Channel Makers Project 24 Review – Scam or Legit?

Today, we will be talking about the Channel Makers inside Project 24. Is it legit? Learn more in this extensive review.

Channel Makers is the driving force behind Project 24 that brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the world of content creation. They are set to revolutionize the way you can approach building and growing your YouTube channel and any other online media ventures.

With countless free contents and exclusive Insider access, they assure you that you can get ahead of the competition while learning invaluable insights that you can use towards your journey to financial freedom with content creation. 

Information has been gathered and is available in this review, which can help you decide whether they can help you or not with your endeavor.

Disclaimer: I am not in any way affiliated with the Channel Makers nor with Project 24 of Income School. This is solely an unbiased review of them and their work/s.

But before I start …

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Channel Makers Project 24 Review: Quick Details

Name: Channel Makers

Founder: Ricky Kesler


Socials: Facebook, YouTube

Type: Educational YouTube Channel

Niche: Content Creation and Monetization

Recommendation: All are free contents to help and/or boost your knowledge in content creation, especially in the YouTube platform. 

About Channel Makers

Channel Makers

Channel Makers is a dynamic organization led by the company Income School, part of the Project 24 program where they also offer The YouTube System. It consists of a group of experienced and passionate creators who boast a wealth of knowledge in building successful YouTube channels and other online media platforms.

Their mission is to empower you on your content creation journey, providing comprehensive support to help you not only enhance the quality of your content but also navigate the complexities of the YouTube ecosystem.

Channel Makers’ True Owner

Ricky Kesler of Channel Makers

As some of you might find it puzzling that I put the founder as Ricky Kesler, it is because he is the founder of Income School, where the Project 24 program is available for purchase, and where Channel Makers, a YouTube channel, is a part of the bigger picture.

Most of you probably thought that Nate Black owns Channel Makers as he is always the face of every video thumbnail, but he really isn’t. He’s more like the senior project manager next in command to Ricky for the said YouTube channel. And there happens to be some kind of beef between the two when Nate leaves the Channel Makers.

It is for the sake of both of their businesses, making sure that there wouldn’t be some kind of misunderstanding, gaining people’s side to the other. 

The Misunderstanding

Nate Black left Channel Makers in the context that he wanted to focus more on his self growth, starting his own venture as a YouTube teacher, teaching YouTube strategies for beginners and how to monetize them. And that’s also exactly what they are doing in the Channel Makers’ channel.

Nate Black

The thing is that Nate supposedly has signed a non-compete contract with Income School, stating that he can’t start a new venture that can plagiarize or compete with what they’ve been doing in the company prior to leaving (July/August of 2023).

I haven’t found any conclusive thoughts on Nate and Ricky’s final decision and conversation, but as of writing this review, Nate’s own YouTube channel is still up and running, having nearly 40K subscribers with its latest video being posted a week ago. It seems like he posts content every 2 weeks.

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My Favorite Program

Inside Channel Makers

Free Contents

Their YouTube channel provides a lot of general advice on how you can earn money through content creation on the YouTube platform. It includes:

  • Strategic Planning – they have videos that offer guidance on niche selection and content strategy to help you identify topics with audience demand. This section also includes insights on keyword research and search engine optimization techniques to enhance your visibility.
  • Content Creation and Editing – On their personal website, they have a list of recommended tools depending on the stage you’re at. They have a set of recommended tools and equipment listed for people who are Just Getting Started, Wanting to Go to the Next Level, and for Top Tier Content Creators (advanced).
  • Audience Growth – videos about strategies for audience engagement, subscriber growth, and building a loyal community around your channel are also available. They also give advice on how to leverage social media platforms to promote your content to increase visibility.
  • Monetization Strategies – they will educate you on various monetization options available on YouTube, such as ad revenue, channel memberships, and merchandise shelf. They will also let you in with the idea of other revenue streams like brand partnerships, sponsorships and affiliate marketing.
  • Analytical Insights – they will teach you how to analyze YouTube analytics to understand how audiences behave, optimize your content and identify areas for improvement.
  • Legal and Copyright Guidance – they have articles written on how to deal with a “Copyright Strike” on YouTube, given their own experience and how you can avoid them in the future. 
  • Networking and Collaboration – they will let you in on ways on how to properly and professionally build connections with other creators, potentially leading to collaborations that can help you both grow your channels.

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My Favorite Program

Channel Makers Insider

Channel Makers Insider

Becoming a Channel Makers’ Insider gives a lot of benefits for you and your channel. But you’re required to be a Project 24 member first before anything else, and that costs $499 for your first year and succeeding yearly renewal subscription of $299/year. 

Being an Insider will give you access to:

In-Depth Insights on Real Channels

The application form to become a Channel Makers’ Insider requires you to give a link of your channel, your biggest challenge as of the moment and your current subscribers prior to joining. With this information, they can assess what your channel lacks and needs to further improve it as a whole.

Every month, they will be picking a random channel that is also a member of their Insider. Their team will further examine and make an in-depth audit of your channel, that’s like you’ve done a consulting session with them, but for free (regularly costs $500/hr, so they say). 

With this, you’ll be able to experience their expertise, making a full audit of your channel, making sure that it follows the right path to success. Giving you insights on what to drop and what to improve on. 

First Dibs on Data Reviews

Early access to data reviews allows you to stay ahead of the curve and gain a competitive edge in understanding trends and analytics relevant to your content.

Moreover, the team can offer you a unique opportunity to showcase your channel with them at least 24 hours before posting, giving your channel a priority position. This way, your own channel can get a shoutout from the Channel Makers’ newly uploaded video as it is, offering a valuable platform to showcase your work to a broader audience.

First-to-Know on Meaningful Updates

Being an Insider means you’ll also have access to their newsletters. They don’t include how often they send them but for sure that they will be sending some when updates are available. 

Project 24 updates, “contest” update, just like what they did in the past, making one of their websites (that’s making at least a couple grand a month) as a price, and everything in between, you’ll be part of the few people that can get early access to. 

Pros and Cons


  • Channel Makers is composed of experienced creators that provides valuable insights and guidance based on real-world experience.
  • Becoming an Insider allows you early access to everything that Content Makers has to offer before it becomes public, offering you an edge over countless content creators out there.
  • Being part of a community of like-minded creators provides networking opportunities, collaborative potential and a pool of different perspectives from different people.


  • The strategies included in their YouTube videos might already be not that potent because of the ever-evolving landscape of online content creation.
  • Extra time and effort are needed to become successful in this endeavor because the industry is saturated as it is.
  • The Channel Makers Insider also requires you to be a Project 24 member before gaining full access to the advantages of being one.

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My Favorite Program


Channel Makers is not a scam. Its YouTube channel offers a lot of free content on how to leverage the YouTube platform as a tool to earn income, may it be as a side hustle or a full-time job. 

The only downside is that getting full access to the bonus features of becoming an Insider requires you to fork out cash and become a Project 24 member first, which some people might struggle with since it costs half a thousand bucks. 

Before You Leave …

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