Capital One Shopping Review – Legit or Not?

Today we will be reviewing a program known as Capital One Shopping. Is it legit? Find out in this Capital One Shopping review.

It is general information that a lot of individuals now conduct their shopping online. The issue is that we are unable to determine which choice is the optimal one; as a result, we find ourselves becoming anxious and squandering time over meaningless concerns.

Shopping online requires a lot of effort because of the amount of time spent looking for the best bargains, and comparing costs of different products.

Capital One Shopping says that it is the solution to this type of problem. However, it’s not entirely obvious if customers can put their trust in Capital One Shopping.

Is it possible for this service to help you save money by comparing the prices of the items you buy from a number of different sellers in a short amount of time, applying any coupons that are applicable, and bringing to your attention any price drops?

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this Capital One Shopping review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Capital One Shopping in any shape or form whatsoever.

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Capital One Shopping Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Capital One Shopping
  • Owner: N/A
  • Website:
  • Socials: FacebookInstagram
  • Type: Rewards program
  • Niche: Online shopping
  • Recommended?: This is a free browser extension/app which can help you save money, so I recommend using it. Take note that it isn’t a program where you can make money though.

What is Capital One Shopping?

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Using Capital One Shopping will earn you rewards as well as provide you with free coupon codes. When it comes to purchasing stuff online, they have a well-known and often used website that customers may access.

The fact that this platform does not impose any costs for users to join is without a doubt the most attractive feature of the service.

Capital One Shopping can be used in one of two distinct ways: either as an extension for your web browser or as an app for your mobile device.

It is possible to include it into your web browser with the assistance of a practical browser extension, and it is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge browsers.

The Capital One Shopping browser extension is quite a neat extension for you to have if you are not the type of person who is willing to spend at least a quarter of an hour looking for a discount code that will work.

Capital One Shopping Overview

The service is easy to utilize. After adding the extension to your browser, you should be good to go. Proceed with your purchasing after you have finished installing the extension.

In addition to this, they will begin supporting you in the process of locating outstanding price savings when you are doing your shopping online. Unless you go shopping at that location explicitly, you won’t even be aware that it’s there.

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This extension provides users with access to a variety of useful features, such as a tool that allows users to compare prices offered by Amazon, printable coupons, and reward points for making online purchases.

When you purchase online, the Capital One Shopping browser plugin will help you cut costs and save time, both of which are important considerations.

I’ll run over a few of the highlights contained which I think you’ll like.

Product search tool

With the assistance of the Product Search tool, you will be able to search for products across a wide variety of stores and compare them side by side.

The total price takes into account any additional fees and expenses, such as taxes, shipping costs, and any discounts that may apply.

You might also find out which stores offer the most Credits, which can further assist you in making judgments regarding your purchases.

If you are looking for a certain item, you can use the Product Search function to home in on relevant discounts while you are browsing around for that item.

You could receive a cash rebate of up to 4% in the form of Capital One Shopping Credits if you make purchases at Keurig and other retailers who accept the related coupons.

Deals of the Week and Other New and Exciting Discounts
Those who take pleasure in window shopping will find that Capital One Shopping is an excellent tool for spotting sales at a wide variety of businesses.

Through their website’s Featured Offers and Trending Deals section, you have the opportunity to earn Capital One Shopping Credits and take advantage of time-sensitive discounts on best-selling products.

Price analysis tool

This feature has the potential to be the single most helpful one that is offered inside Capital One Shopping because of the amount of time it can save customers.

If you see something you’re interested in purchasing on Amazon, for example, you can use this tool to locate it at other stores and compare the prices at those stores.

You will then see a second pop-up window that provides information about the alternative offer and links you to the website that is appropriate.

Additionally, the application will inform you of any deals that it discovers from individual sellers on markets such as Amazon and eBay.

You will also receive a notification from the add-on whenever you come across an especially low price.

When comparing pricing, it will also take into account the amount of time it takes to send the item as well as the cost of doing so.

When you apply the Capital One Shopping extension to your browser, you will be requested to provide your postal code because of this reason.

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Working voucher codes

When you are through browsing and are prepared to check out, the website will automatically apply any valid promotional coupons to your order. This is the best feature of this site because it eliminates the need for you to search for discount codes.

Because of this function, you won’t need to waste time looking for discount codes that have since expired or are no longer valid.

When you check out on the website, any valid coupon codes are applied to your order in order for you to receive a price reduction and save money.

Item watchlist

After adding an item to your Watchlist, you will be able to keep track of its price and buy it at the most advantageous time for you.

This option is especially beneficial when shopping for pricey things like electronics, as it avoids the need to continuously visit the store’s website in order to check for price reductions and special offers.

The Watchlist can be a lifesaver when you have lots of time to shop for the holidays or the birthday of a special someone.

The prices of the items that you add to your Watchlist will be monitored by Capital One Shopping for a period of sixty days, and you will be notified of any price decreases that occur during that time.

Cashback rewards

It is simple to save money by taking advantage of sales and comparing prices, but it is even more satisfying to obtain something in exchange for the money that you spend.

When the browser add-on for Capital One Shopping is used to make online purchases, the user is rewarded with Capital One Shopping Credits.

When you visit the online store of a participating retailer, the typically grayed-out Capital One Shopping emblem will become green and reflect the number of points or COS Credits you are eligible to earn for making a purchase at that store.

You have the choice of activating it right now or delaying activation until after you have finished making your purchase. Both of these options are available to you.

You can build up your loyalty points by shopping at local shops and eating at restaurants that are in close proximity to either your home or place of employment.

When you make purchases using a debit or credit card that is associated with these offers, you are eligible for a cash back reward of 4% of the transaction price (depending on your ZIP code).

If you have enough Credits, you will be able to purchase virtual gift cards that may be used at a variety of retailers including Petco, Walmart, Macy’s, and many more.

You can put your credits toward the purchase of an eGift Card from the retailer of your choice, and the card will be emailed to you within a day of the purchase being completed.

Because Capital One Shopping is so easy to navigate, redeeming credits on the site is a breeze.

It’s possible that the speed at which your Capital One Shopping Credits add up will surprise you. This is comparable to getting cash back for the things you’ve already bought.

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Is Capital One Shopping a Scam?

Following my investigation, I’ve determined that Capital One Shopping can be trusted as a reputable retailer. It is a legitimate add-on that you can download to your browser, and it gives you access to a variety of helpful features that can help you save money and make better purchasing decisions.

The one and only negative is that it is only available in the United States, which restricts its utility to a very tiny percentage of the total population.

The Better Business Bureau has given the company a reliability rating of A-, indicating that it can be trusted. This provides considerable evidence that Capital One Shopping is a trustworthy browser extension.

There is no risk involved at all when you use Capital One Shopping.

This website does a great job of comparing pricing for you, which is something I really appreciate, but I can’t help but notice that it seems to favor certain retailers over others.

Final Verdict – Capital One Shopping Review

You should now have a better knowledge of what Capital One Shopping is and the reasons why it is a reputable business as a result of reading my review.

I have determined that Capital One Shopping is safe for use. There was a notice that your online behavior would be monitored and that certain data types would be gathered, but this is typical practice for any online business. Your online activity would be monitored.

In addition, you can have peace of mind knowing that Capital One will not sell or give away any of your personal information to other parties for marketing reasons, regardless of whether or not those third parties are linked with Capital One.

The fact that it has been there for some time now is also a vouchsafe for the credibility of what it claims to be.

If you like to shop, are enthusiastic about the prospect of accumulating awards and points, and are always on the lookout for the most attractive deals, then you might find this website to be of help to you.

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