Book Launchers Review – Scam Or Legit?

Today, we are going to talk about Book Launchers. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

When I first started writing reviews about companies that offer services related to self-publishing, I had some sort of understanding about self-publishing. As the name suggests, it is a method of publishing that you do mostly by yourself. Usually, authors have already have a manuscript written. But they don’t really have the means to publish their manuscripts into an actual book.

Most of the authors who have gotten a deal from a major publishing house often have a literary agent that helped them get that deal. But it takes a bit of time to find a literary agent that would help you get a deal with those major publishing houses. So a lot of times, authors go the self-publishing route, mostly to make a name for themselves. With the advent of digital marketplaces, it’s easier to put out a book without having to worry about the cost of actually printing a book. Still, there is always an audience that wants actual tangible things that they could hold.

Still, publishing a book takes a lot of time to do. Even though authors initiate the process of publishing by writing their books, they still need the help of other people to do editing and layouts. It still requires a lot of work to make sure that your work reads well and looks good. And usually, it’s hard to find editors or designers on your own. That’s why there are a lot of different companies that offer self-publishing services, like Book Launchers.

But is the self-publishing service that Book Launchers offer any good? Or are you better off with any of their competitors?

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Book Launchers Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Book Launchers
  • Founder: Julie Broad
  • Website:
  • Socials: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube
  • Type: Training program, done-for-you services
  • Niche: Self-publishing
  • Recommendation: This is definitely one of the more expensive self-publishing services that you find online. It’s not something that I would recommend to people who don’t have the kind of money need to pay for the services that Book Launchers offers. There are some free online resources available with regards to the basics of self-publishing. But it takes quite a bit of money in order to actually publish something that you wrote.

Who Is Julie Broad?

A screenshot featuring Book Launchers founder Julie Broad

Julie Broad is the founder of Book Launchers, a company that is focused on helping nonfiction authors get their books publishing. There isn’t really a lot that you could find with regards to her upbringing. It seems that, as a child, she had always wanted to become a writer. But she was discouraged from doing so by her relatives because writing doesn’t really pay well.

So by the time that she went off to college, she kind of settled on getting a degree in commerce. Seemingly, because there’s a lot more opportunity to earn a large income in the business sector. Julie didn’t stop at just having a bachelor’s degree. She actually pursued an MBA. After, she pretty much worked a corporate job as a salesperson. She managed to climb her way up the ranks as vice president of the company.

And despite having a well-paying job, Julie decided to broaden her skillset beyond the ones she was using for her current job. So she studied a bit about marketing and copywriting. And that kind of lead her to become a career coach. It feels like kind of the type of thing you’d expect somebody who started their own brand would do. At the same as all of that, she also had a career as a real estate investor. So she definitely had a lot of ways of earning money. But eventually she settled on starting her own business. Which leads us to Book Launchers.

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What Is Book Launchers?

The reason why Julie Broad started Book Launchers basically stemmed from her struggles writing her own book. Considering the success that she has prior to all of this, it sort of made sense for her to write something that could inspire people. She had skills as a writer. But not really in the way that you’d need for a book. Like a lot of other authors, she tried to outsource a lot of the work that she didn’t really know how to do. But it seems that she was still being mindful of how the process works. So she’s basically just regurgitating what she has learned, which is how most other training programs are.

It’s interesting how Book Launchers has a specific audience in mind. Usually, with these self-publishing companies, they kind of cast a wider net. They don’t just settle solely on either fiction or nonfiction authors. These companies try to appeal to as many types of authors as they can. But Book Launchers focuses solely on nonfiction authors.

In an interview that Julie Broad did, they mostly focus on those that want to build their brand into something bigger. It’s not for people who are just starting out. The service that Book Launchers provides is for those that want to use their books as a stepping stone to sell other things, like online training courses and the like.

So What Exactly Do You Get From Book Launchers?

A screenshot featuring Book Launchers founder Julie Broad

There are three major services that Book Launchers provides. These are self-publishing, audiobooks, and the books to online course creation pipeline. The last of those three services is something that I’ve never really seen before. But as I mentioned earlier, Book Launchers focuses on those that want to use books as a stepping stone for other income generating opportunities. And online courses are one of those opportunities.

The self-publishing service that Book Launchers offers isn’t that much different to some of the other self-publishing services that I have reviewed. You pretty much pay them to help you turn your idea into an actual book. Usually, they meet with you so that you pitch them the idea. Then they will tell you how viable your idea is into being an actual book. After that, it’s pretty much your standard book writing process. It’ll involve countless back and forth between you and your copy editor. Then there’s the layout and cover design. There’s also marketing and publishing.

The self-publishing program has two tiers that cost a monthly fee worth $1,750 and $3,000 respectively. Obviously, you get more with the more expensive tier. It’s not surprising that they put certain benefits into the more expensive tier. That’s how upselling works. In case you wanted to also do an audiobook on top of the physical and ebook versions of your, it’s a one-time fee of $3,500 on top of the monthly fee you’re already paying them.

The book to online course creation program is the optional second step once you’ve published the book. Unfortunately, there’s no pricing mentioned on the website. You will have to schedule a call with them in order to find out.

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Final Verdict – Book Launchers Review

I don’t really highly recommend the services that Book Launchers provides, especially if you’re just somebody who is just starting out. As I have mentioned quite a few times in this review, the people that Book Launchers focuses on are those who have kind of established something for themselves already. The pricing that Book Launchers has definitely makes a point of that. I don’t think beginner authors have thousands of dollars of money to spend throughout the entire process.

Sure, you may be getting a lot for the price all things considered. But it’s not really something that a lot of people could afford. There are ways for beginners to put their work out there. And it mostly has to do with Amazon’s Kindle direct publishing service. Even though, you will still need to spend a bit of money in order to hire somebody to proofread and copy edit your work. As well as people to make a cover and layout for your book. But there are people who do good work for a pretty decent price.

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