Chi Ta Review – Scam or Legit Guru?

Today we will be reviewing a guru named Chi Ta. Is it legit? Find out in this Chi Ta review.

Real estate investing is one of the ways you can make big bucks, which is why a lot internet gurus recommend it.

However, it is not easy, and you can end up in financial ruin if you do not know what you are doing. That is where gurus like Chi Ta come in.

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this Chi Ta review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Chi Ta in any shape or form whatsoever.

But before I start …

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Chi Ta Review: Quick Details

What is BNB University?

Chi Ta Review - BNB University

Chi Ta, an accomplished real estate investor, has crafted BNB University, an extensive three-tiered program focused on Airbnb arbitrage. Tailored to empower budding entrepreneurs, this course delves into the intricate world of short-term rentals via Airbnb.

Its trio of modules zeroes in on launching and expanding an Airbnb enterprise, mastering the art of property management, and delving into the nuances of rental arbitrage.

For those exploring real estate investment realms, the selection among the three courses is unrestricted. Regardless of your expertise, embarking on the Level 1 introductory course remains accessible at no cost.

It serves as a foundational gateway, elucidating the fundamentals of Airbnb rental arbitrage while divulging Chi Ta’s transformative journey from ground zero to a staggering $2.4 million in profits, all accomplished within a swift 9 months.

Contained within this comprehensive review of BNB University, you’ll unravel what Chi Ta identifies as the fundamental blueprint—a model resilient against inflation and recession: rental arbitrage.

This evaluation spans the gamut, analyzing its perks, drawbacks, and delineating the ideal demographic the course caters to. Ultimately, this review serves as an invaluable guide, shedding light on the multifaceted landscape of rental arbitrage and the tailor-made tutelage within BNB University.

Who is Chi Ta?

Chi Ta Review - Chi Ta

In 2020, Chi Ta established BNB University, marking a pivotal turn in his career trajectory. His journey to Airbnb rental arbitrage commenced subsequent to the demise of his venture, Senior Advantage Association, in 2017.

The catalyst for this shift emerged when the Department of Housing and Urban Development implemented a transformative legal amendment, altering the criteria for reverse mortgages.

This legislative adjustment wielded a substantial impact, reducing the loan quantum from 64% to a mere 58% of the property’s appraised value. Additionally, borrowers were burdened with escalated upfront insurance premiums.

Faced with the looming uncertainty of meeting rental obligations, Chi Ta opted to list his residence on Airbnb. To his surprise, this foray into short-term rentals proved lucrative, amassing a commendable $5000 in earnings. Notably, this sum eclipsed his monthly expenses, covering the $3900 rent and associated maintenance fees.

Recognizing the remarkable potential inherent in Airbnb, Chi Ta leveraged his industry acumen to birth his own Airbnb arbitrage enterprise. In a remarkably brief span of nine months, his portfolio burgeoned to encompass 30 properties listed on the platform, catapulting his monthly income into the six-figure realm.

Astoundingly, within a single year, his adept navigation of the Airbnb landscape amassed a staggering $2.4 million in earnings, solidifying his status as one of the foremost triumphs among Airbnb hosts.

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BNB University Overview

At the heart of BNB University lies a commitment to furnishing individuals with the essential tools and knowledge imperative for the establishment and expansion of a lucrative Airbnb enterprise. Divided into three distinct tiers, each segment of this comprehensive course addresses a specific facet of this promising venture.

The Level 1 Introduction Course serves as a stepping stone, meticulously designed for novices seeking initiation into the realm of Airbnb rental arbitrage. This foundational module not only elucidates the fundamentals but also showcases the potential for sustained financial prosperity.

What’s noteworthy is its accessibility—it comes at no cost, making it an enticing gateway for eager learners.

Transitioning to the Level 2 Management Course, the focus shifts towards strategies pivotal for individuals aiming to achieve substantial earnings, targeting six figures or beyond within a relatively condensed timeframe.

However, it’s crucial to highlight that while this course dives deep into property management intricacies, it omits a comprehensive exploration of the arbitrage facet within the Airbnb business model.

Finally, shrouded in an air of mystery, the Level 3 Rental Arbitrage Course beckons curious minds. Yet, its enigmatic nature necessitates direct inquiry via Chi Ta’s Instagram page.

