Cash FX Review – Scam Or Legit?

Today, we are going to talk about Cash FX. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

There are a ton of different places that you could look to if you are somebody who wants to learn about foreign exchange trading. You will never run out of resources, free or otherwise. That is the beauty of the internet. A lot of information is available at your fingertips. There is nothing preventing you from learning about something new.

That being said, not every company out there that offer some kind of service related to foreign exchange trading is made equal. You do need to weed out every single one of them. But I know that you do not have the time to do all of that. So you often look out for reviews, such as this one, in order to have an informed opinion about a particular product or service.

So when I came across Cash FX, I already had an idea of what to expect from it. I am basing a lot of my succeeding reviews to my previous ones. Especially if they offer a similar product or service. At least I know what to expect from. Because, if you think about it, all of them are trying to reach the same audience. So there is often going to be some similarities between company X and company Y. There are obviously going to be some subtle differences between the two. Even though they may have a similar product or service, it is often the approach to how they do it that makes a difference.

There was something about Cash FX that felt off to me when I was researching about it. You can kind of tell whenever a certain product just feels like a cash grab. They know that there is an audience for the type of information that they seemingly provide. So they will try to make a product that seem similar enough to what they competition is offering. And we are going to talk about that in this review.

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Cash FX Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Cash FX Group
  • Founder: Huascar Lopez
  • Website: (Website no longer active)
  • Socials: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube
  • Type: Online training program, multi-level marketing scheme
  • Niche: Foreign exchange trading
  • Recommendation: Since Cash FX is no longer active, there is no need for any type of recommendation for the service that they previously provided. That being said, nothing about how Cash FX is structured seems legitimate. Why would a foreign exchange trading course have a MLM-style tier system?

Who Is Huascar Lopez?

Cash FX founder Huascar Lopez (left) in an interview

Huascar Lopez is the founder and CEO of Cash FX Group, a foreign exchange trading-related learning platform.

There is not a lot of information that you could find with regards to Huascar Lopez. Based on his LinkedIn profile, he apparently has a degree in marketing. And the his work experience seems to reflect that. Huascar has more than a decade’s worth of experience as a marketing and operations manager for a variety of different companies.

That is the extent of information that you could about Huascar Lopez. He has done a couple of different interviews with regards to Cash FX. But the audio for those videos are not great, to say the least. They did not put a lot of effort into making sure that the audio that they were getting was clear enough.

What is interesting about Huascar Lopez’s work experience is the last thing that was included in it was his time as a marketing and operations manager for My Fun Life. From what I could find with regards to My Fun Life, it seems that it was a multi-level marketing scheme or MLM that existed within the travel niche. It was surprising that My Fun Life extended its reach to the Dominican Republic, considering that it was primarily based in the United States. He had only worked for My Fun Life for about a year. Then there was nothing else added to his work experience since then. Not until he started the Cash FX Group in 2019.

It is kind of confusing how Huascar was able to go from working as a marketing and operations manager to creating his own foreign exchange trading-focused platform. Nothing about his previous experience reflected an interest in foreign exchange trading. Though, there are people who suddenly shift gears. But there is often something that hinted to it. With Huascar, there was nothing foreign exchange trading-related hint. But there was a multi-level marketing scheme hint though.

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What Is Cash FX?

Cash FX is an online training platform that is focused on foreign exchange trading, hence the FX in their name. It was started in 2019 and was active up until late 2022. If you go to their website now, you will be welcomed with an announcement about them ceasing their service. You may be wondering what’s the point of writing a review of something that is no longer a thing. Well, it is still worth it to talk about what type of services they had offered. Because, you would not have assumed that there was a lot more to Cash FX than just the online training program that they were supposedly offering.

Somehow, there is not a lot of information with regards to the content of the actual training program. They have an entire page that is dedicated to the online training program that they offer. And most of the text in it is all fluff. Sure, they mention that the course has a lot of different resources included in the course. It is just the standard inclusions of a training program like this. They seemingly have the standard video courses as well as other inclusions like live webinars, interactive quizzes, and ebooks. But there is zero information about what exactly you are going to learn from those video courses. Usually, a lot of the foreign exchange trading courses that I have reviewed would often give a breakdown of the modules for the course and what types of lessons you will be getting per module.

Cash FX does not have any of that on the page for their “Trading Academy.” For some reason, a lot of the buttons that are on the product page for the “Trading Academy” would often lead to the page that tells you about the plans that you could choose from. I am not sure why they did not include them in the main product page for the training program. At the bottom, there are three tiers to the “Trading Academy” called Elemental, Advanced and Supreme. There are only short descriptions for what those different tiers entail.

Some of the plans featured on the Cash FX website

What Exactly Are The Packages That Cash FX Offer?

Now this is where it sort of gets interesting. When you click any of the buttons that were on the product page for the Cash FX “Trading Academy,” it would lead you to the page that features every single payment plan that they offer. At this point I was thinking, “Now we’re getting somewhere. Maybe there’s more information in this page.”

There was but, at the same time, there wasn’t. At the top of the page, they offer two different versions of the Elemental package. The first one includes the first two modules. In it, you will apparently learn the fundamentals of foreign exchange trading as well as the technical concepts behind it. Seems weird that they’re only offering two modules. But, sure. Let’s take it at face value. The other version has all four modules. I’m not really sure why they had to do two separate packages. There’s not sense for them to do it. The other weird thing to note about both of these packages is that there is no pricing for it. There was a big button that says “Start Now” at the bottom of the descriptions for both packages. And that would lead you to a registration page. Unfortunately, you weren’t able to sign up if you weren’t from the United States.

When you scroll down the Plans page, there were a crap ton of different plans that they offer. For some reason, it was just a bunch of different numbers. “Academy Pack 600?” “Trade Pool Deposit?” “Leadership Program?” What the heck do these terms even mean? That is when it dawned on me that this was a multi-level marketing scheme.

If you do not know what a multi-level marketing scheme is, it’s pretty much a pyramid scheme. Those two terms are interchangeable, along with Ponzi scheme. With a multi-level marketing scheme, you have to recruit as many people as you can in order to earn money. You will have to buy one of the plans that are listed on the page. Unfortunately, there are no specific pricing for any of these plans. But you could only purchase them using Bitcoin. Yes. Bitcoin.

It’s actual not unusual for MLMs to use something like a forex trading course as a front for their operations. I am going to assume that there never really was any kind of online training course. But they use it to attract people to buy their plans.

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Final Verdict – Cash FX Review

Honestly, I was surprised that Cash FX managed to last three years using their current model. A lot of the trading-related MLMs don’t really last all that long. Because there’s not a lot of income opportunity that comes with selling a service like that. If there were a physical product, it would have made some sense at least. Foreign exchange trading is a different beast altogether. You’re spending money to learn how become a good enough trader. But you’re also going to spend even more money into trading actual foreign currency.

At least with Cash FX no longer being in operation, it’s easy to stay away from it. But getting into foreign exchange trading the normal way still have a lot of risks involved. You should be careful with how you spend your money.

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That’s it for my review of Cash FX. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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