CliKitz Review: Is This Product For Real?

Today, we’ll be taking a look at this product named CliKitz. Is CliKitz for real, or is it just another fake? Let’s see in this CliKitz review.

The worldwide economic status nowadays has led many people to find other ways to make income. And that is aside from having a 9-to-5 full-time job. Nowadays people turn to online affiliate marketing as another way for them to make passive income.

The road to income stability using affiliate marketing isn’t easy, though. Affiliate marketers have jumped in numbers ever since. Thus, the competition for who can get the most sales commissions has certainly become tougher. But the stories of some people succeeding in online affiliate marketing are real. You can turn your online affiliate marketing venture into a full-time career if you wish to, and succeed while doing it.

But getting to that point is not easy. It never was.

And that is where products like CliKitz aims to capitalize. CliKitz claims that it can produce “1-click paydays” for the affiliate marketer. You don’t need to have any technical skills, nor any marketing expertise, and they even claim that you don’t need to sell ANYTHING. CliKitz says it can take care of all the hard work, so you can just sit by and earn money.

So, does CliKitz live up to its hype? Is this really the answer to anyone struggling with earning income online right now? Keep reading this CliKitz review, and you decide for yourself.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent CliKitz review. I’m not affiliated with CliKitz, or any other product, in any way.

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What Is CliKitz?

CliKitz Review - Bundle

At its core, CliKitz is a cloud-based money-making app. It claims to let you earn passive income by building a sales website with your affiliate links on it. Then, when a viewer clicks on that link, you’ll immediately earn a commission. CliKitz also drives web traffic to your website, so in theory, there’ll be no shortage of visitors to click on your link, thus earning you a steady stream of income.

According to the official sales page, CliKitz has the following benefits:

  • Push-button, cloud-based app
  • No email list or website needed
  • No technical skills required
  • There is no selling required
  • No product creation or affiliate marketing
  • Get PAID for every single click multiple times daily
  • FREE traffic included
  • Discover how to make $136+ per day

CliKitz uses the Google Adsense platform for monetization, so make sure that you have a Google Adsense account first.

Who Created CliKitz

CliKitz is the brainchild of Jason Fulton, a full-time digital marketer, and entrepreneur. He’s also the developer of Tocked, a similar money-making software but using a different platform.

CliKitz Review - Jason Fulton

He also has a YouTube channel, which you can visit here.

Features & Benefits of CliKitz

These are taken from the official sales page of CliKitz.

CliKitz has the following features:

  • Push-Button 1-Click Payday App: The Clickitz app is easy-to-use, takes about 30 seconds to get set up, and once you activate the FREE traffic, you’ll be able to get 1-Click Paydays without any work or technical skills needed.
  • Step-By-Step Video Training: Although Clickitz is incredibly easy for ANYONE to use and get results right away, we’re also including step-by-step video training that shows you the fastest way to get things up and running so you make as much money as possible.

Here are the benefits of using CliKitz:

  • It’s newbie-friendly and 100% “Done For You”
  • You don’t need any technical skills or prior experience
  • It only takes 30 seconds to get set up and activate the app
  • FREE traffic is built into the app
  • You don’t have to sell anything to get paid
  • You get paid for EVERY click
  • This the only app that gets you EASY 1-Click Paydays
  • Get multiple 1-Click Paydays every single day and bank $136+ per day
  • Once activate your 1-Click Paydays the money just keeps coming day after day

CliKitz claims that all these features and benefits can the done in just three easy steps:

  1. Login to the CliKitz cloud-based app from anywhere
  2. Activate the app and get the free traffic flowing (Takes 30 seconds)
  3. Start getting 1-click paydays and make money today (No selling required. You get paid every time someone clicks)

Here’s a visual demo for CliKitz in case you want to see more:

CliKitz One-Time Offers

CliKitz also has other optional features that claim to enhance the experience of users of this app:

OTO 1: Unlimited Edition

Remove all limits from Clikitz

  • Supercharge your Clikitz results by up to 100x
  • Create unlimited money campaigns
  • Unlimited campaigns equal unlimited commissions
  • 4 extra DFY campaigns
  • Put this app on steroids

OTO 2: DFY Affiliate Profit

This upgrade is making it impossible for you to fail

  • 20 DFY profit campaigns ready to be deployed
  • They’ll set up everything for you
  • A failproof route for earning with this app
  • The niches will be chosen for you
  • Start making hands free income

OTO 3: Automation

You will have CliKitz campaigns run on complete autopilot & continue making you money. Save loads of time. Fully automate everything with this upgrade!

