Brownstone Research Review – Scam Or Legit?

Today, we are going to talk about Brownstone Research. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

The best part about writing these types of reviews is discovering something that was previously unknown to me. Before I started writing reviews, I never really went out of my to learn about these niches that I often write about. I had no interest in talking about something that I didn’t really have much knowledge in. Even now, I don’t think that I have the appropriate level of knowledge to be writing about the things that I write about. I try my best to actually familiarize myself with the topic at hand. But I feel like I still don’t know much about the things that I write about.

Though, it really depends on the niche that I am writing about. Once you written about a particular niche over and over and over again, you gain a lot of information about it. Like, I know exactly what to look out for whenever I review a particular service or online course that exists in that niche. There’s not really a lot of room for the information to be different. They’re using the same wealth of information that their competitors use. But it’s often in how they approach it that differs. A lot of them have different experiences even though they work in the same niche. That’s where some of that individuality comes from.

So when I started researching about Brownstone Research, I had noticed that I had previously written about their sister company, Rogue Economics. And seeing as they have the same type of service that they provide, there’s not really that much that differed between the two of them. Or maybe it did have some differences. Which we are going to find out in just a little bit.

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Brownstone Research Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Brownstone Research
  • Founder: Jeff Brown
  • Website:
  • Socials: No social media accounts available
  • Type: Publishing company, research firm
  • Niche: Investment strategies
  • Recommendation: While you might get a lot from the free newsletter that Brownstone Research offers, the paid newsletters are probably the ones where you might get a lot more information. Although, the pricing for those newsletters are not for everyone. Getting into investing has an innate sense of risk to it.

Who Is Jeff Brown?

Brownstone Research founder Jeff Brown

Jeff Brown is the founder of Brownstone Research, a boutique research firm focused on investment strategies.

There’s not that much information that you could find about Jeff Brown on the internet. With so many people who share the same name as him, you’re going to find results about Jeff Brown but not that Jeff Brown. That kind of combination of first name and last name is just too common. Luckily enough, the Jeff Brown that I am talking about has a website. But… There’s not really that much that you could really pick apart from it. Somehow, it’s just really common for certain personalities to not talk that much about their own lives. Especially from those selling a product to people like us.

From what I could get from his website, Jeff Brown always had an interest in science and technology. He had graduated with a degree in aeronautical and astronautical engineering from Perdue University. Most of the work history on his LinkedIn profile have been with different companies that produced semiconductors and the like. He didn’t really deviate all that much from his career path. It was only in 2015 when Jeff Brown kind of changed his career path. He was doing stuff that was related to technology but, this time around, he was writing about it as the chief technology analyst for Bonner and Partners.

Because he had a ton of experience working in high level positions in the tech industry, he also used what he knew to invest in different tech companies. Apparently, he managed to become an angel investor in a few different tech startups. So he had access to information that not a lot of people do. Though, nowadays, he focuses more on writing newsletters about investing in the tech market.

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What Is Brownstone Research?

There’s a lot of history associated with Brownstone Research. If you have read my review of Rogue Economics, you might have an idea of what the next few paragraphs may be about. Go ahead and read it if you haven’t. But I’m still going to give a quick (?) overview of how Brownstone Research started.

Basically, the foundation of Brownstone Research started when father and son duo Bill Bonner and Will Bonner co-founded Bonner and Partners, a boutique investment research firm. Bill Bonner had previously created a publication company decades before this where he would write about tips for living abroad. Initially, Bill Bonner didn’t have much of an interest in writing about finance when he created his newsletter. But you couldn’t really divorce finance from living abroad. Because you need enough money in order to comfortably live in a place you weren’t accustomed to.

Fast forward, Bill had gotten married and raised children. He went all in on writing about finance and investment strategies. The publication company that he made became a family business. His eldest son, Will, had taken a liking to what his dad was doing so he decided to start a publishing company with him. Jeff Brown was one of the contributors for that company. And by sometime in 2020, Bonner and Partners spun off into two different publishing companies, one was Rogue Economics and the other was Brownstone Research.

There’s not really any difference between what Rogue Economics was doing and what Brownstone Research was doing. If you go to either of their websites, they pretty much have the same layout as one another. All that really changed is the color palette and the logos. And that’s kind of by design, in a way. Brownstone Research focuses a lot more on technology compared to the generalist approach of Rogue Economics.

What Exactly Does Brownstone Research Offer?

Brownstone Research editor Colin Tedards

Similar to Rogue Economics, Brownstone Research offers different newsletters about investment strategies that are focused on the tech industry. That’s pretty much all there is to it. If you were expecting a lot more than this, you’d be pretty bummed out. But that’s just how it is.

Brownstone Research offers a free newsletter called “The Bleeding Edge” from editor Colin Tedards that you could check out directly from their website. This particular newsletter updates daily. So you could expect to get a bit of insight about what’s currently happening in the tech industry. Most of the issues for “The Bleeding Edge” are fairly easy to read. You should to get a lot of insights from Colin with regards to how the tech industry has been moving.

“The Bleeding Edge” serves as the jumping off point to most of the other paid newsletters that Brownstone Research offers. There are three paid newsletters that are available to you. All of them are primarily written by Colin Tedards.

The cheapest among the three is “The Near Future Report” which costs $199. This particular newsletter focuses a bit on overlying trends with regards to how certain technological advances may shift the market a little bit. The newsletter publishes every month so that $199 that you’re paying is for a year’s worth of access to new issues being published as well as the archives.

The second cheapest is “Exponential Tech Investor” which costs $4,000 for a yearly subscription. This particular newsletter gears more towards small tech companies that may be on the verge of becoming the next big thing. Similar to “The Near Future Report,” this newsletter releases monthly.

“Day One Investor” on the other hand costs $5,000 for a yearly subscription. This newsletter focuses on bringing forward private investments.

There is another subscription that Brownstone Research offers. And it’s called “Brownstone Unlimited.” It’s pretty much a membership club where you get access to any and all publications that Brownstone Research have put out and will put out in the future. Unfortunately, you have to call in order to get any kind of pricing for this particular subscription. It’s definitely going to be more expensive than something like “Day One Investor.”

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Final Verdict – Brownstone Research Review

There’s nothing about the newsletters that Brownstone Research offers that is worth recommending to ordinary people. You can tell that the newsletters they offer are geared towards those that are already investing in stocks for different tech companies. If you really want to see what kind of insights you might get from their team, the free newsletter is worth checking out.

That being said, getting into investing takes a lot of money. I’m aware that not everyone has the means to do so. Even if you do, there’s a lot of risks associated with investing

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That’s it for my review of Brownstone Research. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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