks very legit and designed by a professional website builder.

One thing I noticed which is most common in online scams is that their website seems to be made by a teenager.But this site looks very professional and legit.

When I landed on their website,first bonus from them is $5 free for you.

The question is why in the world anyone will be giving you free five bucks.This is a scam marketing tactics looks like to other scams like referral and viral pay.

They were giving $5 to $100 to people like for nothing.All you have to do is to sign up for their program.

I want to say you one thing here.Before going into any online money making scheme.

First of all think about that what is the catch.Why in the world someone will be giving you free money?

Online money works just like oflinemoney.It is not different than other offline business.

You have to work for your money.If someone is saying that they are going oi give you money for doing nothing then this is straight redflag for you.

In these kind of scams most of the people fell are newbie to inline industry.

I am more than 100% sure that you are very new to this money making online scene.

Otherwise there is nothing in the world you would come to read this review.

Let?s breakdown this bonus bitcoin and check how it works.Did you really going to get free bitcoins or it is just a waste of your priceless time?

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How Does Bonus Bitcoin Works

There is a lot of fake advertisements on their site which is a turnoff for everyone.It does not matter if it is legit or a scam.

So,there is a lot of online scams advertised on bonus bitcoin website.Now let?s talk about how bonus bitcoin works.

These are the points which I noticed in their website.These are the things that they claim about giving you.

Before talking about that one more redflag for you here.No one knows that who owns his website.

No one know who is the mind behind this website and what is his catch on this?

  • 50% of commissions on every referral.Means if someone refer you to bonus bitcoin he is going to get bonuses on that.
  • Claim your bonus after every 15 minutes
  • Free withdrawals whenever you need money
  • Get free 1500 satoshi per claim
  • 50% commission on every referral

What you are going to actually get?


Let?s talk about the cons and pros of Bonus Bitcoin.

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Pros Of Bonus Bitcoin

These are the pros of the so called bonus bitcoin.

Free Withdrawals

Free Bitcoin

Above All free Money

Cons Of Bonus Bitcoin

These are the cons of bonus bitcoin..

Earning are not legit

Free money does not exist

Above Of All It Is A Scam

A lot of website just wasting people?s time.So,if you are also scammed by websites like bonus bitcoin do this thing.

If you saw any online scam in future I would recommend you to go to KBB official website and leave a bad review about the website.

It will do two things.First is that this scheme is going to lose its credibility.

Second is that other people who is looking for the reviews may read your review and it may help them.

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Is Bonus Bitcoin A Scam

Yes bonus bitcoin is a complete scam.It is not legit.If you are not taking this review seriously this means that you are going to waste a lot of your time.

Remember this that your time is the most priceless thing you have right now.Spend it on proven ways to make $10k/month online.

Why in this world someone is going to give you $5?

Making money online is not as easy as it seems.

It took me almost a year to earn my first online dollars.

You know why?Because I keep on falling for these kind of scams.I think that making money online is a mantra and the money is coming from the sky.

If you want to make money online than you have to invest your time in proven ways to build an online business.

It took a lot of work.But it will give you money in a long term.Once a legend said that

?If you do not find a way to make money in your sleep than work till the death?.

This advice seems to be very normal for you.But there is a lot of experience in it by a 84 years old WARREN BUFFET.

Before you leave I want to give you my advise.The best way to make money online is by affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online.

But there is no money for you here in this program.This bonus bitcoin is just another online scam.

So,that is it for this review.If you want to go with my number one recommendation to make money online.

Than it is the best way to make money online and scale a business to $10k/month in my opinion.

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Something About My Number One Recommendation

I want to add something here.I hope it will help you to take a decision about your future.As I said earlier that making money online works like offline money.

You have to work hard for it.The best business to start in 2020 is affiliate marketing.

I have tried every business online and I think that affiliate marketing is the only business that gives you passive income opportunity.

First of all let me clear what is passive income.

Passive income means that you put the work once and this business will feed you for life.It can be some service,product or software.

It can be anything.Let me make it clear,if you made someone to buy a product.

This means that you are going to make money on a single sale for life.

Till that person uses the software.And the chances are that the person is going to use it for life.

Affiliate marketing si the best online business at the moment.

I want to add something to give you some idea about the power of this business.

I was recently using facebook and something really interesting comes in front of me.

It was a post by an agency owner who said that was making $50k/month and he said this?

?I am ready to give up my $50k/month agency if someone teaches me to make $10k/month passivel with affiliate marketing.

The reason is that I want to make money while sleeping.

I am fed up growing other people?s business?.

Again it will be not easy you have to work really hard.

But one thing I really like about affiliate marketing is that it is based on the proven marketing strategies which worked for people over and over again.

This means that the chances of failure is ZERO.

I think that?s it.Best of Luck!!!!

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