Chamber Media Reviews – Scam Or Legit?

Today we will be reviewing a training course known as Chamber Media. Is Chamber Media legit? Find out in this Chamber Media review.

Nowadays, we live in uncertain times. At this point, we don’t really know what’s going to happen next. Will everyday be back to normal? Will we just have to live with the virus?

A lot of people lost their jobs. Those who are lucky enough to keep theirs have to suffer stress by working from home. A house isn’t really a work-conducive place.

Those who get to keep their job have to suffer from ridiculous pay cuts, which do not make sense most of the time. These greedy companies grow richer, while the employees who have to do all the hard work grow poorer.

You want to be your own boss, so decided to start your own business. What is the best way to let people know that your store exists? Through effective advertising, of course.

Small businesses, especially online ones, make use of advertising in order to spread word of their brand name. The problem with this is that their ads are often unnoticed, because bigger businesses can afford more ads.

It is usually a money game when it comes to advertisements. The one who has more money always wins.

Can this course really teach you what you need to know in order to make better ads? Well, I suggest reading this Chamber Media review from start to finish to find out.

Before you decide to pay for this course, you should read this Chamber Media review first. You should check if it is worth the time and money before you decide to commit to it.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Chamber.Media in any shape or form whatsoever.

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What is Chamber Media?

Chamber.Media Review - Chamber.Media intro

Chamber Media is a media agency which produces scalable social videos. The agency handles social strategy, creative direction, production, and distribution across websites like Facebook and YouTube. It was founded by Travis Chambers in 2014.

So far, they claim to have already made more than 4,000 productions, $500 million in tracked revenue, and $80 million in managed spend.

Aside from the service they currently provide, they have created an online course, which is referred to as the 6 Pack Ads Course. I will be discussing the course in the next sections.

To be able to engage with Chamber.Media, you need to fill out an application so you can talk to them. There is no fixed plan that they charge for their services. What you need to do is to negotiate the price with them, which depends on the service you want from them.

Who is Travis Chambers?

Chamber.Media Review - Chamber.Media creator

Travis Chambers is the founder of Chamber Media. He is an entrepreneur.

He studied at Utah State University, where he got a Bachelor of Arts degree. Travis was also included in the list of Forbes’ 30 Under 30.

Travis believes that being able to understand and relate to an audience is the main key in which you can create high-converting advertising campaigns.

He has worked with a lot of big brands of companies, like Coca-Cola, Yahoo, and Kraft. He was also featured in a lot of magazines, including HuffPost, Forbes, and Adweek.

Is Travis Chambers Legit?

This guy is definitely legit. He is one of the experts in the industry when it comes to making video ads that could drive product sales and improve business for companies.

The service and the course are definitely legit. The pricing for their service is not really stated publicly, as you have to undergo negotiations before you can get a quote.

In regards to the course though, it is a lot cheaper than most courses I have reviewed in the past, but it is full of content that will definitely help you out in order to create effective ads for your business.

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6 Pack Ads Course Overview

In this section of the Chamber Media review, you will learn about the course they are offering.

Chamber.Media Review - Chamber.Media course

The course is created by Chamber.Media. It aims to teach business owners and freelancers how to create profitable ads, which are not expensive to produce. The instructor is Travis Chambers himself.

This covers several topics which include around 40 videos. The topics covered in the course include lighting, audio, scripting, branding, and many more.

Surprisingly, the course content is actually similar to the internal training they provide to their very own staff, including their writers, editors, and producers.

The course will also show you examples of videos produced by Chamber.Media, so you can refer to them in case you want to emulate their style of making videos.

Along with that, the course will also teach you what you need to know about using video equipment. Of course, there are also tips and tricks you can you to create some amazing ads.

It also claims that it will be sharing you some trade secrets that are not available elsewhere. Take this with a grain of salt, though.

Let us briefly discuss the course syllabus.

Get Started

This module will cover the introduction for the course. Here, Travis will be introducing himself and the topics that you will learning about. It will also give you a brief introduction to eCommerce.

DIY Film School

This is one of the most important modules in the course, as it will teach you what you need to learn to produce your very own videos. Topics include video, audio, and setting up your very own home studio.

Making Ads That Convert

This is the main point of the course, and is exactly what you will learn in this module. It will discuss how to create strong visuals in order to get your ads to sell your products, and what creative direction you should take depending on your business.

Product Demos

This module will show you how to make good product demos, how to direct the talents you hired, and some examples of product demos in order to guide you to the right direction.

Case Studies

In this module, you will be learning how to make PNGs, and will also share with you some framing tips.

