Chad Kimball Review – Scammer or Legit Guru?

Chad Kimball Review - Scammer or Legit Guru?

Today we will be reviewing Chad Kimball. Is he legit? Find out in this Chad Kimball review.

Our goal is to ensure you have all the info you need to decide wisely. We are digging deep into figuring out who Chad Kimball is, trying to get a better handle on him. We are keen to know if he is someone you might team up with and if his expertise could help you make money. Additionally, we will provide a rundown on both the positives and negatives of his programs to help you be informed and make fair choices. Let us dig in and find out if Chad Kimball has the skills and know-how as a guru to give the support needed.

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this Chad Kimball review first.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Chad Kimball in anyway possible. This is solely an independent review.

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Chad Kimball Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Chad Kimball 
  • Programs: Google Maps Gold/Arbor Academy
  • Website:
  • Socials: YouTube
  • Type: Local Lead Generation
  • Niche: Online Marketing
  • Recommendation: There is insufficient student reviews or testimonials make it difficult to gauge the effectiveness of Chad’s programs. 

Who is Chad Kimball?

Chad Kimball Review - Scammer or Legit Guru?

Chad Kimball is a seasoned pro in the world of lead generation, boasting nine years of expertise in connecting potential customers with local businesses. He is all about teaching others how to ace their game on Google Maps, scoring top spots to boost visibility and rake in more cash for small local ventures. He is highly regarded in digital marketing, especially for creating the Google Maps model. He is also an expert in SEO and is respected for his deep knowledge in this area.

Originally from the bustling Greater Chicago area, Chad Kimball shines as an online entrepreneur extraordinaire. His journey started back in 1999 when he ditched the dull corporate routine and the feeling of being just another face in the crowd. Kimball’s shift to running his own show was driven by a hunger for independence and a longing to feel valued on a personal level.

His online ventures have been successful. Kimball carved his path, scoring clients left and right while fine-tuning strategies that paved the way for triumph in the digital business world. One of Kimball’s significant accomplishments is his innovative Google Maps Advertising strategy. He developed this approach for The Arbor Academy, leading to a remarkable achievement of generating over $2 million in revenue. He offers various programs which reflect Kimball’s commitment to sharing his expertise and guiding aspiring marketers aiming for success in the digital world.

What is Google Maps Gold and How it works?

Chad Kimball Review - Scammer or Legit Guru?

This program, Chad Kimball’s Google Maps Gold, is an instructive training that grants participants extensive insights into his accomplished Google Maps business model. Geared as an introductory course, it aims to broaden your comprehension of the complexities inherent in the rank-and-rent strategy on Google Maps. If you are enthusiastic about exploring Chad Kimball’s advanced strategies, this program provides a chance to directly learn in-depth techniques from him. Participants can acquire a nuanced understanding of potent ranking methods and rental strategies for Google Maps, potentially enabling them to emulate Kimball’s success in this field.

The starting course for Google Maps Gold is an initial phase focuses on the fundamentals of earning income by aiding businesses in enhancing their presence on Google Maps. It is quite affordable at the price of $9.97. It offers straightforward training videos that can be easily consumed within a day.

Yet, similar to numerous online courses, this entry-level option is just the start. Based on participants feedback, unlocking access to all the resources essential for success could necessitate a more substantial investment. This expanded investment likely encompasses access to more advanced content, mentorship, and crucial supplementary resources essential for significant progress in this field.

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My Favorite Program

What is The Arbor Academy/Local AutoPilot and How it works?

Chad Kimball Review - Scammer or Legit Guru?

The Arbor Academy, also known as The Local AutoPilot and Google Maps Elite, is one of Chad Kimball’s programs. They claim that this course will help you make your business show up on Google Maps’ first page. The main goal is to nab a top spot that local businesses are dying to rent for better visibility.

The trick is to use Google’s search system secrets to get your business front and center in local searches. Once you are there, you can rent out that prime online real estate to nearby businesses looking to snag more customers.

By mastering these strategies, you not only boost your own business visibility but also make money by leasing out this hot property to other local businesses. They said that this is a win-win using Google’s search mojo to shine the spotlight on everyone involved.

The program is stacked with tools like custom software, solid research systems, and savvy market analysis. It is tailor-made for digital pros and business starters, focusing on bagging clients, scoring leads, and securing those fat monthly paychecks. Plus, their online learning hub is packed with knowledge and strategies to ace the digital marketing game. It is all about guiding pros and businesses through the tough digital landscape toward success.

For $997, you get access to a course that is your ticket into the world of renting and ranking businesses. Chad Kimball’s your guide, showing you the ins and outs of this gig. He claims that the course stays fresh, getting updated to keep pace with Google’s rule changes. And Chad’s is active in the private community, offering live coaching to keep his students on track.

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Pros and Cons


  • Chad’s been raking in serious cash using Google Maps. He has built a fat wallet by spotting and grabbing all those money-making chances Google Maps throws his way. With his knack for making the most of this platform, he’s made big bucks, making a name for himself in online business and local marketing. His success speaks volumes about how he’s a total pro at using Google Maps to bring in the big bucks in the digital world.
  • His programs are packed with smart moves to boost search rankings and bring in more customers. He uses cool tricks like picking the right words (keywords) to make sure businesses show up higher on Google. These help businesses get seen more and trusted more, getting more people interested and engaged. 
  • Chad Kimball is like a rock star in the lead generation crew. He has been around the block, sharing loads of helpful advice and tips. He is like the guy you turn to for advice and ideas in the lead generation game. He is like a mentor to many starting out in this area.


  • Gathering detailed information about Chad and the pricing of his courses can be quite challenging. There seems to be a scarcity of available information regarding Chad Kimball’s background and the specific costs associated with enrolling in his courses. It appears that there is a need for more transparent and accessible information regarding both Chad’s background and the pricing structure of his educational offerings to assist potential learners in making informed decisions about joining his programs.
  • Getting your business to the top of Google Maps takes serious SEO skills, especially for local searches. You have got to pick the right words, keep your business info the same everywhere, and boost your online presence. But the fight for those top spots on Google Maps is tough. You’ve got to keep up with Google’s changes and use special tricks to stand out. It is more than just basic SEO. It needs hard work, always learning new things, and smart moves to ace local searches in the online world.
  • The program provides helpful information but may not achieve significant results alone. Businesses might require additional marketing efforts such as diverse ads, various marketing channels, or community engagement for success. In essence, while the program is a good beginning, supplementing it with extra marketing strategies is key for sustained success in their markets. 

Final Verdict – Chad Kimball Review

The credibility and reliability of Chad Kimball should be thoroughly assessed before reaching any conclusions. Getting detailed information about him is hard, making it tricky to confirm his claims. Plus, there are not many reviews confirming the success of his students, which makes his programs’ effectiveness uncertain. By carefully evaluating his legitimacy and weighing the pros and cons, individuals can potentially harness the earning prospects being offered. It is essential to approach this decision with diligence and thoughtful consideration to make an informed choice about its potential benefits.

Also, although Chad’s program seems promising for businesses wanting better Google Maps visibility and earnings, its high price tag is a big problem. His extensive program has an expensive price makes it not a good choice for businesses that watch their spending carefully. You should really think about your money situation before deciding to invest in this program.

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