Clayton Morris Review – Scam Or Legit?

Today we will be reviewing a guy named Clayton Morris. Is it legit? Find out in this Clayton Morris review.

Clayton Morris, a regular guest on the FOX & Friends television show, says that his firm, Clayton Morris Invest (,, is dedicated to helping individuals find happiness in themselves and achieve financial independence. is a personal website and blog in the same vein as any other, featuring a brief biography of its creator, Clayton Morris, and serving as a platform for Morris to express his own views on various topics.

He elaborates on the impact these factors have had on him as an individual and how you might apply his insights to your own life and development.

In addition, Clayton Morris’s goal as a real estate investor is to help those who are weary of worrying about their financial security and its implications for the rest of their lives have access to his expert expertise and advice.

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this Clayton Morris review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Clayton Morris in any shape or form whatsoever.

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Storrito Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Clayton Morris
  • Website:
  • Socials: Instagram, Twitter
  • Type: Investing opportunity
  • Niche: Real estate investing
  • Recommendation: I do not recommend trusting Clayton Morris at all, because of all the red flags I have stated.

Who is Clayton Morris?

Clayton Morris Review - Clayton

Morris gives site visitors what he calls a Freedom Number in order to illustrate the potential financial benefits of real estate investing.

Knowing your own Freedom Number can help you make more purposeful decisions that put you on the path to financial success and more happiness.

Also, anyone interested may subscribe to his podcast and get more details.

The website promises that the more you discover about your Freedom Number, the better access you’ll have to information tailored to your own situation and demands.

So far as I can tell, everything about this website — the blog, the podcast, the information on speaking engagements, and the Freedom Number Cheat Sheet you may download — is available at no cost.

This website gives free information and free resources to its users, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be information about things for sale or investment possibilities, each of which has fees and financial commitments.

Is Clayton Morris Legit?

Clayton Morris Review - Clayton 2

There are many glowing testimonials about Clayton Morris and his offerings on his website, particularly from other podcasters who have collaborated with him and included him and his knowledge on their own shows due to his widespread popularity as a daytime television figure and self-help celebrity.

A consumer should be suspicious of anyone who claims to be able to help them achieve pleasure and self-actualization through real estate investment.

As a general rule, you should not let your emotions guide your financial investment decisions, especially ones as complex and important as real estate investments.

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Clayton Morris Reviews

Mr. Morris, a host on “Fox and Friends Weekend,” had a popular real estate investing podcast before he and his wife Natali decided to become full-time real estate counselors.

They hoped to connect small-scale financiers with ready-to-go real estate investments in bustling metropolises like Detroit, Indianapolis, and Jacksonville, Florida.

Morris Invest, their company, undertook to take care of all the details involved in finding and renting out homes.

This included finding and purchasing investment properties, overseeing necessary renovations, and hiring property managers. Customers were just required to wire funds and await the arrival of the checks.

Based on asking prices, investor profiles, and testimony from a former business partner’s attorney, Morris Invest helped close on more than $5 million in sales of over a thousand properties over the course of two years.

Many of Mr. Morris’s customers, however, complained that buying a home in Indianapolis was beyond of their price range.

Mr. Morris and his company are being sued by more than a dozen former or current customers. The plaintiffs contend that the residences were in far worse condition than indicated and that the rehabilitation work for which they paid in advance was either incomplete or subpar.

The land that was acquired for potential housing development is littered with trash. One house caught fire, and a few days later, it was allegedly sold to an uneducated investor.

What happened with Clayton Morris?

Reports have surfaced, indicating that a significant number, potentially up to 300 investors, have suffered financial losses with Morris Invest. In a revealing interview, Clayton Morris himself acknowledged that as much as 40% of the individuals he referred ended up purchasing properties that were never subjected to the promised rehabilitation. Given that the count of individuals he referred ranges between 700 and 1,000, this translates into hundreds of investors who paid for property purchases and renovations, only to discover that no work had been carried out.

The narrative surrounding these unfortunate events unfolds as follows:

  1. Discovery through Online Platforms: Investors initially discovered Clayton Morris through his online presence, be it on YouTube, podcasts, or other social media outlets.
  2. Sales Pitch for Turnkey Rental Properties: Morris convinced these investors to purchase turnkey rental properties, typically priced between $40,000 and $50,000, with some exceeding these figures, particularly for duplex properties.
  3. Upfront Remodel Costs: In certain cases, investors were required to invest additional sums ranging from $5,000 to $20,000 for property remodeling before it could be marketed for rental.
  4. Upfront Payments: Investors committed to upfront payments covering both the property’s purchase price and the renovation budget.
  5. Issues with Documentation: A significant number of investors began encountering problems due to delays in receiving essential documents such as contracts, property photos, rehab reports, and more.
  6. Growing Concerns: As delays persisted and communication deteriorated, investors understandably grew increasingly concerned.
  7. Sudden Property Transformation: Then, quite suddenly, the properties were purportedly renovated and became ready for occupancy, quickly finding tenants.
  8. Initial Rent Payments: Investors started receiving rental income, which appeared to provide a sense of security initially.
  9. Abrupt Cessation of Rent: However, this income stream abruptly ceased after a few months.
  10. Investigation and Discoveries: Upon investigating further or engaging third-party inspections, investors discovered distressing realities. Some properties had never been repaired, while others had been vacant for years, never built, damaged by fire, or occupied by squatters.
  11. Unfulfilled Promises: Investors reached out to Morris Invest, where Clayton Morris reassured them that everything would be resolved. Unfortunately, no meaningful action was taken.

These stories began to surface around 2016, eventually leading to newspaper articles and lawsuits in 2019. Clayton Morris distanced himself from the issue, attributing blame to the property management company, Ocean Pointe. Subsequently, Clayton relocated to Portugal, where favorable laws provided a refuge from potential lawsuits stemming from the United States.

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Turnkey rental properties explained

Turnkey rentals are offered for sale by a variety of firms. Turnkey properties are residences that have been renovated, are now being rented out, and are otherwise in a move-in ready condition.

A turnkey property is one that may be purchased and put into immediate use by an investor. Turnkey homes are appealing to investors who reside in high-cost areas or who lack the time to do extensive property research.

Turnkey rentals have one major drawback in that they typically sell at full market value, negating one of the main benefits of investing in real estate: finding a good deal.

Many times, these homes are purchased by out-of-town speculators who have no way of keeping tabs on them. While turnkey rentals have the potential to be a profitable business, problems are not out of the question.

Turnkey rentals are an attractive investment option that Clayton has promoted as a means to enter the real estate market with no effort.

Final Verdict – Clayton Morris Review

Despite a recent decline in his Instagram following, Clayton Morris maintains a sizable fan base on video sharing platforms like YouTube and Instagram.

He still recommends investing in “turnkey” rental homes in other states. He has not left Portugal yet. He has not apologized and still maintains his innocence. He has even begun peddling audio courses that provide guidance on personal finance.

What will become of Clayton and Morris Invest is anyone’s guess, but I for one hope he is never given another opportunity to steal from the innocent.

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