BotBuilders Review – Scam Or Legit?

Today we will be reviewing a program known as BotBuilders. Is it legit? Find out in this BotBuilders review.

Running a business can be challenging, as it meant attending to all aspects of the business you built. This means that you can find it difficult to juggle tasks.

However, BotBuilder claims that you can make use of automation to run your business more efficiently.

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this BotBuilders review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with BotBuilders in any shape or form whatsoever.

But before I start …

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BotBuilders Review: Quick Details

  • Name: BotBuilders
  • Founder: Matt Leitz
  • Website:
  • Socials: Facebook, Instagram
  • Type: Business solutions
  • Niche: Marketing
  • Recommendation: I do not think that this will be of any help for you if you do not have an existing business already.

What is BotBuilders?

BotBuilders Review - Overview

Matt Leitz’s brainchild, Botbuilders, presents itself as a pioneering training platform dedicated to facilitating revenue generation through the utilization of bots, catering to both individuals and businesses.

The program boasts an expansive spectrum of pledges: from instructing users on the art of vending bots to companies seeking automation, expanding email lists through seamless one-click automation, to establishing consistent revenue streams for businesses.

Moreover, it asserts to furnish empirical evidence and statistics, substantiating the efficacy of its methodologies.

Catering to individuals keen on leveraging messenger bots for business growth, this course targets two primary groups seeking substantial benefits:

Firstly, entrepreneurs entrenched in their business journeys, aspiring to amplify their lead generation strategies. For them, Botbuilders pledges insights that enhance existing businesses, ushering in an era of heightened customer engagement and augmented prospects.

Secondly, individuals seeking to acquire a skill that’s progressively becoming a coveted asset in the contemporary market landscape. This course positions itself as a gateway for those eyeing the burgeoning demand for bot-building proficiency.

Promising a comprehensive curriculum, Botbuilders vows to equip participants with the expertise to construct bots tailored for businesses across diverse niches and of varying sizes.

These acquired skills are touted to elevate lead generation capacities and elevate the overall operational performance of businesses, irrespective of their scope or industry.

How do the bots work?

BotBuilders Review - Matt Leitz

A bot functions as an automated program designed to streamline tasks and cater to messages or customer inquiries, epitomizing conversational marketing predominantly employed on platforms such as Facebook Messenger.

Matt emphasizes that delving into bot creation doesn’t demand a high level of technical prowess; instead, bots serve as a conduit to engage expansive audiences.

Presently, the lion’s share of bot interactions unfolds within Facebook Messenger, owing to its vast user base and the prevalent inclination of customers towards messaging over traditional calls.

Crucially, it’s worth acknowledging the imminent integration of bot messaging on various other social platforms. Acquiring proficiency on one platform extends the potential to navigate others as well, substantiating the notion that mastering one platform’s bot usage can pave the way for versatility across multiple channels in the future.

This adaptability underscores the importance of learning the fundamentals of bot deployment on diverse social media platforms, positioning individuals for the evolving landscape of bot-driven engagement.

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Why should you sign up?

Matthew highlights the immense client potential attributed to the nascent stage of bot-driven automation, underscoring its novelty within the market landscape.

Positioning oneself at this juncture presents an unparalleled opportunity within an expansive, untapped market. Moreover, the evolution toward automation frequently supersedes manual labor, indicating a foreseeable shift in lead generation methodologies following this trajectory.

Eminent corporations like Amazon have already initiated automation through drones, signaling a transformative phase where human labor gets replaced by automated processes. Seizing the initiative to automate now ensures a competitive edge, enabling individuals to ride the crest of these impending alterations within the industry.

Matthew boasts of having devised an infallible system that consistently yields millions—a testament to the potential latent within the realm of bot-based automation.

His confidence in the system’s capacity to generate substantial returns further emphasizes the vast prospects awaiting those venturing into the domain of automated processes early on. This foresight not only promises a strategic advantage but also positions early adopters on a trajectory toward sustained success in the burgeoning arena of bot-powered automation.

Matt suggests that two stalwarts of internet marketing, funnel websites, and email campaigns, are currently witnessing a decline. In his perspective, embracing what he terms as “Omnichannel Marketing,” facilitated through a multifunctional bot, is pivotal to create a lasting impact in today’s digital arena.

This multifaceted bot surpasses the confines of Facebook Messenger alone, extending its reach to ascertain email addresses and phone numbers linked to individual accounts. Matt underscores four pivotal advantages this approach offers businesses: an immersive and interactive user experience, an augmented opt-in rate, a heightened click-through rate, and a consequential uptick in sales figures.

In a bid to substantiate his claims, Matt conducts an empirical showcase by comparing the efficacy of boatbuilder webinar invitations disseminated through traditional email and the multifunctional bot.

This comparative analysis serves as a tangible demonstration of the divergent outcomes yielded by these distinct approaches, elucidating the transformative potential embedded within the omnichannel bot-centric methodology he advocates.

Is Matt Leitz Legit?

Matt Leitz isn’t engaging in fraudulent activities, but here’s the kicker—I’d advise against immediately diving into automating your conversations through platforms like Botbuilders or ManyChat. Why the caution? Well, the route to driving more organic traffic to your website might lie in mastering the art of SEO.

Believe me, once you’ve grasped the nuances of SEO methodologies, you can establish an affiliate marketing venture within a mere 2-3 weeks, kickstarting a stream of passive income as you slumber.

It might sound incredible, but the crux lies in securing high rankings on Google. Achieve that, and voila—your offers will attract a flood of free traffic.

The underlying philosophy here isn’t to discredit Matt Leitz or the potential of automation; rather, it’s a strategic redirection of focus. The advice pivots toward investing time and effort into honing SEO skills, an approach that promises a longer-term, sustainable avenue for drawing substantial organic traffic to your digital doorstep.

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My Favorite Program

Final Verdict – BotBuilders Review

While Matt Leitz isn’t implicated in any dubious schemes, I’ve arrived at a personal insight. Proceeding hastily into the world of BotBuilders or ManyChat for automated conversations might not be the silver bullet.

My experience signals a different route: delving deep into SEO.

Trust me, mastering SEO can be the key to unlocking organic traffic that steadily flows to your digital domain. With a firm grip on SEO intricacies, I embarked on an affiliate marketing journey, yielding a passive income stream in a mere 2-3 weeks.

The magic? It’s all about ascending Google’s ranks, opening the floodgates to free traffic.

This isn’t to undermine Matt Leitz or the allure of automation. It’s a shift in perspective, advocating for a substantial investment in SEO prowess.

Redirecting focus toward SEO isn’t just a pivot; it’s a strategic repositioning toward a more enduring path to draw in meaningful organic traffic, a route I found more personally rewarding.

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