Chuck Hughes Weekly Profit Generator Review: Scam Or Legit?

Today, we’re going to talk about Chuck Hughes’ Weekly Profit Generator. Is this worth a try? Find out in this Weekly Profit Generator review.

Stock investments and trading today has become a hot moneymaking side hustle, most especially among young adults. Though it’s been gradually superseded by cryptocurrency recently, many investors still prefer stocks because it’s more stable (though still prone to volatility.)

The reason for its popularity as an investment is because, unlike a bank savings account, stock investments can yield higher returns. And the fact that you can start in as little as a single dollar, means it’s also more accessible.

Of course, just because you have enough money in your hands doesn’t mean you can just jump in and start. Stock trading requires thorough knowledge and the right strategy.

Because if you’re not careful, a single trading mistake you make may cost you all your money.

And this is why services like Weekly Profit Generator are here. It claims that, if you ever needed proper investment guidance, then you should be a member of the Weekly Profit Generator.

But should you join Weekly Profit Generator? And how reliable is this service for financial advice?

Before you decide to spend any money on this, you should read this Weekly Profit Generator review first. So that you can determine if this is worth your time, money, and effort. Or not at all.

As a disclaimer, this is a fully unbiased Weekly Profit Generator review, based solely on my own observation and honest opinion. Furthermore, you won’t find any affiliate links of this product here, as I’m not affiliated with Weekly Profit Generator and its creators at all.

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Weekly Profit Generator Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Weekly Profit Generator
  • Website:
  • Type: Online Course + Trading Signal Service
  • Niche: Stock Market
  • Owner: Chuck Hughes
  • Price: $1497 to $1,997
  • Recommended?: This program is a good purchase if you want to get the most profits possible out of your stock trading, especially if you’re regularly doing it. Still, you shouldn’t even need to rely on these stock alerts if you’re experienced enough. Besides, relying on stock trading alert services is known to be a bad idea for most.

What Is The Weekly Profit Generator?

Weekly Profit Generator 1

The Weekly Profit Generator is another one of those online out there that claims to help you earn a lot of money by stock trading. As the name says, its aim is to bring to the trader a stream of profits that are gained weekly.

It’s advertised as a system that can “give you payouts from the stock market every single week, even if you don’t own a single share.” Which is kind of misleading, as this is obviously a form of a stock dividend trading strategy, which still requires you to own at least a single stock.

Using the strategies mentioned in this system, they claim that the creator has profited huge gains from the stock market in a few weeks. Such examples are 32% on UDOW, 23% on UYG, and 91% on XLB.

Basically, this works like a stock signal service. Whenever the creator makes a trade that they think is going to be profitable in the long run, the system then sends a signal altering the members. And then it’s up to them to follow on that stock recommendation or not.

The Weekly Profit Generator may sound good on paper. However, while it is possible to earn quite a bit of money with this system, it’s not going to be a huge gain as the ones mentioned. In fact, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to earn consistently here at all.

Stocks and options trading themselves carry the same risks as cryptocurrency trading. If you rely on it too much to make money, your earnings won’t be stable at all, and you may even be operating at a loss.

Remember to always calculate your risk in trading. This earning inconsistency applies to every securities trader, no matter what alert services or newsletter they use.

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Who Created The Weekly Profit Generator?

The Weekly Profit Generator is developed by Chuck Hughes. Weekly Profit Generator is a course that’s part of the Profit Generator Club. In turn, the club is part of is also a product of a company called, of which Chuck is one of the members.

This means he’s also part of the Wealthpress team that includes others like Lance Ippolito.

Weekly Profit Generator - Chuck Hughes

But unlike the others, Chuck seems to be the real deal when it comes to stocks trading. He has been a 10-time trading champion, having won more awards in Trading Champion history than anyone else.

This is all thanks to his extensive experience trading different kinds of securities. This includes equities, options, currencies (even crypto), and commodities. In fact, his trading experience spans more than 30 years at this point.

However, he didn’t start as a trading expert immediately. In fact, his initial career didn’t involve anything related to stocks and investments at all.

He started off as an airline pilot. and he only got involved in trading since he wanted to give financial security for his children. But through trading, he did succeed and got much more than that.

He’s able to retire from being a pilot in his forties due to his profits in trading. And through this Weekly Profit Generator program, he’s going to teach you some of his trading strategies that may allow you to replicate his success.

How Does Weekly Profit Generator Work?

Weekly Profit Generator - Phone Alerts

As stated before, the aim of Weekly Profit Generator is to let you, as the trader, receive profitable payouts on a weekly basis.

Technically, it is possible to achieve this through stock trading, once you know the strategy. This can be done by taking advantage of a company’s “dividends”.

Dividends are a portion of a company’s profits that are handed to investors. They usually do this when the company in question is performing really well and has gained profits that exceed their target parameters.

In order to be eligible for dividends, however, you need to first buy a stock from a company that offers dividends. It’s quite easy to find one usually. If a company in question is well-known and you suspect that they’re doing really well in their business field, then there’s a high chance that they’re offering dividend stocks.

Dividends are usually offered in the form of cash. But in a few cases, they may also offer a stock dividend, which can be more beneficial and profitable depending on the stock value.

So you can easily guess that the majority of the strategy here will usually involve finding and buying stocks that pay dividends, and just holding on to them. And to acquire those profits, you only have to sell the dividends to the stock.

To assist you with this, Weekly Profit Generator is primarily a trading alert service. Basically, it’s similar to other programs like The Oxford Club and HighStrike Trading.

Once the mentors here make a trade that they think is going to be profitable in the future, based on several factors, they will send a signal to its members so as to give them a trading suggestion. The minimum number of alerts that a member can receive is around four per week.

