CB Passive Income 5.0 Review – Don?t Buy Patric Chan Course

Hello and welcome to CB passive income review.It is a course by patric chan where he teaches people affiliate marketing.

Today?s topic is going to be very interesting because this course is getting hype now a days.This is why I feel to write a review about this course.

CB passive income is launched five years back and it keeps getting updated every year.

The owner of the course patric chan  do a minor change in it every year and name the course as 2.0,3.0 and so his next course will be CB passive income 6.0.

I recommend not to buy this terrible business model.If you are here than there will be two reasons.Either you lost your money in this course,or you are checking this review whether to buy it or not.

Let?s start the review about patric chan review.

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CB Passive Income Review

If you have see the videos on his sales page,he makes big promises with you.But fails to deliver.

I like one thing about the guy he knows how to sell himself.He can sell anything I think because of his convincing skills.

You too maybe fall prey of his fake promises and other things.The idea of CB passive income is mind blowing if you are complete newbie.

However,if you are an experienced affiliate marketer than you would know that this is a trash.

Yes CB passive income is a total waste of money and I will tell you why.I want to read it to the end,so I can give you my recommendation.

I am not saying that CB passive income or Patric Chan are scams.

No,they are totally legit.But with this business model you will be going nowhere and end up losing your money.

I am a six figure affiliate marketer and I know everything about affiliate marketing.I am in this field for more than five years.

Well you maybe saying that there are so many positive review out there about the product.This is because they are the affiliate of CB passive income.

If I do not lost yet,read this..

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Patric Chan Claims

Patric Chan claims that he will provide you everything that you will need to get success in the affiliate marketing.

He says that you do not have to do anywork.Except one thing which I will talk in detail.

The CB passive income owner says that everything is done for you in this course.He will do all the work for you.

This seems to be too good offer to reject right?But wait for the truth..

He makes very big promises in his course and I think they are just BS.

He will never fulfill them because there is not a single logic that he will.

Patric Chan says that everything in this will be done for you in the backend.

He will do email followups for you.They will create a optin page for you.Where they will create a landing page and sales funnel for you.You just had to do one thing.

The support he will be doing for you is as follows..

  • Content Creation
  • Will give bonuses to upsell
  • Provide you products to sell
  • You can sell his course too
  • Sales letter for you
  • Autoresponder

You just have to do one thing.Yes just one thing.

And that thing is that you have to drive traffic to your affiliate links.

Good deal huh?I am an affiliate marketer for living and I know that driving traffic to you products is the hardest part in affiliate marketing.

Driving Traffic To Your Affiliate Links Is The Hardest Part.

Is it legit?

Yes,it is legit but I do not want you to buy it.

Because the course and this business will not provide you passive income I believe.you did a good job to read this review.Because there are a lot of online scams now a days.

I reviewed the which were affiliate champ,ecom hacks and ecom builders.

In the early 2010,fb ads were too cheap to be honest.But now a days getting the right traffic is the hardest part.

You will provide the traffic to patric chan and end up losing a lot of money.The fb ads will require you at least $1000 to give it a real shot.

I invested a lot of money in fb ads but did not get a lead.With this kind of business model you will not get a conversion.

There are a lot of reviews out there which claims that it is the best course and the investment you will ever made.

The course is for $47 and for the entire life you have to pay them 500 bucks.

If you somehow get the leads in the list of patric chan.He will use these emails for his own business.You listened a quote before that money is in the list.

Yes you listened it right.I listened a lot of complaints of the people said that they provide a lot of leads.

BUT all in vain.I do not know whether he did not convert them or?Now,I want to read you this paragraph.I hope this might help you.

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Alternative of CB passive income

You are here to make an online passive incoME.So,you can be financially free and do not do 9 to 5.

But with this kind of strange business model you are going nowhere.I think that it is a terrible business model and can not help you make even a hundred buck online.

Instead you will end up losing your hard earned money in the course and fb ads.If you want to make $10k a month than I will recommend you to go with my number on recommendation.

This is what I know about passive income and affiliate marketing.I will nit bullshit you.I will not say that everything is done for you.You have to work hard.

If you are not willing to work hard than this site is not for you.You maybe thinking that how I am going to make $10,000 with this affiliate program.

This is the best affiliate program in the online industry I believe.You just need to make five ten sales to make $5000,$10,000 a month.This is called high ticket affiliate marketing.

You will just need one sale to make thousand bucks .So,I think Five or ten sales are pretty realistic.

I am not saying easy,because they will teach you the proven marketing strategy that is needed to promote them.

But what I can do is to promise you that it is the best affiliate offer in the market right now.You can join right now just for $7.

Yes just for $7.Price can be increase anytime.I want you to be successful.

Best of luck for your future!!!CHEERS

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