Brad Smotherman Review – Scam Or Legit?

Today we will be reviewing a guy named Brad Smotherman. Is it legit? Find out in this Brad Smotherman review.

You may learn how to become a real estate investor with a seven-figure income by participating in an apprenticeship program led by Brad Smotherman called The Investor Creator.

It offers the same tried-and-true blueprint that Brad used to instruct over one hundred of his students in his mentoring program, which he used to help those students establish their own real estate empires.

So is his program legit or not?

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this Brad Smotherman review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Brad Smotherman in any shape or form whatsoever.

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Brad Smotherman Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Brad Smotherman
  • Website:
  • Socials: Facebook, Instagram
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: Real estate investing
  • Recommendation: I do not recommend real estate investing because of the high capital and effort required for it to make a profit.

Who is Brad Smotherman?

Brad Smotherman Review - Brad

Brad Smotherman is an active participant in the real estate market in Nashville, Tennessee, where he is headquartered. He has 11 years of experience as a real estate investor and is the owner of a successful flipping firm that brings in seven figures annually.

The beginning of Brad’s journey was when he decided to give up his office job and pursue his interest in real estate instead. He was able to accomplish exceptional success in spite of the difficulties he faced during a market downturn. After getting his sister interested in learning more about real estate, Brad decided to launch the Investor Creator Apprenticeship. T

hrough the use of this approach, he has assisted a large number of people in establishing successful real estate empires all throughout the nation.

When Brad was 17, he acquired his real estate license, and it was the beginning of his career. In 2010, he made the shift to real estate investing, and ever since then, his company has seen significant expansion throughout a number of states.

In his first real estate transaction, Brad assumed responsibility for the payments on a property on which the sellers owed $97,000. He received a $20,000 down payment and a $18,000 note from the sale of the property, which he financed himself and sold for $135,000. This transaction resulted in an average monthly revenue of around $400.

Today, Brad oversees a real estate flipping firm with annual revenue of seven figures and has real estate notes throughout Middle Tennessee. His business interests spread to a number of states, including Michigan and Georgia, among others.

Investor Creator Overview

Brad Smotherman Review - Investor Creator

In the Investor Creator program, individuals gain access to three crucial components that can elevate their real estate journey to new heights: training, mentorship, and a thriving community.

Training: The program delivers a comprehensive learning experience tailored to real estate novices, guiding them towards becoming seasoned professionals. By enrolling in Investor Creator, participants equip themselves with the knowledge and skills necessary to secure lucrative deals and elevate their monthly income to a seven-figure level.

Mentorship: Investor Creator offers personalized mentorship, ensuring that participants receive expert guidance and support from seasoned professionals. Individuals engage in one-on-one sessions with the program’s team, including the opportunity to consult with Brad himself. These sessions cover essential aspects such as lead generation, deal structuring, identifying motivated buyers, and mastering the art of negotiation.

Community: The Investor Creator community comprises a dynamic network of successful investors who have applied the program’s strategies to close profitable deals nationwide. Beyond Brad’s mentorship, participants tap into the collective wisdom of this vibrant community. Together, they collaborate to help individuals achieve their real estate goals and unlock their full potential.

Three Phases

Phase One: Uncovering Hidden Gems In the initial phase, participants dive into a proven system that uncovers real estate opportunities often overlooked by their peers. This phase emphasizes ethical practices for identifying profitable prospects in their local market.

Phase Two: Securing Profitable Contracts Phase two is all about equipping participants with the tools to secure contracts and position themselves for success. They’ll be guided through the exact strategies used by the program’s creator to finance numerous successful deals, setting them on the path to profitability.

Phase Three: Maximizing Asset Value In the final phase, Brad provides participants with a valuable framework and contract templates designed to facilitate the effective sale of their assets at top market value. This phase is all about maximizing potential profit and ensuring a successful exit strategy.

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Because of its rumored price of roughly $12,000, the apprenticeship training offered by Investor Creator may not be worth it for everyone.

This expense may be substantial, particularly for individuals who are just starting out or who are working with a limited budget. To get started in the real estate market, you will normally need a sizable initial expenditure, which may range anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000.

Despite this, Brad’s achievements and years of expertise in the field suggest that participating in the program would be useful. In addition, Brad and his team provide a money-back guarantee to assist you in reaching a six- or seven-figure income from your real estate investing endeavors. They guarantee that they will help you generate a profit of at least $300,000 a year within one year, even if you are having trouble reaching that goal on your own.

If they do not fulfill the terms of this assurance, they will continue to collaborate with you on a pro bono basis until you do. There is credibility and industry knowledge behind the program thanks to Brad’s track record as an investor and the monthly stock acquisitions made by his own real estate company.

Reviews of Investor Creator

You have the potential to earn 6-7 figures annually as a real estate investor by participating in the Investor Program. Because Brad has such a wide range of expertise and an in-depth understanding of the business, he is in a position to provide insightful advice and direction that will assist you in achieving your monetary objectives. Even after the completion of the course, Brad and his staff will continue to provide support and assistance to you in order to ensure that you meet your objective. Investor Creator has been shown to assist individuals succeed in real estate investment, as seen by the testimonials.

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Final Verdict – Brad Smotherman Review

While the Investor Creator program may sound promising, it’s important to approach it with a critical eye. The hefty price tag of approximately $12,000 for the apprenticeship training raises concerns, especially for those just starting out or working with limited budgets. Real estate investments typically require substantial initial capital, ranging from $10,000 to $50,000, and adding another significant expense might not be feasible for many.

Brad Smotherman’s impressive achievements and years of experience in the industry do lend credibility to the program. However, the program’s money-back guarantee, which promises to help you achieve a six- or seven-figure income within a year, comes with some strings attached.

While it’s reassuring that they pledge to work with you pro bono if they fail to meet this guarantee, it’s essential to remember that success in real estate can be influenced by various external factors beyond their control.

Additionally, the reviews of Investor Creator, while generally positive, should be taken with a grain of salt. Success stories and testimonials can be selectively presented, and individual results may vary significantly.

Before committing to the Investor Creator program, potential participants should carefully consider their financial situation and evaluate whether the program’s benefits justify the substantial cost. It’s advisable to conduct thorough research, seek alternative options, and perhaps consult with financial advisors or mentors in the real estate industry to make an informed decision that aligns with their goals and resources.

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