Weekly Profit Generator Inclusions

Weekly Profit Generator - Club

In order to avail of the signal services provided by Weekly Profit Generator, you first need to sign up for the Profit Generator Club.

There are three tiers that you can avail of, but the Weekly Profit Generator is available in all of them. The higher levels only give you additional features.

Silver ($1,497 per year)

The Silver tier includes the following:

  • Weekly Profit Generator Alerts (sent four times per week)
  • Weekly Profit Generator Formula online course

Gold ($1,897 per year)

The Gold tier includes everything that you can get from the Silver tier, plus the following:

  • Profitable stock signals every month
  • Lucrative options picks every month
  • Access to the “Overdrive Profits” program (by Wealthpress)

Platinum ($1,997 per year)

The Gold tier includes everything that you can get from the previous tiers, plus the following:

  • Access to Chuck’s Private LRP Coaching Manual
  • Additional two years’ worth of access to the Profit Generator Club

Things I Like About Weekly Profit Generator

What I liked about Weekly Profit Generator is that the stock market trading recommendations they give are, for the most part, legitimate.

If you’re an experienced stock trader, for sure you’re always monitoring the stock market whenever it opens. And whether you’re going to make a trade, sometimes you need to decide quickly if you’re going to buy or sell a particular stock.

Because these split-second decisions always count, especially when the stock is constantly moving.

Weekly Profit Generator may help you in that difficult decision-making process. By giving some suggestions as to what stocks you should invest in, based on their forecast.

This system can be also great for day traders who want to make a quick profit by trading in the stock market. Additionally, since the trading strategy introduced here relies on you holding the stock for as long as you can, this is also great for people whose trading style relies on that.

Things I Don’t Like About Weekly Profit Generator

For the most part, this system isn’t beginner-friendly at all, especially if you just want to earn money online.

And there are two reasons as to why. To those who would think that stock market trading is the answer for them to get rich, then you need to hear those things first.

First of all, the price. Is pricing is just too high for anyone who’s just getting started. Plus there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to get the money you invested in this system back.

Secondly, relying on these stock alert systems for your trading decisions isn’t really a good idea for beginners. Since most of them won’t probably have any idea if the stock they invested will give them value in the long run.

As a beginner, what you want to do is to develop your own trading style. If you simply rely on stock alerts without knowing the real value of what you’re investing on, you might expose yourself to a serious financial risk should the stock in question suffers a highly volatile value change.

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Is Chuck Hughes And His Weekly Profit Generator A Scam?

Chuck Huges is definitely not a scammer. And so is his program. In fact, in my own opinion, he may be even more legitimate than some of his fellow peers at Wealthpress.

However, what you should understand is that the grass isn’t always green during any stock trades, despite the claims presented here. While you may make a good amount of profits here and there using the strategies there, you also have to take note that there will be losses as well. And if you don’t know proper risk management, those losses could be big.

Why I Don’t Recommend Stock Trading

Stock Trading

This section of the Weekly Profit Generator review will reveal why I do not think stock trading will work for you.

Once you’ve figured out how to trade, you can make a lot of money. However, as a rookie, I do not believe it is a decent side hustle.

You need to study a number of things before you can even start making money.

Very High Financial Risk

Trading necessitates financial commitment. If you don’t have any money you are okay with losing, then you shouldn’t able to invest. Also, keep in mind that stock trading is quite risky. You have the option of doubling or even tripling your money in one day or losing it all in the very same day.

This career, in my opinion, is best suited for those with a lot of money to lose. This is not an excellent opportunity to invest money in if you are barely scraping by to pay rent and utilities.


Allow me to expand on this idea. You must know when to take risks in order to become a great trader. However, it is easier said than done.

You should be aware of the various options available to you. A good transaction will make you money, whilst a bad one will cause you to lose everything.

Pros And Cons Of Weekly Profit Generator


  • For what it’s worth, Chuck Hughes is a legitimate stock market expert. Therefore, all his trading signals could prove to be very useful trading suggestions.
  • It also contains a stock trading online course that can help people who are new to stock trading, or even help advanced users learn new knowledge.


  • The program itself is very expensive. And it doesn’t even take into account the initial investment that you’ll need to start trading.
  • There’s absolutely no refund policy here.

Alternatives to Weekly Profit Generator?


In this section of the Weekly Profit Generator review, I’ll give you a few other options to consider.

Most of the stock trading online courses around offer almost the same value. This means there are plenty of other programs you can choose.

A few examples are Stock Navigators, Monetari Fund, and even Investment Opportunities.

But then again, as I said before, stock market trading is very hard and quite expensive, needing a huge amount of capital in order to get some good profits from it. For that reason, it may be much better if you just try something different instead…

Weekly Profit Generator Review: Final Thoughts

Before I close off this Weekly Profit Generator review, I would like to share a few more insights that could help you.

Beastpreneur Final Thoughts

If you are attracted to the idea of stock trading as a side hustle to make money online, then Weekly Profit Generator might be a good tool that’s worth it for you. And I can’t blame you for it.

But keep in mind the risks that are associated with investing in the stock market itself. And keep in mind that, regardless of how good or expensive your online course or alert service you use for this purpose, it’s not a surefire way to succeed in trading.

My suggestion is to just learn a bit about the stock market and start out small, to build your experience. Don’t rely on stock trading too much to make money, but rather just invest in a few, and if possible, hold it for a long time (until the situation calls for it to be sold).

If you want my advice, there’s still a better way to make money online out there. And most of the time, it only involves little monetary capital, and some knowledge.

If you want to find out more about it, keep on reading beyond this Weekly Profit Generator review.

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