Bullish Bears Review – Scam Or Legit?

Today, we are going to talk about Bullish Bears. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

There are a lot of different platforms that you could go to if you are someone who wants to learn about stock trading. That is the beauty of the internet. You don’t have to struggle all that much to find information about a thing that you have an interest in. If you search for the term “stock trading course” on whatever search engine you prefer, you are bound to find hundreds of results for the courses that are currently available for you to join.

It feels like almost everyone who has some level of experience in trading has created their own learning platform dedicated to teaching people the fundamentals of doing so. This doesn’t only apply to stock trading. Almost every type of trading that you could think of, whether it is day trading, foreign exchange trading or even cryptocurrency trading, has at least five different platforms that offer a course about it. It also applies to a lot of other niches as well, like digital marketing, ecommerce and even content creation.

With so many different platforms to choose from, it could be a bit overwhelming for a lot of people. How can you be so sure that a certain platform is better than the other one? You would often look into other factors like price to determine which one you could afford. Or maybe you would try to find a review, such as this one, in order to have an informed opinion about it.

So what exactly will you be getting out of Bullish Bears? Are the courses that they offer any better than some of its competition? Or are you better off looking elsewhere? Well, we are going to answer all of those questions, hopefully, by the end of this review. So I hope that you sit tight. ‘Cause we are about to get things going.

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Bullish Bears Review: Quick Details

Who Are Tim Davis, Daniel Adams and Lucien Bechard?

Bullish Bears co-founder Lucien Bechard

Tim Davis, Daniel Adams and Lucien Bechard are the co-founders of Bullish Bears, an online learning platform that is focused on different trading strategies.

There is varying degrees of information that is available with regards to all three of the founders. It seems that there isn’t really any information available out there with regards to Tim Davis. He doesn’t seem to have much of a presence online. Unfortunately the Bullish Bears website does not have an about page where they could introduce their co-founders to their audience.

As for Daniel Adams, he started to get into stock trading around the time of the stock market crash in 2008. He had been investing a little bit prior to that. So, it made sense that he would be a bit concerned since the value of his 401(k) was dropping. It was around the time when he was working for a company undergoing some restructuring that he actually got into trading. He kind of wanted to buy some shares for the company that he worked at since it was going to be relisted again in the market. And, around that time, the price for a single stock for that company was around $20. Nowadays, it’s apparently in the hundreds. So, Daniel pretty continued his career as a trader since then.

From what I could find, before Lucien Bechard got into stock trading, he was working as an internet marketer. He previously had a website where he calls himself the Copy-cat Multi-preneur. This was around 2012 to 2013. Lucien even prior to working as an internet marketer was working in the sales industry. Like a lot of people, Lucien didn’t really enjoy working in that industry all that much. It’s a surprisingly common sentiment from a lot of the people that I have written about before.

So he decided to quit his job in the sales industry and become a network marketer. (Network marketer is just another term for multi-level marketer.) Lucien created his own lead generation training program called the Copycat Lead System. But it does seem that Lucien had decided to stop working as network marketer and decided to get into stock trading. There isn’t really any information with regards to when he started getting into stock trading. But Bullish Bears did start in 2016. Lucien, aside from being a co-founder, serves as the face of Bullish Bears, since his face is featured prominently on the homepage for their website.

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What is Bullish Bears?

Bullish Bears is an online platform that offers training programs focused on different types of trading.

What is interesting about Bullish Bears is that they offer four free courses on their platform. A lot of the other platforms that I have reviewed prior to this have offered a free course before, but most of them are a bit more generalist. Or, they only offered one free course because they focused on a single form of trading. In most cases, it was either stock trading or foreign exchange trading.

In order to access the free courses, you just have to input your email address. They will send the link to your inbox. I had initially tried to do so. But it seems that the email is taking a little bit of time before it arrives in my inbox. Some training programs would immediately redirect you to the page that contains the free course. Though it doesn’t seem to be the case with Bullish Bears.

The free courses that you will get access to are either about the stock market, day trading, swing trading, and options trading. Aside from that, you will also get an ebook about candlestick patterns. All of the free courses are pretty much just a taste to the premium courses that Bullish Bears offers.

In order to get access to the premium courses, you will have to sign up for a membership. There are three different price points that you could choose from in order to become a member.

Screenshot of the Bullishe Bears website

The first is the monthly membership, which costs $69.97 a month. This particular subscription tier includes access to all of the premium trading courses that Bullish Bears has available. Aside from that, you also get access to their exclusive options & futures and penny stocks trading rooms and the official Bullish Bears community on Discord. There also member-exclusive livestreams and webinars included in the subscription.

The next is the annual membership which costs $399 a year. This subscription tier has everything that is included in the monthly subscription tier. The only thing new with regards to inclusions are the replays for past livestreams. If you compare the cost of paying for a monthly subscription to the cost of paying for an annual subscription, the annual subscription is considerably better. You are paying almost $840 if you pay for a monthly subscription for 12 months.

The final one is lifetime access that the Bullish Bears refer to as their “Next Level” membership. This membership costs either a one-time payment worth $597 or a four-part installment worth almost $150 a month. You get everything included in both the monthly and annual membership plans. Plus, they have included access to their Next Level library containing exclusive insights that aren’t available in other membership plans.

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Final Verdict – Bullish Bears Review

I could sort of see why websites like Benzinga or Investopedia have given Bullish Bears the title of “Best Value” among all of the trading courses that they have checked out within the past few months or so. It is definitely one of the more affordable ones that I have seen, especially since they offer a lot more courses compared to some of those that I have reviewed before. It is definitely worth checking out. You should check out their free courses first before you go with their membership plans.

Getting into any type of trading requires so much time to get a grasp in. And while the lessons that you will learn from Bullish Bears could be helpful, do not expect that you will get gains from your trades early on. Trading costs a lot of money. So you should definitely be careful of how much money you put out on the trades that you make. Just put out money that you are willing to part with.

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That’s it for my review of Bullish Bears. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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