Business Lending Blueprint Review- Scam Or Legit?

Today we will be reviewing a mentoring program called Business Lending Blueprint. Is Business Lending Blueprint legit? Find out in this Business Lending Blueprint review.

You’re probably searching for a means to supplement your income at this point. But I can’t say I blame you. The world is changing at a breakneck pace, yet you’re still stuck in the same position with little prospect of advancement.

To be honest, many individuals lost their employment as a result of the epidemic. You’re fortunate that you’re still employed, but it doesn’t mean you should be content with such a low wage.

Working from home, on the other hand, has proven to be extremely stressful. For working in these conditions, you surely deserve a raise. A house isn’t designed to be a work-friendly place.

With this in mind, you decide to seek for a side hustle rather than completely abandoning your source of income. You came upon this course at that time.

If you want to perform a side hustle correctly, you’ll need to master new talents. To optimize your earnings stream, you’ll need to grasp at least the fundamentals before you get started.

Before you decide to pay for this mentoring program, you should read this Business Lending Blueprint review first. You should check if it is worth the money before you pay for it.

This course promises you that you can start an online business even though you have no money or experience. How true is that? Will this course really be able to help you out?

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Business Lending Blueprint in any shape or form whatsoever.

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What is Business Lending Blueprint?

Business Lending Blueprint Review - Business Lending Blueprint intro

Business Lending Blueprint is a course that promises to teach you how you can make some decent money online by assisting other businesses with acquiring their capital. I think that sounds pretty vague, so let me elaborate on that.

You will be taught how to properly contact companies and organizations who specialize in this, and how to make good deals on your clients’ behalf.

Your main job is to be a middle man, and ensure that the best investment deals go to your clients. Each successful transaction earns you a commission.

The way you gain profit here is by developing your negotiation skills. By making a lot of close deals for your clients, you become more and more trusted, meaning that it would be easier to get more clients in the future.

The course is designed to help you learn what the industry is about, how to properly market yourself to clients, and how to onboard more potential clients.

Take note that this business’ success depends on your performance. You will be helping out start-up companies and business owners acquire their needed funding. That means that their future is literally in your hands.

Because every transaction earns you a commission, all your profits are based on whether you close a deal or not. It’s a win-win situation.

The course is designed by Oz Konar, who is an internet marketer.

Who is Oz Konar?

Business Lending Blueprint Review - Business Lending Blueprint creator

Oguz “Oz” Konar is the founder of the company called Local Marketing Stars. That company owns and manages Business Lending Blueprint.

Oz has quite a lot of experience working in the financial sector, as he has been in it for more than ten years. Seems like his net worth is in the millions.

What sets him apart from other gurus who peddle training courses like these is that he knows about service providers which specialize in finance.

I think he is qualified enough to teach a course, given his credentials. He is pretty active on YouTube too, with almost 20k subscribers in his channel and more than 4 million views on his videos.

Is Oz Konar Legit?

Seems like this guy has been featured in Forbes, which he flaunts around. Understandable, isn’t it?

However, it turns out that any internet marketer can pay Forbes to have them featured anyway. Turns out all that hype about being featured in a prestigious outlet is not that impressive as I first thought.

Well, I could understand why internet marketers do this, as being featured in Forbes will definitely establish trust with their clients and audience.

I mean, I think it did work for Konar. After all, one of the main reasons why you become interested in this course in the first place is because he seems credible and trustworthy enough.

To be honest, I find no faults with Konar spending money for publicity. After all, it is completely legal to do so. Paying Forbes to feature him is just a business transaction, anyway.

However, what I think is that it is quite disappointing to know that any marketer can just pay Forbes to feature them. A lot of marketers make it the main emphasis on their resume, which is quite disappointing.

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Business Lending Blueprint Overview

This part of the Business Lending Blueprint review will show you what you get once you purchase the course.

This training course consists of 6 in-depth modules which start with explaining the basics of the business model. It will then slowly build up to the more advanced and technical details. It will definitely teach you everything that you need to know.

In order to give you a better learning experience, you are going to be assigned with your very own personal coach. You are eligible to interact with them using Zoom for your inquiries and for some supplemental learning.

Along with that, you also get your very own done-for-you website, which would help you look more professional to potential clients. It includes all the scripts and templates you need for contracts and deals.

To be fair, it seems like this course is very serious with training you to do good in the business. I expected it to just include the course and some coaching sessions, but not the website.

Another thing worth noting is that Oz will share with you a list of possible partners and lenders which you can utilize in order to help your clients secure the best deals. I guess this means that you should learn more and more everyday about becoming a good marketer.

You also get access to some curated techniques and strategies which can help you through your marketing career.

Included Bonuses

Like I said before, this course includes some bonuses. I’m pretty sure that the reason for including these is to boost the value of the course.

  • Weekly Q&A Calls with Oz. You gain access to a private Facebook group for members, and you can participate in these weekly calls.
  • Ongoing Support. The support team is available 24/7, and can be reach through email or by calling the support hotline directly.
  • Free Updates. The course gets constant updates, and they come for free. This means that every time the course gets an update, you need not pay extra and you can access it right away.

