Casey Zander’s Masculinity Blueprint Accelerator Review: Scam?

Today, let’s take a look at the Masculinity Blueprint Accelerator. Is this legit? Find out in this Masculinity Blueprint Accelerator review.

Let’s face it. Some of us men may have a bit of trouble getting the girl that they like. Oftentimes, our own confidence falters whenever we try to ask some girls out.

If one of you has experienced it, or is experiencing it right now, I can’t blame you at all. It actually stems from our fear of rejection, that the girl may not even like you at all. And if you got rejected plenty of times in the past, then it could really make your confidence drop the next you try it again.

Thankfully, such confidence issues can be solved. All you need is the determination to improve yourself, and, if possible, a good mentor to guide you.

The Masculinity Blueprint Accelerator claims to be one of those courses that can help.

Before you go ahead and enroll in this online course, it’s much better if you read this Masculinity Blueprint Accelerator review. And hopefully, this can help you decide if this course is something that you need, or not.

Note that this is a fully unbiased Masculinity Blueprint Accelerator review, based solely on my observation and honest opinion. As such, you won’t find any affiliated links here, as I’m not affiliated with Masculinity Blueprint Accelerator.

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What Is The Masculinity Blueprint Accelerator?

Masculinity Blueprint Accelerator

The Masculinity Blueprint Accelerator belongs to a category of self-development courses that are specifically tailored for men. One of the courses that may belong in this category that I reviewed before, includes I Am A Comeback.

This is an online educational program that’s all about masculinity and how men can improve themselves in that aspect. Basically, it claims to teach its students values about what it takes to be a real man.

While it does deal with the subject of how men can attract the opposite gender (women), it’s not a course about dating or picking up girls. This is unlike other online courses like Endless Options.

Instead, it’s basically more. Much more than that. It’s about improving yourself as a man in all aspects of your life. Not just in love and relationships, but especially in your work.

Which is very important, as it makes a man even more appealing to girls. Our own social status as men is what determines our attractiveness to them.

It’s a hard truth, however, that in order to achieve that, you’re going to have to earn a lot of money. If you have money, and lots of it, girls will surely come to you, instead of you having to chase them.

Thus, whatever coaching or strategy you use when finding online dates, it’s not going to work unless you’re earning a lot of money for yourself.

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Who Created The Masculinity Blueprint Accelerator?

The Masculinity Blueprint Accelerator is created by Casey Zander, also known as “Uncle C”.

Masculinity Blueprint Accelerator - Casey Zander

You can easily tell from his Instagram photos, that he’s a fitness buff. In fact, he’s not just a personal trainer and a fitness blogger. He’s also an entrepreneur, and a Clickfunnels Two Comma award winner (an award given to entrepreneurs who have grown their ClickFunnels business to seven figures).

In the last eight years, Casey has managed to become one of the more well-known masculinity and relationship consultants in the midwest. And during this period, he has created two courses that are the result of his gained knowledge in the field of understanding female dynamics, female nature, and how men should carry themselves.

The first one is “Never Left On Read Ever”, and the second one is this, the “Masculinity Blueprint Accelerator”.

He also has a YouTube channel on which he frequently discusses various topics relating to masculinity development and girls’ preferences. He has also been featured on various media publications like The New York Times, Good Morning America, CBS News, The Huffington Post, and many others.

What’s Inside The Masculinity Blueprint Accelerator?

The entire Masculinity Blueprint Accelerator online course contains a total of 9 lessons. Each lesson is intended to last about a week each, except for the last lesson, which is intended to last up to 4 weeks.

Thus, the entire online course is expected to last around 12 weeks in total. Here’s the list of what lessons you’ll get in this course.

  1. Mastering The Masculine Mindset To Get Her Addicted
  2. How To Approach The Masculine Way
  3. Phone & Dating App Game
  4. How To First Date (Friend Zone Never Again)
  5. Handling All Female Tests & Pullbacks
  6. Steps To Brainwash Her & Get The Upper Hand
  7. Subconsciously Putting Her In The Mood For Sex
  8. The Right Way To Get A Relationship
  9. Elite Tactics To Attract Attractive Women

Here’s also a quick overview of what can you expect from the lessons contained in this online course.

