Christian Entrepreneur Inc Review – Scam Or Legit?

Today we will be reviewing a company named Christian Entrepreneur Inc. Is it legit? Find out in this Christian Entrepreneur Inc review.

Paul Bocco, an enterprising American devoted to Christian ideals, stands as the visionary founder of not just one but two impactful platforms: the Christian Entrepreneur Inc and the Kingdom Business Incubator. His entrepreneurial journey is intricately woven with a commitment to aid and uplift fellow Christian entrepreneurs as they embark on the challenging path of starting and expanding their businesses in the digital realm.

The Christian Business Incubator, a testament to Bocco’s unwavering dedication, serves as a nurturing ground where entrepreneurs can find support rooted in Christian values and biblical principles. Expanding on this foundation, the Kingdom Business Incubator emerges as another dynamic initiative, echoing the same ethos.

Paul Bocco’s mission transcends mere business ventures; it intertwines with a deeper purpose of fostering a community where Christian entrepreneurs can thrive and contribute to the digital landscape guided by their faith.

Before you decide to sign up for this company, you should read this Christian Entrepreneur Inc review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Christian Entrepreneur Inc in any shape or form whatsoever.

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Christian Entrepreneur Inc Overview: Quick Details

  • Name: Christian Entrepreneur Inc
  • Founder: Paul Bocco
  • Website:
  • Socials: Facebook
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: Entrepreneurship
  • Recommendation: This is not for people who are not as religious as Paul Bocco. You will benefit more from my top recommendation than this one.

Who is Paul Bocco?

Christian Entrepreneur Inc Review - Paul Bocco
Paul proudly identifies as a “wealthy Jesus freak,” a self-proclaimed testament to his unwavering faith, a facet that permeates his sales pitch, resembling a spiritual experience akin to attending a Christian ministry. This distinctive approach, appealing to some, leaves much about him shrouded in mystery.
Delving into the essence of Paul, one finds he aligns with the archetype of business gurus prevalent in the landscape. A departure from the conventional 9-5 grind, he has crafted a business model enabling financial stability while indulging in personal passions – a narrative familiar in entrepreneurial circles.
However, what sets Paul apart is his fervent integration of faith into his narrative, utilizing it as a powerful motivator to inspire others. This unique angle may lead one to believe that, as a “man of God,” both he and his business methodology are inherently effective and legitimate.
Yet, this assumption only captures part of the truth.

While Paul and his business indeed possess legitimacy, a discerning eye unveils conspicuous flaws casting a shadow of suspicion over the entire system. It becomes apparent that, despite the faith-based inspiration, critical concerns persist, leaving an air of uncertainty surrounding the viability and integrity of this entrepreneurial venture.

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Paul’s business goals

Christian Entrepreneur Inc Review - Paul Bocco 2

In contemplating the potential transformation a predictable, secure, and biblically principled business could bring, individuals might envision a life where an additional five to ten thousand dollars or more per month serves as a conduit to break free from the conventional “40-40” plan – the arduous forty hours a week for forty years.

Paul, the founder of Christian Entrepreneur Inc, personally understands this yearning for Kingdom freedom – freedom of time, focus, and energy to serve where called, sow where led, and be financially ahead, not a tail. For him, Christian independence is the ultimate goal, aligning with the belief that God’s covenant is one of love.

Driven by a unique perspective that intertwines faith and entrepreneurship, Paul views wealth as a means to amplify one’s impact in God’s kingdom. Rejecting societal norms, he champions the concept of ‘simple business’ to buy back precious time, energy, and freedom.

Acknowledging the potential pitfalls of conventional financial systems, Paul advocates alternatives to the “cross our fingers” retirement plan, steering clear of Wall Street’s game. In his eyes, being the head, not the tail, involves a departure from a lifetime enslaved to market fluctuations.

Paul’s deep reflections stem from a wealth of experience. With over fifteen years running the Christian Business Incubator and personally launching ten companies in diverse markets, he emphasizes the transformative power of the right business model grounded in Christian Biblical principles.