OTO 4: Diamond Traffic Edition

Here’s all discovered with this upgrade:

  • Get guaranteed real human traffic to your campaigns anytime you want it.
  • 100% effective new traffic source. No paid ads, no social media posting, no video, or anything technical.
  • Get real human traffic to your websites and boost your Alexa ranking as well.
  • Quit your job
  • Bank fast cash
  • Proven to work
  • Access their deadliest secrets

OTO 5: No Computer Paydays Edition

This upgrade will take you from $0 to super affiliate status so you can start cranking out $1,000 paydays effortlessly.

If you want…

  • Installing the same money pages & offers that have allowed some of their students to start making $1K or more in passive commissions.
  • Your free built-in traffic
  • A shortcut to 4 figure paydays

OTO 6: License Rights

Get the opportunity to sell CliKitz as your own product, and keep 100% commissions (even the upgrades!)

The reasons why you should consider this:

  • This is a full online business in a box
  • Keep 100% commissions
  • Save thousands on developing a completely new software

CliKitz Review: Will You Recommend CliKitz?

At first glance, CliKitz seems like a great tool to include in your online marketing strategies.

However, people should also pay close attention to any product like this and do their own research, before they decide that they’ll need this product.

With that in mind, here are some of the red flags that I found out while taking a closer inspection on this app.

  • The “Done-For-You” websites made by this app look really cheap and very low-quality. Showing low-quality content to most users will only make them ignore your website completely.
  • The sales page provides unrealistic claims. Most of the sales figures presented on it are, most of the time, fake.
  • Most of the testimonials featured on the sales pages are obviously fake as well. Looking at those testimonials very carefully would reveal they’re just using the VERY SAME testimonials from their other products.
  • What you’re getting at the initial purchase is just the front-end app, with its feature set very limited. The rest of the features are only available through upsells. Most of the time, they’re not being honest with their pricing, and you’ll only end up paying more.
  • There are already several claims that the creator, Jason Fulton, is a scammer. In addition, he’s already banned in WarriorPlus for having over-the-top refund rates for his other products.
  • Unlike this CliKitz review, which is completely independent, most of the reviews present for this product are all sponsored.
  • Finally, the money-back guarantee for this app is a joke. There are already numerous reports of people not getting their money back after they’re not satisfied with this product.

Instead of using these kinds of products, it’s much better if you just use a page builder program first to build your affiliate website, then strategically place your Google Ads there. It’s not only cheaper, but you’ll also get a more personalized approach to your website. Remember, users prefer a brand that makes them feel very important.


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Quick Google Adsense Tips

Google Adsense is a great platform to monetize your website. But in order to maximize your money-making venture using this, you should have a good amount of web traffic driven to your website.

Apps like CliKitz are only scams and you don’t need them. Instead, here are some quick tips that you should pay attention to to get the most value out of your Google Adsense campaign.

  • Build A Presentable Website: If your visitors don’t even bother taking time on your website, it’s highly unlikely that they’ll even click on any of your ads. To solve this, make sure that your website is as attractive as it can be. Don’t try to overwhelm the visitors by using overly fancy displays, fonts, etc. Rather, keep it as simple as possible. Prioritize website readability and simplicity instead of going overboard with fancy codes.
  • Make The Ads Presentable: By nature, website visitors are allergic to ads. Most of them only see it as distractions and completely ignore them. Therefore, design your ads so as to make them as unobtrusive as possible. Try to match the color of your ad banners to the overall theme of your website as much as possible. And make sure that the ads placement doesn’t contribute to unnecessary clutter on your website.
  • Create Inviting Content: Of course, an affiliate website is still nothing without relevant content on it. Always keep in mind the core teachings of content marketing. Build high-quality and content that’s relevant to your niche, and make sure that you follow a regular content-producing schedule. Visitors will most likely patronize a site that’s active and with updated content in it.
  • SEO And Keyword Research: Finally, always keep in mind the importance of proper SEO and keyword research for your website. It’s always important that you maintain high rankings on SERPs of Google and other search engines. This makes your website more visible when users search for a term related to your website, which permits more organic traffic to your website.

If you want to find out more about Google Adsense, watch this video:


My Favorite Program

CliKitz Review: Final Verdict

Before we close this CliKitz review, one final thing that you need to keep in mind when buying this app.

Due to the policy of Google Adsense, there’s a chance that your Google Adsense account will get banned when you software like CliKitz. That’s because Google also checks the quality of the affiliate website that you’re using for your Google Adsense campaign. If it’s of very poor quality, chances of a ban are possible.

Using Google Adsense for monetizing your websites is also a good idea to earn more passive income, but if you’re looking for another, and possibly more profitable way, then keep reading.

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