Mastering The Masculine Mindset To Get Her Addicted

As with any online course, it all starts with having the proper mindset. And having that is important, because the proper mindset will help you focus on the goals that you want for yourself while taking this course.

Remember that improving one’s self generally takes plenty of hard work, whatever course it is. There are no easy paths to success, but you’re really determined, you won’t even mind the hard work at all.

Remember that the Masculine Blueprint Accelerator is all about teaching you how to become the best version of yourself as a man. In short, you’re going to have to change some aspects of your behavior for this.

How To Approach The Masculine Way?

This lesson is all about building your own self-confidence, especially when you’re trying to approach girls. Let’s face it. Chicks really admire a man with confidence.

Of course, confidence starts with yourself. If you look good and feel good with yourself, confidence will naturally come to you.

And another important thing. This lesson not only teaches you how you’re going to approach women, but also when to do it. The important factor here is patience, and gauging the right timing to approach them.

Because if you approach too soon, obviously you may come off as rude. And women would just turn you away.

Phone & Dating App Game

As we all know, online dating has become much more prevalent, especially in today’s times. The popularity of dating sites like Tinder and others, is good proof of that.

Even some social media networks have added features to accommodate online dating, such as Facebook Dating. Therefore, this lesson focuses on everything about dating apps and texting.

Here, you’ll learn how to fashion yourself an attractive bio, and the proper ways on messaging the girl you like.

This is also based on personal experience, but one of the things that this lesson touches on, is that you don’t continuously message the girl that you likeThere are times that you should at least ignore her for quite awhile, and let her miss you.

Because if you do, you’re going to look rather desperate for attention in her own eyes. Remember, the goal is not to chase after girls, but to let them come to you instead.

Here’s a hint: If you’re busy building your online business and earning money, you won’t even need to message her everyday. And a man who works constantly on her financial goals is more attractive for a woman.

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How To First Date (Friend Zone Never Again)

This lesson then deals with what to do or say when you landed on your first date with the girl you like.

Again, this all boils down to confidence in yourself. So that you’ll know the appropriate response and treatment with the girl during your date.

Handling All Female Tests & Pullbacks

This lesson will now deal with how a woman tests you, and how you can pass those subtle tests.

Again, this is where men should show that they’re “stronger” than a female, in a good way. Not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.

Women usually do these tests as a way to find out if these men are strong enough to handle her and her personality. Because females love stronger males, because ultimately, they’ll feel more secure around them.

Steps To Brainwash Her & Get The Upper Hand

The lesson title may be off-putting for some, but as you go through the course, it isn’t really that bad.

This lesson deals with the following topics.

  • The drug she can’t get enough of
  • How women fall in love
  • Female validation
  • Is sex necessary?
  • How men can get the upper hand

It’s not really about actual brainwashing per se. Instead, it’s all about being aware of everything that goes on with women when interacting with them, and gently trying to assert dominance on those things.

Subconsciously Putting Her In The Mood For Sex

Relax, mate. You don’t have to take the lesson title literally. It’s more of a figurative description (which may have some semblance of truth in it).

Because this lesson will deal with how you can subtly influence your girl so that she would only want you, and only you.

This also deals with each women’s temperament, which can actually vary between different girls. And how you can deal with them effectively.

Again, this is all about asserting dominance in a gentle way and proving to your girl that, despite everything, you can handle her with ease. You don’t want to exert too much dominance to the point that she feels that she’s an actual slave to you. But you also don’t want to to let her push you around too much, either.

The Right Way To Get A Relationship

This lesson will now deal with actual relationships. Basically, this teaches you the proper ways on how you can effectively land the girl you like, and turn her into your actual girlfriend.

Keep in mind that this isn’t going to teach you how you can force a relationship with the girl you like. Or it will be against all the values being taught by this course.

This lesson will also teach men on how they can keep their relationship with their girl happy, while still retaining their own masculinity.

The Elite Series: Elite Tactics To Attract Attractive Women

This is a special section of the course that covers a total of four weeks, and it deals with some advanced strategies on how you can get even the hottest women to be attracted to you.

