Chelsea Guarriello Review – Scam or Legit?

Today we will be reviewing a dropshipping guru named Chelsea Guarriello. Is she legit? Find out in this Chelsea Guarriello review.

Dropshipping is a venture that brands itself as easy to pick up for beginners because it doesn’t involve much capital, and you wouldn’t need to spend on warehouse costs. Shipping is also handled by the suppliers of your products.

However, the most concerning thing about dropshipping is the profit margin. You would have to take this into consideration if you want to start a business involving dropshipping.

It may come off as easy, but what you should bear in mind is if someone would want the products you are offering in the first place. Marketing is key in the dropshipping business, after all.

Chelsea Guarriello claims that she can teach you the ropes about dropshipping, but how much of what she says is true? Can you actually trust her teachings?

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this Chelsea Guarriello review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Chelsea Guarriello in any shape or form whatsoever.

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Chelsea Guarriello Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Chelsea Guarriello
  • Website:
  • Socials: Instagram
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: Dropshipping
  • Recommendation: I do not recommend that you try dropshipping, because the profit margins for it are just way too low.

Who is Chelsea Guarriello?

Chelsea Guarriello Review - Chelsea Guarriello

Entrepreneurial and technologically savvy, Chelsea Guarriello has made a name for herself in the dropshipping and online retail sectors as a digital marketing and business leader. She moved from Atlanta to Los Angeles because she was determined to make it big in the entertainment industry there.

When Chelsea first started out, she was a makeup artist for reality TV shows and had to deal with pay issues. Later, she shifted to the online retail and marketing industry, where she founded many thriving enterprises that now bring in six- and seven-figure annual sales.

Her ability to make six figures within six months after opening a simple Shopify business was a major turning point in her professional life.

Learn with Chelsea Overview

Chelsea Guarriello Review - Chelsea Guarriello 2

The Learn with Chelsea Dropshipping course is a comprehensive training program that will educate you on all aspects of dropshipping as well as e-commerce.

The course is broken up into ten different sections and is directed by Chelsea Guarriello. The modules are broken down into courses, which cover topics such as doing product research, establishing a Shopify store, fulfilling orders, and effectively managing advertising campaigns on websites such as Facebook and Google.

Students will have the opportunity to learn about the business ideas and methods that Chelsea has utilized to build many six-figure firms in the online retail market.

The course places an emphasis on the independence that dropshipping can provide, making it possible for individuals to establish their very own thriving online businesses without the need for inventory or the administration of warehouses.

Basically, Chelsea would be sharing what made her successful through this course, which is why she seems excited when pushing people to enroll in it,

In this section, we will be looking into the ten modules included in Chelsea’s course.

Module 1: Introduction to Dropshipping

Students were given an introduction to dropshipping as well as efficient methods for doing product research throughout this module.

Even though you can learn from the extensive explanation of product research and espionage strategies in this session, it could be hard to follow for beginners. I guess the course is not so beginner-friendly after all.

Module 2: Product Research

This session included a more in-depth examination of product research tactics as well as the optimization of backend processes.

As expected, there is an in-depth explanation of app connections and backend operations that was provided. This can definitely assist you in managing your shop more effectively.

On the other hand, it would be dishonest of me to claim that the courses did not at times seem too technical. After all, you got to how apps work in order to be more in-tune with your business operations.

Module 3: Starting Your Shopify Store

This module’s primary emphasis was on developing an appealing and straightforward Shopify storefront. This lesson has provided actionable advice for modifying photographs directly in Shopify as well as suggestions for importing items.

There is a lack of in-depth covering of advanced customization choices, so I guess heads up on that front.

Module 4: Order Fulfillment

Fulfilling client orders and creating successful advertising campaigns are the focal points of this course since they are so crucial to running a successful dropshipping business.

Module 5: Ad Targeting Research

The module’s content centered on Facebook advertisements and how to narrow your target audience. From what I can see, many internet companies rely heavily on Facebook as their major marketplace, thanks to the buying and selling feature it provides for free.

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Module 6: Campaign Setup

The need of strengthening targeting strategies and creating effective e-commerce funnels were discussed in further detail during this session.

Module 7: Ad Optimization

Using data to make decisions and improving ad performance were focal points for this section. This is best recommended for anybody considering adopting such a tactic.

Module 8: Google

This unit was entirely devoted to Google Ads and provided really helpful information on the development of effective campaigns, the enhancement of performance, and the scalability of operations.

Module 9: Pinterest

The use of Pinterest to the expansion of a company was the primary topic of this subject. Not only is Pinterest a good place to find a good aesthetic for your store, but it can also help your business grow.

Module 10: TikTok

Students were given an introduction to the up-and-coming platform of TikTok as well as the marketing possibilities of the app. I am actually surprised about how TikTok managed to become one of the top apps that people use nowadays. It is unsurprising that it now features a shopping feature for customers to take advantage of good deals.


Students have the option of making one payment of $2,500 to obtain complete access to the whole course, which is normally priced at $5,000 for full access. This option grants access to all of the courses, in addition to providing a number of special goodies worth a combined total of $11,000, such as the Winning Product Research Checklist.

Alternately, students may choose the half-access option, which has a total fee of $2,500 and is available to them. Choosing this option enables you to make two payments of $1,250 each. It grants access to the majority of the course material, such as the Winning Product Research Checklist, in addition to extras with a total value of $7,000. Also, by choosing this option, they will also be offered a free one-on-one phone consultation with Chelsea.

For the last option, a one-time fee of $250 per student is required to guarantee that they will have access to the class.

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Is Chelsea Guarriello Legit?

Chelsea Guarriello’s course, while promising in certain aspects, leaves much to be desired, and potential buyers should be cautious before taking the plunge.

The course’s monetary value is a point of contention. Its worth depends on individual goals, but the hefty price tag of $5,000 raises eyebrows. For a course that primarily focuses on dropshipping, this investment may deter many prospective students, especially those looking for a more diverse range of business strategies.

One significant drawback is the lack of diversity in the course material. As someone interested in a broader market, the narrow focus on dropshipping made me reconsider my choice midway through the decision-making process. It leaves little room for exploration of other potentially lucrative avenues.

Perhaps the most disconcerting aspect is the no refund policy. This policy exposes students to significant financial risk, as there are no refund options if the course fails to meet their expectations. Such a significant investment should come with the assurance of at least some form of money-back guarantee.

Final Verdict – Chelsea Guarriello Review

while Chelsea Guarriello has indeed carved out a space for herself in the dropshipping world, the course she offers is riddled with concerns that potential students must weigh seriously.

A quick scan of the course’s content reveals that it is largely centered on the dropshipping business model. While this focus may benefit those explicitly seeking in-depth knowledge on dropshipping, it may not offer a comprehensive business perspective for those desiring a wider entrepreneurial scope.

The cost of the course is prohibitively high, and one might question whether the content justifies such a hefty price. With the world of online education brimming with affordable and even free resources, it’s hard to reconcile spending $5,000 on a singular-focused course, particularly when there are alternatives that provide more diverse business strategies at a fraction of the cost.

Most importantly, the absence of a refund policy casts a considerable shadow of doubt over the course’s value proposition. When investing such a significant sum, potential students naturally seek some form of financial security. Without the option of obtaining a refund, one is left vulnerable to the whims of the course’s perceived worth.

In the vast ocean of online courses, it’s crucial to find one that aligns with both your financial capabilities and educational aspirations. Chelsea Guarriello’s course may have its merits, but it also comes with substantial caveats.

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