Bot Trading Mastery Review – Brett Kitchen And Ethan Kap Scam?

Today, we’re going to peek at Brett Kitchen and Ethan Kap’s Bot Trading Mastery. Is this legit? Let’s see in this Bot Trading Mastery review.

If you’re someone who’s active in stocks, options, and cryptocurrency, you should be aware just how it can get overwhelming at times.

You’ll even find yourselves glued to your computer or mobile phone screens as constantly monitor its movement. And more often, you’ll be scrambling from one browser tab or application tab to another and keeping a bird’s eye view on all the charts before you for even the slightest market changes.

Furthermore, whether it’s buying or selling, you’ll find yourself needing to decide the trade in a split-second. Because due to its volatility, the value can always change on a whim. If you make a wrong trade decision, you may find yourself losing a profit.

But trading experts Brett Kitchen and Ethan Kap claim to have come up with a solution in order to make your trading experience easier while still making profit. Simply put, it involves the use of A.I. bots.

And this forms the foundation of their Bot Trading Mastery program. But will this moneymaking method be suitable for you? This Bot Trading Mastery review will help you find the answer to that.

As a disclaimer. this is a completely independent Bot Trading Mastery review. And it’s all based on publicly-available information, as well as my own opinions.

Furthermore, I’m not affiliated with the creators of Bot Trading Mastery in any way or form whatsoever.

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Bot Trading Mastery Review: Quick Details

Bot Trading Mastery Review - Mockup
  • Name: Bot Trading Mastery
  • Owner: Brett Kitchen, Ethan Kap
  • Website:
  • Other Websites: Wealth Beyond Wall Street, Personal Website
  • Type: Training Program & Software Service
  • Niche: Stocks Market Trading, Cryptocurrency Trading
  • Recommended?: If you’re a regular stock trader, then this might be something that you need to invest in. However, you still need to have a solid knowledge of the stock market in order to use this effectively. Or else you’re only going to waste its potential. As such, you may be better off going into other moneymaking opportunities instead, as they can be easier to learn.

What Is The Bot Trading Mastery?

Bot Trading Mastery Logo

An A.I. bot program can certainly make a trader’s life a lot easier. Unfortunately, not all traders can fully utilize their potential because of a lack of training, especially when it comes to setting it up properly.

Bot Trading Mastery is an online training program that solves that problem. As the name states, it trains traders on how they can make the most profit out of their trading ventures using bot software.

The mission of this program, as Brett and Ethan claim, is to help their clients create meaningful income that can deliver financial freedom to others just as it accomplished for themselves. It is the result of the time they spent the last couple of years researching, testing, and running their own live trading accounts with those bots.

The Bot Trading Mastery also advocates a trading algorithm that is known as the “Slingshot Method.” The creators also claim that, out of several trading methods out there, their slingshot method is one of the most effective ones out there.

The Bot Trading Mastery is intended to be taken by crypto traders, as Brett and Ethan are crypto traders themselves. But in theory, the training that this program provides can also be applied to stock trading bots.

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Who Are Brett Kitchen And Ethan Kap

Brett Kitchen and Ethan Kap are the creators of the Bot Trading Mastery.

Bot Trading Mastery Review - Brett Kitchen and Ethan Kap

Both of them are quite successful entrepreneurs in their own right. Aside from being active in the crypto market, they’re also known for their various training programs designed to help various businesses get more leads and scale their profits accordingly.

Brett and Ethan have been the authors of various books about businesses, finances, and building wealth. But one of their well-known publications so far is the “Wealth Beyond Wallstreet” book. It talks about how you can divest your investments so you don’t have to rely on just the stock market alone.

Their inspiration for trading using bots came when they started crypto trading during the height of it. After being in the financial industry for quite some time, they realized that crypto is a game-changer, especially for moneymaking.

But they realized that they can’t get the consistent cash flow amount that they hoped for in crypto. It wasn’t feasible for them to be glued to their phones 24/7, moving in and out of altcoins, manually, at just the right time. Especially since both of them have a family of their own, complete with kids.

And thus, they began to test and research different A.I. bot software for their crypto accounts. The collection of knowledge that they have gained in their research has laid the foundation for their Bot Trading Mastery program.

Is Using An A.I. Bot For Trading Advisable?

Bot Training Mastery Review - Bots

As mentioned before, investing in a trading A.I. bot may help a stock trader’s life immensely. As it could cut out quite a lot of work for them.

Trading bots are pretty useful as they can completely automate the entire day trading process for you. Normally, you would spend hours, even a full day, when you’re doing either stock trading or crypto trading.

It’s not uncommon for day traders to keep their eyes glued on the screen whenever they’re trading on the market. As they have to keep a constant check on numerous charts, news, and whatnot, as they monitor the market.

Furthermore, whatever trading strategy they use, involves finding the right timing to execute a trade. And this usually involves some split-second decision-making, due to the market’s volatility (the price can easily go up or down in just a second, or even less).

A.I. bots, however, can solve almost all of these problems. These bots will take care of all the market research and the right entry and exit positions during the trade. They’re even designed to do all the trading for you.

The benefit of this is that you can potentially develop a passive income stream from stock or crypto trading. Since these bots are more efficient in their research methods, you can be assured that the trades you make here are based on logical conclusions, and not because you’re emotional.

One big drawback of using bots, however, is the potential complexity associated with it. These bots are only as good as the traders who set them up.

Thus, in order to make the most out of them, you’re going to need plenty of technical knowledge. Especially since this involves coding the proper trading algorithms.

Furthermore, some of the A.I. trading bots that you may get have unreliable algorithms. This could result in less-than-desirable trades.

Overall, trading using A.I. bots can be quite useful. But the complexity of setting it up and making sure it gets consistent profit with your trades means that not really everyone can benefit from it.

Thus, it only adds even more complexity to an already complex moneymaking method. So unless you really love stock trading, I can’t really recommend it.

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Bot Trading Mastery Review: Final Thoughts

Let me close off this Bot Trading Mastery review by saying some parting words.

If you think stock trading or crypto trading is the key for you to achieving financial freedom, then I hate to break it to you. But it’s far from it.

Sure. You can score big with trading. And with the right situation, may be able to get almost double your investment.

However, the chances of that happening are very slim. Stocks and crypto are highly volatile assets, such that their market value can either go up or down at a very unpredictable rate, most of the time, almost immediately.

Even with using bots or other software like VantagePoint that claims to predict the market, you still won’t get guaranteed profits with it.  Because if such of those claims were true, these people won’t be selling anything right now.

I’m not saying that Bot Trading Mastery is a scam, and Brett Kitchen And Ethan Kap are scammers. I still think they are as legitimate as they can be.

But all I’m saying is that stocks and crypto trading aren’t the best moneymaking opportunity out there. Especially if you’re looking for something that can completely replace your day job.

Instead of trading, why don’t you engage in a business model that not only lets you earn stable and recurring income, but also something that really works, regardless of whatever is happening around you?

If you want to know more about it, keep on reading beyond this Bot Trading Mastery review.

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