But overall, this lesson actually deals with how you can improve your sexual performance around the woman of your choice.

This is a crucial lesson if you’ve reached this far, as it’s another essential element in keeping your relationship with your girl happy and healthy.

How Much Does The Masculinity Blueprint Accelerator Cost?

The Masculinity Blueprint Accelerator online course costs a one-time payment of $697. And if you prefer a payment plan, you can also go for two payments of $427 each, which makes it a little more expensive

But do you think a course like this is worth its cost? Personally, I don’t think it is.

Will You Recommend The Masculinity Blueprint Accelerator?

To start off, I personally think the Masculinity Blueprint Accelerator is a great online course for self-development. Especially for men, it gives out great points on how you can improve yourself and be the best man you can ever be, especially when it comes to relationships with women.

But personally, I don’t think I can recommend that you even pay money for this course. Even if for a fact that you can’t get a girl to date you at all, I would still say that you won’t need it

Because all of the lessons that are taught here are, in fact, taught somewhere else as well. And some of them don’t even charge any kind of fee for those lessons.

Besides, if you think about this quite carefully, you may already know most of the lessons being taught here. In fact, you may even be subconsciously practicing them already.

So why do you think you’re still failing on getting girls even though you already know the lessons here? Simple.

It’s all about your social class. Women certainly will not fall for someone who has a lower social class than theirs. So it’s crucial that you raise it up to match, or even exceed, theirs.

So how do you do it? Simple. By earning more money.

It’s a cold, hard truth. But as the saying goes, “No Money, No Honey”.

But it doesn’t have to be that hard. As I said before, if you stop chasing women and use that time to build yourself and set up a business of your own, girls will come over to you like a magnet.

Because women love men who know how to hustle for money. They’re immediately attracted to men who work hard to accomplish their goals, especially financially. It makes them think that they’ll feel more secure when they’re with a guy who has a higher social class than theirs.

And another thing. These courses may help you learn how to market yourself as a high-class, outstanding individual.

But sometimes,it comes at the expense of individuality.

What I’m saying here is that you should strike a balance between achieving a high social class while expressing yourself truthfully when it comes to finding dates. If you like being weird, go ahead and say it. If you have a “nerdy” hobby, don’t be afraid to show it.

Expressing yourself by being real may not get you hooked up with all the girls, but it ensures that you’ll be able to find that perfect girl that’s a perfect match for everything that you are and what you believe in.

Overall, the Masculinity Blueprint Accelerator is simply nothing new. Most of the lessons presented here are technically common knowledge for most men already. Some of them only fail to practice it effectively because of, you may have guessed it, lack of money.

Masculinity Blueprint Accelerator Review: Is It A Scam?

For me, I don’t think Masculinity Blueprint Accelerator isn’t a scam at all. Because Casey Zander has proven himself to be a very legitimate and credible dating coach and an entrepreneur. And he has several accomplishments to back up his claim

But once again, I can’t recommend enrolling in this course at all due to the reasons stated before.

Masculinity Blueprint Accelerator Review: Final Thoughts


Allow me to give you some of my own final thoughts before we end this Masculinity Blueprint Accelerator review.

Ultimately, in order to be successful at getting a date and get you the girl that you like, you basically have to work on your confidence.

You can start by improving your body. Working out is always a necessity for this. If you like to get ripped and jack up those muscles, then better. But do know that some women do prefer guys with so-called “dad bods” than ripped ones. So it may not be too big of an issue.

Just don’t be too fat that you’re going to be too unattractive with it.

But even more importantly (and I’m stressing this again), women prefer men who are financially abundant and have goals in life (and are striving real hard to achieve them). Because they see those men as someone who is in a totally high standing class than even themselves. And again, let’s be real here. Women love those men who are of a higher class standing than they are.

It may even be the biggest irony of all, but the best way to get a girl is to stop chasing them like they’re everything to you. Just focus on your dreams and goals of financial stability, work hard for it, and reach high. Eventually, you may not notice it, but women will start to feel more attracted to you, without you even trying to chase them.

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If you want to know more about it, keep on reading beyond this Masculinity Blueprint Accelerator review.

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