Social Proof Ads

This module is all about testimonials. As you can see, testimonials really do work when done properly. You will learn how to get user testimonials that could work to sell your products.

Lifestyle Ads

Lifestyle ads are all about showing how cool your product is. This module will tell you all about setting the right lighting, making use of natural lighting, and how a lifestyle ad can work.

Unboxing Ads

These types of ads are actually trending nowadays. People love watching unboxing videos before they buy a product, as this gives them a unique insight – it is like they are the ones opening the products themselves.

Closer Ads

This module discusses the different elements of closer ads, and how to make a good one.

Testing & Beyond

You will learn about different tricks and strategies in order to make your ads work to your advantage in this module.

6 Pack Ads Course Cost

This course will cost you $397. It is a one-time fee, and will grant you lifetime access to the course.

To be honest, I am quite surprised that this is not as expensive as most course I have reviewed before. Not only that, but you will be learning industry secrets and some valuable knowledge regarding making videos.

In my opinion, this course is not only for business owners, but also for content creators. This can also suit freelancers who want to make advertisements.

I think the course is also comprehensive enough to teach you how to make your very own ads. For the price, it has a lot of good course material included in it.

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Does 6 Pack Ads Work?

This is probably the section in the Chamber Media review that will answer the question: Will the course work for you?

I’ve looked at a lot of courses and training programs, including this one. To be honest, I’m a little bit skeptical about them all, given how they promise to work for everyone who decides to take them. Isn’t that something that should be guaranteed, especially with such costly courses?

If you are serious about being a small business owner, this training will be beneficial for you. I strongly advise you to ask yourself this question before you pay for the course: Is it even feasible to earn a profit here by using the strategies and techniques taught by the course?

This course is not thorough enough to lead you to success, in my opinion.

Although the strategies you’ve been taught have worked for others, it doesn’t guarantee that they will work for you. People have various personalities and circumstances, which means that chances for success also vary.

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Why I Don’t Recommend Chamber.Media

This section of the Chamber Media review will tell you why I don’t recommend the service and the course.

Facebook Ads

Steep Price for Facebook Ads

This course does not adequately reveal the issues regarding Facebook and Instagram advertisements, which is why I do not recommend it.

The cost of advertising on social media has risen steadily over time. The cost is determined by the number of people and businesses that pay for advertisements. As a result, the more people who use Facebook advertisements, the more expensive they become.

According to Forbes, the cost of Facebook advertisements increases by 90% per year. Doesn’t it sound outrageous?

You’ll find that the money you spend on Facebook advertisements accounts for more than 30% of your entire sales income. That is a very large sum of money.

Steep Learning Curve

Another point to consider is that the learning curve for Facebook advertisements is rather severe. They can update their algorithm at any time without warning, which means you’ll have to learn it all over again.

Even if your ad is doing well and producing leads now, that may not be the case tomorrow. All that money is squandered in an instant.

It might take a lot of trial and error until you find the proper formula again. That means you’ll have to keep paying for ads that aren’t going to benefit you for a while.

To get it right, you’ll have to spend more money. This might result in a significant decrease in your profit margin.

Unfair Facebook Policies

Facebook’s stance is completely anti-user. The system is also unpolished, which might cause your account to be flagged and taken down for no reason.

This means you’ll have to go through an appeals procedure to reclaim your account. Even if you win in appealing, you’ll have to learn the algorithm all over again, which will cost you extra money.

As a result, marketers that utilize Facebook advertisements may not be able to make a lot of money. The majority of their revenues are used to pay for Facebook adverts.

Final Verdict – Chamber.Media

Before I end this Chamber Media review, I would like to share a few more insights that could help you.

Overall, if you want to be an online business owner, this course can definitely help you. The only issue I have with it is the platform on which the course chooses to concentrate on.

Facebook may be the most popular social networking site on the planet, but its structure is far from perfect. Ad prices continue to rise, and the algorithm is always changing.

This is a dilemma for marketers since they invest time perfecting their advertising just to have Facebook remove them and suspend their social media accounts. Doesn’t seem fair, does it?

Users, particularly those who pay for Facebook’s services, should benefit from the company’s services. Isn’t that the whole idea of a service? In Facebook’s case though, they only care about taking your money.

Another aspect of this course that I dislike is its dependency on paid advertisements. Organic traffic, as we all know, is the greatest because it is free and may reach a larger audience.

Honestly, it is better to rely on SEO. It is also easier to learn. It’s also not as tedious as learning Facebook’s algorithm again and again, as they tend to change it a lot.

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