Bryce Paul: Crypto Revolution And Cryptnation Lifer Review

Hello, and welcome. In this Crypto Revolution and Cryptnation Lifer review, we’re going to tell you if this crypto program is worth its cost.

Right now, we are in an era that many calls “The Crypto Boom”. This is due to the popularity of cryptocurrency and its related technology (blockchainNFT) as a whole.

Its popularity grew even further when the COVID-19 pandemic hit several countries. As thanks to crypto technology, it has helped even middle-class people earn money in some way.

Whether it’s by directly investing and in crypto, or by playing NFT games.

However, there are still some people who are still hesitant about investing in anything related crypto. Because until now, some of them still couldn’t understand it, and how it’s a great investment.

Crypto Revolution And Cryptnation Lifer aim to help people with that. While these are two separate programs, they share a common purpose. And that is to give users a background about cryptocurrency, and how you can earn a good amount of money from it.

Before you spend any money on this, it would be best for you if you read this Crypto Revolution And Cryptnation Lifer review first. So that you can judge for yourself if you’ll gain some benefit in taking this program or not.

Note that this is a fully unbiased Crypto Revolution And Cryptnation Lifer review. I’m not affiliated with Crypto Revolution, Crypnation, and its creators, in any way or form whatsoever.

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What Is Crypto Revolution And Cryptnation Lifer?

As that name suggests, Crypto Revolution and Cryptnation are two programs that deal with everything one needs to know about cryptocurrency.

Crypto Revolution is a physical book that is sent to subscribers for “free” (even though you still need to pay for shipping costs).

Crypto Revolution And Cryptnation Lifer

On the other hand, Cryptnation Lifer is a full online course that is usually offered as an upsell after you get the “free” book. It also offers a weekly newsletter service that gives various updates and insights on the world of crypto today.

Together, these two educational materials cover a variety of subjects in relation to investing in crypto. Like why crypto is currently the best investment around, how to keep your crypto wallet safe from any attacks, etc.

It also points out which of the current cryptocurrency today will perform the best in any given month or year. As well as how you can invest in crypto even if you only have access to little capital.

Finally, these programs also teach you various crypto trading techniques so you can increase your profits, while at least, reducing your losses.

You should remember, however, that investing in crypto is a highly unreliable way to earn money. It’s not really in this course that’s the problem, but it’s in crypto itself.

Since crypto is very vulnerable to sudden spikes and crashes, there’s still no guarantee that you can get consistent earning in your cryptocurrency investments. In fact, one bad trade, and you’ll completely lose all your invested money.

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Who Created Crypto Revolution and Cryptnation Lifer?

Both of these programs are created through the combined efforts of Bryce Paul and Aaron Malone.

Crypto Revolution Book And Cryptnation Lifer - Bryce Paul And Aaron Malone

Both are hosts of the award-winning Crypto 101, a podcast service that regularly talks about news and other topics related to cryptocurrency.

Bryce Paul is an accomplished business development pro in the cryptocurrency space. He’s established blockchain partnerships with some of the world’s most prolific companies, across a wide variety of industries ranging from smart cities to online identity to artificial intelligence.

Aaron Malone, on the other hand, is a prolific data mining expert, cryptocurrency advisor, and researcher. He’s also the co-founder and System Architect of A-B Engineering, a company that specializes in building mining rigs.

Based on these credentials alone, you can say that they’re the qualified people to teach a course like this. Thus, you can be assured that this training program is very much legitimate, and will not scam you of anything. Unlike some other programs

What’s Inside Both Crypto Revolution and Cryptnation Lifer?

The contents of both Crypto Revolution and Cryptnation Lifer are a bit different from each other.

But basically, Crypto Revolution also acts as a sales pitch for Cryptnation, while still giving some insights on cryptocurrency. Therefore, you won’t really get any training from Crypto Revolution.

Crypto Revolution

Here are some of the topics that you can expect when reading the Crypto Revolution book.

  • Reasons why Bitcoin is predicted to reach $300,000 by experts
  • A guide to investing in crypto with a tight budget
  • What cryptos will perform best in 2021
  • What makes crypto so important, and why governments cannot stop it
  • How crypto can help you protect your savings from inflation
  • The best way to keep your cryptocurrency safe from hackers after purchasing it on exchanges
  • An overview of companies that are investing in Bitcoin
  • Cryptocurrency’s growth sectors in 2021

In addition to the book itself, you’ll also get a total of three special bonuses, absolutely free.

  • Smart Money Crypto Investing Secrets – This contains several videos interviews from some of the top CEOs founders of several cryptocurrency projects. From those videos, you can learn their secrets to investing in crypto that lets them earn over a million dollars worth of profits.
  • Five Hot Crypto Profit Guides – This add-on contains five detailed guides that detail several strategies you can use when investing in crypto. These strategies claim to increase your investment returns while reducing your losses. Also included is a guide on how you can use certain cryptocurrencies to buy from some merchants.
  • The Cryptocurrency Investment Picker – As the name states, this is a guide that lets you in on their strategies on how they find the crypto investments that are potential winners.

