Book Launchers Review – Julie Broad Scam?

Today we will be reviewing a program known as Book Launchers. Is it legit? Find out in this Book Launchers review.

Book Launchers claims that they are industry leaders in book production services, offering writers and publishers a wide variety of alternatives that are perfectly suited to their needs and the needs of their target audiences.

Their services range from making attractive designs for completed works to planning entire book launches. They also claim to have a proven track record of bolstering influential voices in their fields, contributing greatly to the expansion of their audiences and the acceleration of their careers.

Before you decide to pay for this course, you should read this Book Launchers review first. You should check if it is worth the time and money before you decide to commit to it.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Book Launchers in any shape or form whatsoever.

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Book Launchers Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Book Launchers
  • Founder: Julie Broad
  • Website:
  • Socials: Instagram
  • Type: Program
  • Niche: Book publishing
  • Recommendation: Publishing your own book may be a great marketing tool, but in this day and age, can people even read novels that are several hundred pages long? In my opinion, this is not very efficient.

What is Book Launchers?

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A great deal of time and work goes into the many facets of book publishing, such as writing, design, non-fiction publication, and audiobook production. The good news is that Book Launchers provide a viable alternative.

All aspects of the publishing process are catered to by the company. Their one-of-a-kind marketing strategy guarantees top-notch results for all of their writers’ endeavors with unmatched support and materials. They promise that with them on your side, navigating the murky waters of publishing is a breeze.

Book Launchers Overview


If an author choose to work with the firm, they will have access to a staff of experts in the fields of writing, editing, and fact-checking who will devote themselves to making the book a pristine reflection of the author’s skills and a boon to their professional reputation.

The company’s nonfiction book cover design specialists ensure that the book will stand out from the crowd on online and offline bookshop shelves.

Also, the partnership extends far beyond the book’s publication. To help authors and their books get the most attention possible, the company provides individualized marketing strategies for both the pre- and post-publication stages of the book’s life cycle. The end result should be a book the author is proud to have on their shelf for years to come, while simultaneously serving as a powerful tool to open doors, increase exposure, and multiply the author’s initial investment.

With the help of Book Launchers, writers can do all of this and more, writing a nonfiction book that sells well and has an influence for years to come.

Why self-publish?

Book Launchers Review - Julie Broad

The freedom an author has when self-publishing a book is a major selling point. Self-publishing gives writers more control over their books than traditional publication, which can be influenced by editors and publishers.

This means the author may still direct the story in the way they see fit and give the recommendations they think are best.

It can be quite useful to have such kind of command. It enables writers to market both themselves and their books effectively, which may lead to high-profile speaking engagements and consultancy gigs.

A well-written book may also be a powerful instrument for increasing product or service sales by establishing the author as an authority in their field.

The appropriate book may have far-reaching effects on an author’s personal and professional reputation. It’s a powerful tool for elevating their standing in the industry, getting their name out there, and setting themselves apart from the competition.

Self-published writers may use this potent method to increase their visibility, readership, and sales in their chosen market.

Book Launchers is good team to work with if you need professional book publishing services to boost your brand and business. You, the author, will always have full editorial and creative control over your Book Launchers project, ensuring that your final product reflects your ideals and aspirations.

Book Launchers takes a different tack than traditional publishing or hybrid partnerships, in which writers typically give up some control over their material and split earnings with the publisher. They realize that you have the last say in which chances you and your book take advantage of, since it is youtbook.

You have the cards, whether you want to turn your book into a full course or pursue loftier goals like TV deals or foreign rights agreements.


Book Launchers’ audiobook services provide writers with a wide variety of customizable options. They help authors at every stage of the audiobook production process, from casting professional voice actors to read non-fiction works to giving voice coaching for authors who want to narrate their own works.

For nonfiction authors seeking market dominance, offering their work in audiobook format might be a decisive factor. It’s a one-of-a-kind chance to be noticed, build trust, and rise to the top of their field.

Book Launchers’ professional audiobook team takes over production, editing, and mastering after they have a thorough understanding of the author’s needs. But that’s not the end of the procedure.

They uses the audiobook as part of the author’s overall promotional bundle to pitch to appropriate media sources. The author’s reach and influence may be greatly increased by participating in interviews on industry podcasts, niche blogs, and other media outlets.

In a nutshell, Book Launchers’ audiobook services provide writers with a well-rounded and deliberate plan for not only producing high-quality audiobooks, but also using those works as powerful instruments in expanding their sphere of influence and positioning themselves as thought leaders.

Why make audiobooks?

Although having a printed edition of your nonfiction book might generate residual income and boost your reputation, you shouldn’t discount the value of creating an audiobook as well.

By turning your book into an audiobook, you may reach a wider audience and increase your earnings potential. In addition, the audiobook business is booming and rising as the number of people who listen to audiobooks increases year.

However, a lot of knowledge, effort, and persistence are needed for the production and promotion of an audiobook. It may be difficult and even fruitless to try to produce and promote an audiobook on your own. Instead, it’s best to get some expert advice and assistance to make sure your audiobook succeeds.

If you hire professionals like Book Launchers to handle the audiobook recording and promotion, you can rest easy knowing that everything will be done correctly.

In this way, you can maximize the potential of your audiobook as a tremendous revenue-generating and brand-enhancing tool without sacrificing your concentration on what you do best: producing great content and expanding your brand.

Book to Course Creation

If you’ve written a book and published it, you may use it to make money and gain more followers. Adapting your book into a web-based or in-person workshop is a powerful marketing tactic. Not only will you be able to raise your earnings, but you will also be able to help more people by spreading the wisdom contained in your book.

The fact that this service is restricted to current Book Launchers members cannot be emphasized enough. Those who have worked with Book Launchers for other publishing services will find that the ability to adapt their book into a digital course or workshop is a welcome addition to their experience.

Book Launchers helps authors make the most of their books by turning them into interactive learning experiences that leave a long-lasting impression on their readers, while also increasing book sales and boosting the author’s reputation.

Final Verdict – Book Launchers Review

Book Launchers promises to be the industry standard for book creation services by providing authors with a variety of alternatives based on their specific goals and the demographics of their intended readers. Although they stress giving authors complete editing and creative freedom, self-publishing isn’t without its challenges.

It’s undeniable that making an audiobook is a developing trend with room for expanded audience and cash. However, aspiring authors should keep in mind that audiobook creation and marketing need a lot of time and effort, and that going about it blindly might not lead to the best results.

In a similar vein, the opportunity to monetize one’s work by adapting it into an online course or workshop might be alluring. It is important to note, however, that this service is restricted to current Book Launchers members only, which may make it difficult for certain people who want to take advantage of it.

While Book Launchers does provide some useful tools for authors, they should carefully consider whether or not the software is a good fit for them based on their own circumstances.

To make sure the investment fits the author’s long-term goals, they must do their homework, get second opinions, and consider all of their available possibilities. Keep in mind that, regardless of the services employed, publishing and expanding a brand require an educated and smart strategy.

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