Carl Allen Reviews – Dealmaker Wealth Society Scam?

Carl Allen Reviews - Dealmaker Wealth Society Scam?

Today we will be reviewing Carl Allen. Is he legit? Find out in this Carl Allen review.

The purpose of this evaluation of Carl Allen is to gauge his expertise in business acquisition for potential income generation. We study the Dealmaker Wealth Society program to pinpoint its strengths and areas that could be improved. Through this thorough assessment, readers can decide if these programs match their preferences. Our exploration into Carl Allen’s background, skills, and program details aims to provide marketing enthusiasts with essential information to judge whether his offerings align with their goals.

Let us check out Carl Allen’s credibility and see if the Dealmaker Wealth Society program is a valuable opportunity worth considering for those seeking possibilities.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Carl Allen in anyway possible. This is solely an independent review.

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Carl Allen Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Carl Allen
  • Program: Dealmaker Wealth Society
  • Website:
  • Socials: YouTube, Facebook
  • Type: Business Broker
  • Niche: Business Acquisition
  • Recommendation: Due to the substantial program costs, it is advisable to consider other business avenues for potential investment. Additionally, business acquisition involves inherent risks.

Who is Carl Allen?

Carl Allen Reviews - Dealmaker Wealth Society Scam?

Carl Allen, the esteemed CEO and Founder of Dealmaker Wealth Society, has curated an impressive career spanning almost three decades as an entrepreneur, investor, and corporate dealmaker. His extensive expertise encompasses diverse sectors such as technology, pharmaceuticals, transport, engineering, manufacturing, and more, after meticulously evaluating thousands of businesses across 17 countries.

His influential stature in investment and dealmaking led to advisory roles with major corporations, offering pivotal guidance on investment decisions, acquisitions, disposals, and restructuring. Additionally, Carl has been instrumental in assisting numerous business owners in securing both equity and debt finance.

Within Dealmaker Wealth Society, Carl assumes the role of mentor and coach, fostering a vibrant community of over 7,500 entrepreneurs, investors, and business owners. Through his guidance, he empowers them to utilize acquisitions for generating cash flow, wealth accumulation, and creating substantial impact, spanning various industries like technology, pharmaceuticals, logistics, retail, and finance.

Carl’s exceptional track record includes holding significant positions at prestigious institutions such as Bank of America, Hewlett-Packard, Forrester, and Gartner. His adeptness in advising major corporations on strategic investment and restructuring decisions has solidified his reputation as a trusted expert.

Displaying a hands-on approach, Carl’s personal engagement in buying and selling multiple businesses exemplifies his practical expertise. His global mentorship extends to coaching over 700 entrepreneurs, advocating for the acquisition of small businesses rather than launching new ventures. Carl Allen honed his skills through education at the University of Leeds and the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

What is Dealmaker Wealth Society?

Carl Allen Reviews - Dealmaker Wealth Society Scam?

Founded in 2012 by Carl Allen, Dealmaker Wealth Society stands as an educational program tailored to guide individuals in the acquisition of established businesses. Positioned to aid in wealth-building endeavors, the program comprises multiple tiers of courses. Renowned for expertise in corporate dealmaking and business brokering, it emphasizes the acquisition of businesses without the need for personal capital. They assert that by making use of the high-caliber online training provided through Dealmaker Wealth Society and forging connections with individuals who share similar goals, participants are motivated to begin their quest for financial independence.

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My Favorite Program

Courses and Pricing

Carl Allen Reviews - Dealmaker Wealth Society Scam?
  • The 10-Day DealMaker Launch

Priced at $197, this 10-day online training program, Carl Allen shares a proven, systematic approach to purchasing your initial business without using any of your personal funds. The course provides comprehensive insights into the process and the essential starting points. It covers the subsequent subjects:

    • The safety and speed of acquiring a business for substantial wealth compared to other investment options.
    • The crucial role of mindset in business acquisition and the significance of defining your purpose, overcoming fears, and addressing negative thoughts that impede progress.
    • Defining your dream deal specification, encompassing the ideal business size, ownership style, desired lifestyle, and leveraging professional expertise, skills, and networks for successful deals.
    • Identifying profitable businesses with motivated sellers within the target range and methods to locate and sustain a consistent flow of potential deals.
    • Utilizing Other People’s Money (OPM) to structure various deal types for business acquisitions.
    • Understanding the remaining stages of the dealmaking process and monitoring progress through a Business Buying Checklist.
  • Dealmaker CEO

