Clickbank Breaks The Internet Review – Waste Of $2497


Justin Atlan Clickbank Breaks the Internet

Hello and welcome to my clickbank breaks the internet review.

Clickbank,clickbank,clickbank,that’s what we hear here all the time in the affiliate marketing space.

After Amazon affiliate marketing made their commission structure from 10% per sale to only 3% due to the lockdown[corona],thousands if not millions people moved towards clickbank.

I was also in amazon affiliate marketing for more then three years but after their update,I was left with no option other than to join clickbank.

From amazon affiliate marketing I was making $2000/month but after their new commission structure my income was $300/month,LOL.

So,I made a decision to move to clickbank and have a mentor that will help me to make the most out of clickbank.

And it was the best timely and early decision I made and changed my life totally.

Fast forward after one and a half year I am making more than $10k/month by promoting clickbank products.

For me,the secret of my success is having a mentor.A mentor which helped me pass through some shitty and difficult period.

Because clickbank affiliate marketing is not simple to execute,as it sounds.

Now,for teaching clickbank affiliate marketing,there are thousands of courses out there.Clickbank breaks the internet is one of them.

You are here only if you are looking to buy this course.So,before reviewing clickbank breaks the internet I want to clear one thing…

By any means I am not associated with clickbank breaks the internet and the owner,this means that this review is going to be completely unbiased and from a third party.

Let’s start the review.Before starting the review,Check out my #1 recommendation after reviewing 300+ online courses.

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Clickbank Breaks The Internet Review

clickbank breaks the internet review

Clickbank breaks the internet is an online course/product which teaches people to make money online from affiliate marketing through clickbank.

The creator of this course is Justin Atlan.It’s not the first course that Justin Atlan made,in fact before this one he created several courses which seems to be nowhere on the internet now.

Good thing about clickbank breaks the internet is that there is not upsell inside the system.

Bad thing…Price of clickbank breaks the internet is $2497 or three payments of $997.Wow,Just Wow..!

This price seems to be very high but who cares if it has the ability to change your life.Right?


Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online.

Why not..?Less stress,less hustle and you do not have to worry and deal with the product complaints.And the last most important thing is that it is passive.

What this means is that if you make someone click through your link and signup with a recurring tool,you will be paid each and every month till that person keeps on using that tool.

Clickbank affiliate marketing business model is very simple.

You chose any product to promote and then start driving audience to your affiliate links.And start making big dollars..

It’s that simple.But wait,as I said affiliate marketing business model is the hardest one to execute.Bringing traffic to your affiliate links is the hardest part in affiliate marketing game.

For this,there are thousands of gurus online which claims to pass you through this process and teach you this evergreen business model.

Thousands of gurus made courses on what they learnt throughout their career.So,you don’t make the same mistake and waste your time and money too.

I rank having a mentor more than anything in any online business.

It’s the best shortcut to success.

Now,the hardest part for us is to choose a mentor.It’s very hard to choose a mentor because everyone claims that you can get everything that you dream about,IF you pay them their course fees.


Some courses cost $10 and some costs $10,000.Yes,I have even reviewed courses like entre institute where their upsell goes up to $20k.

Now,before investing in any online course I want to double check the creator of the course.What’s the credibility of the course creator and whether he is legit or a scam.

If he is legit then how much he had made with affiliate marketing,or he even doing and making money with affiliate marketing or not?

We will talk about the owner,but I want to take your one second and make you understand clickbank in a better way.



I have not a single complain against clickbank.In Fact I am making $10k/month by promoting products inside clickbank.

One thing that you need to understand is that clickbank is just an affiliate network and connects affiliate marketers with vendor who wants more sales.

Commissions inside clickbank is totally made by the person whose product you are promoting.Some products give you up to 80% commissions and some give only 5%.

At the time writing this review,clickbank is the #1 affiliate network in the world.And after Amazon I do believe that it is going to blast in one or two years.

It has nothing to do with the competition and this industry is never going to be competitive.Most people thinks that affiliate marketing is saturated but it’s not true.

In fact you are competing only with one or two people in the world.Seems easy money once you have all the knowledge and skills under your belt.

For me,you are your biggest competitor..!

Clickbank Breaks The Internet Creator – Justin Atlas

clickbank breaks the internet review

So,who is Justin Atlas..?

He is an entrepreneur,consultant and adventurer according to him.

In 2014,Justin Atlas partnered with clickbank and made a course called clickbank university.This course has been bought by 20,000 people till date and the list is still going..

Justin Atlas also has a youtube channel,or you can follow him on facebook or instagram.

He says that I have been making money from clickbank since I was 18 years old.What’s new..?

Hundreds and thousands of people make money from clickbank every month.

Other than this I have tried very hard to find his achievements and credibility and how much he made on clickbank..Nobody knows.

The only thing that you need to know is that he has been making money from clickbank since when he was 18!!!

Inside Clickbank Breaks The Internet

clickbank break the internet scam

Now,before giving you some practical training on how to make money with clickbank,they will introduce you with some softwares which is going to help you and your business in future.