Business Lending Blueprint Cost

This course will cost you a one-time payment of $2,197. You can choose to pay using installments instead, which costs $845 every month for three months.

Are Refunds Allowed?

You can get a refund from your purchase, however, this is subject to terms and conditions. In order to get a refund, you need to go through all the course material in a span of 30 days.

You get your money back if you are not getting any good results from the training.

Does Business Lending Blueprint Work?

Business Lending Blueprint Review - Business Lending Blueprint business

Well, I cannot say for sure if it does. However, I could assure you that the course is definitely not a scam. It can really teach you what you need to know, especially if you are still a newbie in the business.

However, I don’t think the figures in Oz’s sales video is accurate. From what I have seen in the free training video, he claims that you can easily make around $15k per month, even if you just started.

To be fair, that is possible, if you already know your way around marketing and selling. If you are a complete newbie with zero experience, then those numbers are pretty improbable to reach right away.

I don’t really want to burst your bubble, but do you think that you can easily master the trade just by taking one course? Take note that you will also be competing with other marketers out there, and most of them are probably more experienced that you are by a mile.

What you need to do as a newbie is slowly build yourself up by being active in social media. Also, utilize your website to the best of your ability.

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Is This the Business for You?

Alternative Business Lending

In this section of the Business Lending Blueprint review, you will know whether this is the right business for you or not.

There is no way that you will get clients coming to you yet, because you are still a newbie. Of course, they want to trust someone who already has experience and can take care of them properly.

In order to get more exposure, you need to spend most of your time advertising yourself to potential clients. Prove that you are to be trusted. Use social media and paid ads in order to get noticed faster. However, this will cost you a lot of money.

Like they always say, you need to break a few eggs if you want an omelet. Here, you need to spend money first if you want to make money.

You also need to have some knowledge to run effective ads and have them reach your intended audience. Luckily, the course can provide you a bit of knowledge and training to do this. This is a whole new skill you need to master, on top of everything else you need to learn.

I am pretty sure that the main reason why you are interested in this is because it seems like a good side hustle. However, you should know that a side hustle need not be stressful.

Because you need to learn a lot of new skills which probably have nothing to do with your current career, it could hard be to start this business.

There are a lot of side hustles which does not have to involve a lot of time and stress, like my main recommendation.

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What I Like About Business Lending Blueprint

Good Business Model

This is actually a good business model, but only for those who have prior experience with marketing already. This is a good way to hone your skills as you will be undergoing a lot of negotiations. Basically, you want businesses to trust you to get them funding. Their future is in your hands.

Oz Konar is Credible

From what my research told me, this guy has quite a lot of experience in the business already, which makes him credible enough to teach a course like this. His YouTube videos and other free content are also very educational.

Dedicated Support Team

You can easily reach the support team in case you have any problems or inquiries about the course. Other than that, you also get your very own personal coach to assist you with your training.

What I Don’t Like About Business Lending Blueprint

Dubious Refund Policy

I myself did not really understand how the refund policy works, and I am quite sure that I am not alone with that. If they want to deny your refund, then they definitely will. As this is a digital product, you can expect that there are loopholes when it comes to returns.

Way Too Expensive

If you are a newbie who just wants to learn some basics regarding the business model, then I don’t think that this course will suit you. It is way too expensive for a newbie with no capital.

I suggest that you go through some free resources instead. After all, it could be that you are still on the fence about it. Do not spend that much money on a newbie course!

Not a Good Side Hustle

The business model is interesting, but in my opinion, it is more of an entire new career in itself. You have to learn about a lot of new topics in finance, and you also have to be charismatic. There is no way you can properly propel this business forward without dedicating most of your time to it.

As a newbie, it could also be quite stressful and frustrating, as you would have to start from the beginning again. Not to mention that your competitors are more experienced that you.

You also need to learn how to give quality customer service, as you will be working directly with your clients. If you want their trust, you should be professional. You need to know how to deal with some pretty demanding and Karen-like clients in a professional way, too.

Final Verdict – Business Lending Blueprint

Before I end this Business Lending Blueprint review, I would like to share a few more insights that could help you.

The main reason why you want a side hustle is because you want to earn extra money. Well, this business sounds profitable, but I don’t think this is a good side hustle for you to try out.

It takes a lot of time to master, and before you can even start getting clients, you have probably spent a lot of money already. Ads are pretty expensive, and if you want clients to come, you need to keep running ads.

If you want to succeed in this business, you need to dedicate a lot of time and effort. That would not really work out for you if you already have a full-time job, and have mastered another career already.

Also, it is not really easily to run a business where you have to work with clients directly. This business requires you to do the best service as you can for them in order to keep them satisfied and so that they will pay you.

Another thing is that it could be quite stressful. Working a full-time job, working a side hustle, and raising a family is tedious. If you want a side hustle, then it is better to find one easier and would consume less of your time.

Luckily, you came to the right place. I know of a great alternative to this which will not demand a lot of time, money, and experience from you. In fact, you can start that today. More details are available in the next section.

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