Cryptnation Lifer

The Cryptnation Lifer is the program that offers several products related to cryptocurrency. This includes a full online course, several guides, and a weekly newsletter.

In addition, you’ll also be given access to their private Facebook community, as well as live coaching sessions from the founders of Cryptnation Lifer.

Here’s a quick overview of what you can get inside Cryptnation Lifer.

  • New Member Roadmap – This roadmap can give you a good summary of what can you expect from Cryptnation Lifer
  • The “Set-It-And-Forget-It” Wealth-Building Portfolio – A quick peek at the course owner’s own crypto-portfolio, so as to give you an idea of where you should invest.
  • Weekly Newsletters & Model Portfolio – A weekly newsletter that covers different topics and trends in the world of crypto today. There’s also a model portfolio you can view that can also serve as your investment guide.
  • Quick-Start To Crypto Profits Course – An online course that teaches users everything on how to get started investing in cryptocurrency, as well as the terms they should know.
  • CRYPTO 101 Technical Analysis – Some advanced crypto trading strategies from the founders themselves.
  • Mastering Volatility Causing Events – Even more advanced crypto trading strategies.
  • Ultimate Guide To Keeping Your Crypto Safe

In addition to all of these, you’ll also get quarterly reports that details the entire state of cryptocurrency as a whole, some special reports in case a notable event is happening, plus access to past video coaching lessons.

How Much Does Crypto Revolution And Cryptnation Lifer Cost?

The Crypto Revolution book is entirely free of charge. All you need to pay is the shipping costs to send the book to your location.

But it’s a given since the book is really just a big sales pitch to get you to buy Cryptnation Lifer.

As for the Cryptnation Lifer program, it costs around $997 to enroll in it. Which is quite cheap when compared to other programs that offer the same service.

Pros And Cons Of Crypto Revolution And Cryptnation Lifer


Unlike some other programs, Crypto Revolution isn’t just a sales pitch product. Instead, it actually offers plenty of value on the subject matter.

Even if you don’t avail of the course that it promotes, you’ll still get a good amount of information related to cryptocurrency when you availed of the book.

The creators of these programs have already established themselves as big names in the world of cryptocurrency. Hence, they’re as legitimate as they come. I.e. They’re not scammers.

Finally, when it comes to introducing and guiding investors in the world of cryptocurrency, Cryptnation Lifer does a good job at it.,


Simply put, the Cryptnation Lifer course is still quite expensive for the educational material it offers. If you want to learn how to properly and effectively invest in crypto, there are actually plenty of free resources you can instead.

Its only benefit is that Cryptnation Lifer encapsulates all of the educational material you need in a single place. But the price of this course isn’t worth it if one knows where to look…

Also, despite the slight overselling of their sales pages, I’ve never seen a legitimate student testimonial who has claimed success in cryptocurrency trading after they took this course.

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And My Verdict Is…

Both Crypto Revolution and Crypnation Lifer, at the very least, are a good resource if one wants to get started in investing in cryptocurrencies. Thus, if you want a single resource that teaches everything you need about crypto, then this course could offer some value to you.

However, keep in mind that these programs don’t bring anything new and innovative to the table. If you know where to get your resources, then you don’t even need these programs at all.

Overall, the programs are still good. But there are still better methods to make money out there.

Crypto Revolution and Crypnation Lifer: Final Thoughts


I’ll just give some more last thoughts before I close this Crypto Revolution and Crypnation Lifer review.

Some people who reported that they’re earning a lot of money from investing in cryptocurrency, they’re not lying. Cryptocurrency investments are one good way to increase your profits, because of it’s extremely high value.

However, it’s certainly not for the weak of heart due to their very unstable nature. And if you’re not carefully monitoring it, you might even lose all your invested money.

All types of investments are somewhat similar to gambling in a sense, but it’s evidently apparent here in crypto. But if you’re willing to accept the risk, investing in cryptocurrency could rake you in huge profits in the long run.

A program like Crypto Revolution and Crypnation Lifer could benefit you in the long run if you want to start investing in cryptocurrency. Therefore, if such is your cup of tea, then this could be the program for you.

However, if you’re put off by the price, it’s alright. You don’t really need something like this. You can rely on several free educational resources located all over the internet, which may give equal (or even better) value than this program.

Moreover, you should not rely upon crypto trading entirely and focus on building a sustainable business. In order to do that, you should find an opportunity that is legitimate and effective and is also transparent.

Fortunately, I’m also here to present you with such an opportunity. If you want to find out more about it, keep on reading beyond this Crypto Revolution and Crypnation Lifer review.

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