As the Founder and CEO of Christian Entrepreneur Inc, Paul’s mission is clear – to empower hundreds of Christians globally to launch successful businesses from scratch. He believes in delivering not just information but transformation, a philosophy reflected in his business incubator program.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Paul’s personal life mirrors his commitment to a fulfilling existence. Married for nearly two decades with three children, he brings a holistic approach to business analysis, drawing on insights from evaluating over 150 different business models.

Paul’s gift lies in leveraging technology and human resources to establish, launch, and scale profitable businesses that can be efficiently managed by virtual assistants, creating an enviable lifestyle business. Motivated by a desire to help others, he identified a gap in comprehensive biblical-based Christian business incubators, leading to the inception of the Incubator in 2006.

In dwelling on Deuteronomy 8:18, which asserts that “God gives us the power to create wealth,” Paul resides in North Carolina, living out his commitment to a life rooted in faith, entrepreneurship, and the pursuit of personal and financial freedom.

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Christian Entrepreneur Inc Overview

Christian Entrepreneur Inc Review - Paul Bocco 3

In the pursuit of a life beyond the conventional “40-40” plan, Paul, along with his dedicated team, guides Christians on a transformative journey to break free from the relentless 40 hours/40 years rat race.

Challenging the notion that this is God’s best for our lives, they draw inspiration from Deuteronomy 8:18, emphasizing a divine covenant that goes beyond the confines of the mundane.

For Paul, the Kingdom’s teachings transcend the conventional approach to money and people. Rooted in the belief that God’s covenant is one of love, their mission is to instill a paradigm where love for people takes precedence over the pursuit of money.

Understanding the power of financial independence in advancing God’s work, Paul advocates for Christians to embrace the biblical principle of creating simple virtual business machines.

Their methodology revolves around building businesses grounded in unwavering Christian principles, labeled as “Service First” enterprises. These are designed to operate seamlessly, leveraging technology, systems, and virtual assistants to ensure exceptional results with every interaction. The emphasis is on earning financial and time independence through a model that aligns with God’s power.

Paul extends a heartfelt invitation to those feeling a divine calling to initiate their own business endeavors. Whether it’s a yearning to contribute more to His Kingdom or to be more in one’s personal journey, Paul and his team stand ready to offer mentorship, a proven business model, and the steadfast mindset required for success.

The focus is on helping fellow Christians embark on their entrepreneurial path, providing the tools and guidance needed to create Simple Business Machines that echo the principles of faith and financial prosperity.

Final Verdict – Christian Entrepreneur Inc Review

As the curtains draw on the scrutiny of Christian Entrepreneur Inc, a sense of reservation and skepticism lingers. The journey through Paul Bocco’s entrepreneurial ventures, adorned with lofty ideals of Christian principles and biblical values, has not been immune to critical examination.

Paul, the “wealthy Jesus freak” at the helm of Christian Entrepreneur Inc, beckons individuals into a realm where faith intertwines with financial endeavors. However, the shadows of uncertainty cast by the review’s discerning eye reveal a narrative that may not align seamlessly with its spiritual overtones.

The allure of a business model that promises an escape from the conventional “40-40” plan, coupled with financial freedom rooted in Christian independence, may seem enchanting. Still, a discerning observer cannot ignore the murkiness that shrouds the legitimacy and effectiveness of the system.

Despite Paul’s unwavering faith and commitment to a transformative mission, the undercurrents of doubt persist. What I found about Paul and his company not only the potential pitfalls of conventional financial systems but also the suspicion surrounding the viability and integrity of Christian Entrepreneur Inc.

As Paul extends a heartfelt invitation to aspiring entrepreneurs to join his ranks, the cautionary note reverberates. The discerning eye, guided by skepticism, prompts individuals to tread carefully before immersing themselves in this faith-driven entrepreneurial venture.

The personal reflections on Paul’s journey, infused with biblical principles and a commitment to Christian ideals, cannot completely dispel the skepticism that accompanies the assessment.

The journey toward financial and personal freedom, as heralded by Christian Entrepreneur Inc, emerges as a path veiled in uncertainty, urging potential participants to weigh the promises against the shadows that lurk within.

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