Regrettably, the BNB University website offers limited insights into its content and pricing, leaving intrigued prospects intrigued but in the dark regarding its specifics.


The Level 1 Introduction Course stands as a beacon of accessibility within BNB University, offering a no-cost entry point for individuals intrigued by the potential of Airbnb rental arbitrage.

This complimentary course serves as a beckoning invitation to explore and delve into the foundational principles underlying this dynamic market.

Stepping beyond the introductory phase, the Level 2 Management Course unveils a wealth of property management strategies, albeit at a cost of $2,497. While this price tag may appear substantial, the accrued knowledge and insights wield the potential to yield invaluable dividends over the long term.

This course positions itself as an investment into the intricacies of managing properties within the Airbnb framework.

However, the enigmatic veil surrounding the Level 3 Rental Arbitrage Course casts a shadow of uncertainty. Prospective students must initiate direct contact through Chi Ta’s Instagram page to glean any semblance of information. Regrettably, this dearth of transparency might raise valid concerns among potential enrollees, leaving them grappling with uncertainties regarding the course content, structure, and pricing. T

The absence of readily available details could potentially deter or create apprehension among those considering this advanced tier of education within the BNB University curriculum.

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Is Chi Ta Legit?

Chi Ta Review - Chi Ta 2

When engaging with any online course, skepticism often lingers regarding the authenticity of the creator—could they be genuine or merely a deceptive figure orchestrating a scam? Assessing the available data and the triumphs shared by students, there’s a noticeable absence of substantial proof hinting at Chi Ta being a fraudulent entity.

Instead, he emerges as a seasoned real estate investor driven by a genuine desire to disseminate knowledge, fostering success for aspirants within the Airbnb rental arbitrage domain.

The pivotal inquiry looms large: is enrollment in BNB University a prudent choice? Determining this isn’t a straightforward endeavor; it hinges on your individual objectives, financial constraints, and proficiency in the real estate sphere.

Should your ambition pivot towards delving into short-term rentals and you’re willing to invest in education, BNB University emerges as a potentially invaluable asset. The reservoir of Chi Ta’s expertise and the achievements of his students substantiate the course’s promise and efficacy.

However, if the price point of the Level 2 Management Course presents a financial hurdle or if you lean towards exploring cost-free educational avenues online, myriad alternatives exist to grasp the nuances of Airbnb rental arbitrage.

Crucially, the decision to embrace BNB University necessitates a careful juxtaposition of its merits and demerits against your personal aspirations and available resources. Ultimately, the compatibility between the offerings of the course and your own goals should dictate your decision-making process.

Final Verdict – Chi Ta Review

The exploration of Chi Ta and BNB University leaves a lingering cloud of uncertainty, raising cautionary flags rather than instilling resounding confidence. Despite the surface appearance of legitimacy, the absence of concrete information about the Level 3 Rental Arbitrage Course on the official website hints at a lack of transparency, potentially stirring unease among prospective enrollees.

This veil of secrecy around a key segment of the curriculum could signify a deliberate attempt to conceal crucial details, leading to skepticism about the course’s comprehensiveness and value.

The discrepancies in pricing between the courses further exacerbate these concerns. While the Level 1 Introduction Course tantalizes with its no-cost entry, the leap to the Level 2 Management Course demands a hefty investment of $2,497. Such a stark contrast in pricing may trigger doubts about the overall coherence and uniformity of content quality across the program levels, prompting skepticism about the value proposition of the paid courses.

Chi Ta’s journey, while initially inspiring, raises questions about the abrupt shift in career trajectory and the circumstances leading to the creation of BNB University. The rapid success story of amassing $2.4 million within a year might appear enticing but lacks adequate contextualization, leaving a lingering question mark about the feasibility and sustainability of replicating such triumphs for the average learner.

In summary, the shadows of ambiguity surrounding the undisclosed course content, the disparity in pricing structures, and the unexplained narrative of Chi Ta’s meteoric rise cast a pall of uncertainty. Potential students are left grappling with unanswered questions and cautious hesitations, undermining the confidence to wholeheartedly invest in what seems like a promising educational venture.

Aspiring enrollees are urged to exercise prudence, carefully scrutinizing the available information before plunging into what could potentially be a venture fraught with unanswered uncertainties and unmet expectations.

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