BookBeam Review – Legit or Not?

Today we will be reviewing a program known as BookBeam. Is it legit? Find out in this BookBeam review.

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BookBeam Review: Quick Details

  • Name: BookBeam
  • Founder: Tomass Sarts
  • Website:
  • Socials: N/A
  • Type: Software
  • Niche: Publishing
  • Recommendation: I guess this can be useful if you plan on being an author and publisher. If not, then it’s time to look somewhere else.

What is BookBeam?

BookBeam Review - Logo

In order to help Amazon self-publishers achieve greater levels of success, BookBeam has developed as an all-in-one software package.

BookBeam’s goal is to assist independent authors and publishers in expanding their audience, increasing sales, keeping up with the competition, and identifying emerging trends through research, analytics, and optimization.

In order to make educated choices regarding their publishing endeavors, BookBeam subscribers have access to a variety of valuable data and insightful analysis.

Self-publishers may better understand their audience, spot new industry trends, and learn about lucrative prospects with the help of the software’s extensive research features.

With the information provided by BookBeam, customers are able to make well-informed decisions on the direction of their projects, whether they are just starting out or are already well underway.

BookBeam, however, is not limited to only research. To help self-publishers achieve and sustain their already impressive levels of success, it provides a suite of optimization tools designed expressly for that purpose.

BookBeam offers practical advice on how to increase a book’s exposure and sales potential on the Amazon platform. This includes advice on anything from marketing methods to the best keywords to include in a book’s metadata.

Self-published authors have a lot to gain by using BookBeam to reach a wider audience and boost their book sales.

How does it differ from other programs?

BookBeam stands out from the competition in part because of its dedication to delivering complicated information in an approachable format.

The program is meant to level the playing field when it comes to gaining access to important information, making it simple for self-publishers of all skill levels to explore and understand data. BookBeam equips self-publishers with statistics and a simple interface to let them confidently and effectively make data-driven decisions.

BookBeam provides unflinching assistance to self-publishers at every stage of the process, regardless of whether they are seasoned pros or complete newcomers to the field.

BookBeam provides a robust collection of tools that streamline the publishing process, maximize efficiency, and support the success of self-publishers.

If you want to take your self-publishing to the next level, joining the BookBeam community is the first step.

The program is similar to BookTrades.Biz, Paper Raven Books, and Book Profits.

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BookBeam Overview

BookBeam Review - Overview

When it comes to resources, BookBeam is unparalleled. This part of our BookBeam review will examine the many functionalities at your disposal.

Niche Finder

In a matter of seconds, you may find the most sought-after niches and genres in a database of over 200 million books with this potent tool.

Prepare to learn about fantastic new markets, categories, and keywords that may catapult your book sales.

It’s never been simpler to zero in on the perfect subgenre or genre. BookBeam’s Niche Finder provides a variety of filters to help you focus your search based on important factors including Bestsellers Rank, review count, rating, age range, and keywords inside the title.

To better adapt your business decisions to the needs of the market, apply these criteria to find the books that are the most popular across all categories and genres.

But that’s not all; BookBeam’s Niche Finder helps you refine your research even more. Discover unique insights about sales and royalty estimations for each book as you browse search results.

This behind-the-scenes look gives you the power to evaluate the success of any book and make educated choices about your own writing projects. With this information in hand, you’ll be able to pick markets and genres with a history of success.

Historic Bestseller’s Rank

BookBeam Niche Finder has a special tool called Historic Bestseller’s Rank that allows you to see how popular a particular niche or genre has been in the past.

A book’s popularity and market changes can be better understood by looking at its sales history over time. With this knowledge at your disposal, you can anticipate future trends and adapt your publishing business accordingly.

Book sales are highly influenced by the seasons, and you can easily assess this factor with BookBeam Niche Finder. Quickly discover which books in your search results are best read during each season with only a few clicks.

Publishing strategies may be optimized for both exposure and income if they take into account seasonal variations in demand and sales.

BookBeam’s Book Tracker may now be used in tandem with BookBeam’s Niche Finder for maximum effectiveness. If you find a book that seems interesting, you may quickly add it to your Book Tracker with just one click.

With this synergy, you can easily maintain tabs on the books and subgenres that have captured your interest over time, which is invaluable for long-term monitoring and tactical preparation.

Chrome Extension

The BookBeam Chrome extension makes it simple to see what Amazon doesn’t want you to see: sales, royalties, and other crucial information for every book on Amazon.

Learn how to spot trending markets, styles, and keywords to give your writing an advantage in the publishing industry.

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Book Tracker

Maintaining a state of literary acuity necessitates an eye on the latest developments. You should stay up-to-date on their progress in terms of success, acclaim, and general prominence.

Here’s when the BookBeam Book Tracker comes in handy. You can monitor the sales history of any book on Amazon using this handy tool. To maintain an edge and monitor the competition, this is a must.

Keyword Research Tool

You may swiftly assess the true demand and competition for various keyword and niche combinations with this potent tool. Prepare to go to the next stage of book promotion.

Keyword Generator

You may find hundreds of high-impact keywords that can catapult your book’s success using this remarkable tool. Get rid of the guessing and replace it with a focused keyword approach that generates results.

Category Explorer

Discover the top-selling book categories on Amazon in an instant with this helpful tool and better place your book there. Because of this, you may increase the number of people who read your work to unprecedented heights.

Description Formatter

This potent program makes it simple to write elegantly organized book descriptions that attract readers and highlight your book’s strongest elements.

Stop worrying about HTML and start enjoying your formatting experience instead.

Trademark Checker

Keeping your KDP account and company safe requires that you refrain from infringing on other people’s trademarks.

The BookBeam Trademark Checker allows you to easily and quickly determine whether or not a given phrase is already in use as a trademark.

Listing Optimizer

Knowing the best practices for selling books on Amazon may make all the difference in the world.

BookBeam Listing Optimizer is a tool that examines an Amazon book listing and provides personalized recommendations across four areas.

Opt-in Page Builder

Successful publishing businesses understand the importance of cultivating engaged email lists. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for the process of creating an opt-in email page to be time-consuming, difficult, and even costly.

Here’s where BookBeam’s opt-in page creator comes in handy.

You can make stunning opt-in pages for your email list in a matter of minutes with this robust software. To increase the worth of your publishing company, you should begin gathering email addresses of potential buyers.


Starter Plan

The BookBeam Basic Plan is designed to get you up and running. When invoiced yearly at $204, this plan results in a savings of $84, or about $17 per month.

Basic Plan

Our most popular package is the BookBeam Basic Plan, and for good reason. With this plan, you may save a significant $144 by paying just $27 each month rather than the full $324.

Pro Plan

If you’re a writer and you want to make the most of your career, the BookBeam Pro Plan is your best bet. With this plan, you can save a whopping $264 by paying just $47 every month rather than the whole $564 all at once.

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