First one is WebinarX,by using this software you can promote done for you webinars and other training courses inside it.Now,what this software is for?

This software is for experienced people who have their own courses and training and want to sell them by webinar.It means that it has nothing to do with affiliate marketer.

This software is totally for vendor,because they are also going to teach you how to make money from clickbank as a vendor.

Why not?I really like when someone try to sell their products to me through a webinar.

Because that webinar works like a sales pitch and complete guide for what you are going to get inside the course.

So,after watching the webinar I can have a clear idea whether this product have the ability to change my life or not.And IF I buy it,the vendor going to make high ticket sale.

Clickbank University 2.0 For Free

You will get a complete access to clickbank university 2.0.

Clickbank university is a course which was created by Justin Atlas and clickbank to help people like you make money through clickbank.

Breaks The Internet Essential Training

All the training you need to make money online with clickbank.

Most of the videos inside this is available on youtube for free.Well,Almost 45% in my opinion.

Proven Webinar Money Making System

Well,this also does not have to do anything with affiliate marketers.This section is for vendors who wants to make money by their skills.

Webinar HQ And Hosting Platform


Private Community

A like minded community.

Well,here are other things which you will get inside the system.

  • Live Q & A Platform
  • Matt O?Connor copywriting guide
  • Clickbank market research
  • Expert interviews
  • Secret bonuses
  • Support – 7 Days in a month.

Most of the things they are giving or I say teaching you inside the course is available on youtube for free.

Why pay them big grands when you can just can do a little bit research yourself and understand these whole sections.

Like the section,clickbank market research,there are hundreds if not thousands of videos on youtube on this topic.

The other main concern for me is that they are not teaching you something practical.

Other than that they also did not make clear what kind of affiliate marketing they are going to teach you.Is this free traffic affiliate marketing or affiliate marketing using paid ads?

This is a turning point for me in any online affiliate marketing course.And on the base of this I can give a more clear review on that digital product.

But I tried really hard to find the missing puzzles in clickbank breaks the internet.

The next question in my mind is whether they are teaching either one of these two marketing methods or not.

Because as you can see,It looks like a motivational affiliate marketing course to me.

Clickbank Breaks The Internet Price

Clickbank breaks the internet price is whooping $2497.

It makes no sense to me to be honest.Yes,it seems to be a reasonable amount of money,If it can change your life.Right?

But I have been doing affiliate marketing for three years and know every traffic method and know what you need to become in affiliate marketing.

There is no secret marketing or traffic method which you will get to know for $2497.

Why pay them $2497,when there are many more cheap and more valuable options out there?

Let’s talk about the things which I liked and disliked In clickbank break the internet.

Things I Liked In Clickbank Breaks The Internet?

Having elite price does not mean that it has no positive points.Here are those.


Their support team is very responsive.

I emailed them yesterday about one or two questions which I mentioned in this review too(about traffic method).And they reached to me very quickly.So,it’s always good.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

They have a 30 days money back guarantee.

I do not know whether it is applicable or not.

Or even they are refunding money or not.Because I have reviewed many affiliate marketing courses with fake money back guarantee.

Payment Plan

Good thing…They have three payment plans of $997 for you.Bad thing…They are charging you $500 as a plenty.

No upsells

Because it is a course not a mlm or pyramid scheme.So,it does not have any upsells for you.Webinar works as an upsell.

Things I Disliked IN Clickbank Breaks The Internet

There are very concerning things which I disliked in this course.

No Practical Lessons

I tried my best to reach a verdict but didn’t,because I do not know what they exactly teaching inside the system.

Whether it’s free traffic or paid traffic.Or whether they are even teaching one of them or not.

Because as you can see from the sections it looks more like a motivational training course.

Free Stuff

There is almost everything they are teaching you inside this course is available for free on youtube.

Credibility Of The Owner

We do not know any achievement of the owner of this course.

Very Damn Expensive

Being in the online space for more than 3 years I know that what a successful affiliate marketer need to have.

But the cost of this course do not justify when you see at what you are getting inside it.

There are many cheap alternatives which provides 2x more value and costs 3x less than clickbank breaks the internet.

Final Opinion – Clickbank Breaks The Internet

Here is an offer for you,if you bought clickbank breaks the internet and made a dime/penny,share your screenshot in the comment.

I will delete this post/article.

If you still want to give it a try then best of luck.

But here is the alternative for you.

As I say that credibality matters for me before investing into any course or mentorship program.

That is why I recommend to learn from the best.

If you go with my #1 recommendation,you are going to learn from the best in the world.

The guy made $18 million from lead generation business model.

It’s my top recommendation,if you want bang for your bucks.

It worth each and every penny.Most of our students are making $10k,$20k,$30k/month.And many of them are making $100k/month.

Yes,you read it right,they are making $100k/month and this is why we are here.

To teach you the same exact things and skills that helped them doing this.

If you are interested in starting a solid,legit and passive business molde then book a call with us.

But before this,checkout the free training to understand the business module.

That’s it for today’s review.

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