Priced at $4,997, this course enhances the Dealmaker Launchpad with 10 comprehensive modules. Carl guides participants through acquiring a profitable business in a 99-day timeframe, using other people’s funds. The initial three modules of Dealmaker CEO expand on Launchpad principles, followed by detailed walkthroughs in the remaining modules for the business acquisition process.. The courses included are as follows:

    • Acquiring high-quality businesses that generate consistent cash flow within the range of $10,000 to $25,000 per month right from the start of ownership.
    • Exploring an unconventional investment strategy that allows for the purchase of profitable small businesses without relying on personal finances, ensuring protection against financial risks.
    • Identifying the right businesses for acquisition while recognizing warning signs to steer clear of potential pitfalls.
    • Effortlessly attracting skilled managers to oversee acquired businesses, facilitating a transition from active involvement in the business to a more strategic role.
    • Creating a diverse portfolio of businesses to establish lasting wealth that can be passed down through generations.
    • Recognizing immediate opportunities to live a fulfilling life, guided by a redefined outlook on attainable personal success.
  • Dealmaker Academy

Priced at $9,997, this exclusive package offers privileged access to Carl and his expert dealmaking team, delivering a tailored mentoring model for serious individuals in the business acquisition field. Subscribers enjoy features like coaching calls, deal review services, advanced training, and annual meetups. Weekly coaching sessions provide guidance on deal submissions, and meticulous deal analysis aids in informed decision-making. The Academy also fosters connections through a private Facebook group and includes bonus trainings, adding substantial value to the subscription.

  • DealMaker Empire

Priced at $10,000, the 9-week intensive mentoring program provides an MBA-level education in small business acquisitions and dealmaking. Under the guidance of Carl Allen and Adam Markley, participants undergo a comprehensive 8-step process through online tutorials and live weekly calls. By implementing this system diligently, participants can integrate a new business with their existing one without investing personal capital.

With over 45 years of combined experience, Carl and Adam facilitate the expansion of participants’ businesses, improving both top and bottom lines, consequently enhancing personal net worth. The acquired skills and tools empower individuals to build a legacy and generational wealth, leaving a lasting impact on family, peers, and the community.

Moreover, the program claims to teach how to leverage existing teams to ease workload concerns, ensuring participants have ample support to execute strategies effectively and efficiently.

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My Favorite Program

Pros and Cons


  1. Carl Allen has an impressive background as an entrepreneur, investor, and corporate dealmaker, with almost thirty years of expertise in these areas. His wide-ranging experience includes numerous successful endeavors, contributing to his deep understanding of business, finance, and deal-making.
  2. Dealmaker CEO and Dealmaker Academy offer a 60-Day 100%-Money-Back Guarantee, providing reassurance to participants. However, the Dealmaker 10-Day Launchpad does not extend this refund policy, and the availability of such a guarantee isn’t explicitly mentioned for Dealmaker Empire. Nevertheless, for inquiries regarding billing terms or offer specifics, you can reach out to them via email.
  3. Carl claims that he teaches how to buy businesses without relying on personal funds, enabling entrepreneurs and investors to enter the business acquisition arena without solely depending on their own finances.


  1. The extensive courses are priced at levels that could be perceived as substantial by certain individuals. Dealmaker CEO is offered for $4,997, the Dealmaker Academy is valued at $9,997, and DealMaker Empire is priced at $10,000. These costs might appear considerable for those interested in joining these programs.
  2. Acquiring a business requires shelling out a big chunk of money upfront, handling all those necessary pro fees like solicitors, surveyors, and accountants. Plus, having a stash of cash to deal with cash flow problems during the shift period can really stress your finances out.
  3. The program seems to have a scarcity of testimonials and success stories from clients who have participated in it. 

Final Verdict – Carl Allen Reviews

Carl is really sold on the idea that buying businesses is the ultimate success route, but his programs come with a steep price tag. It is a lot of money just to learn about buying existing businesses, especially tough for newcomers handling those pricey program fees. On top of that, there are more expenses to consider, not to mention the financial risk that comes with buying businesses.

It is not just about the program costs; you will need a big chunk of change to cover various fees, highlighting how dicey and financially demanding buying businesses can be. Also, effectively handling the cash flow post-acquisition of a business requires a substantial financial commitment, which might prompt reconsideration of pursuing an alternative business venture.

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