CNBC Pro Review – Scam Or Legit?

Today, we are going to talk about CNBC Pro. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

If you are somebody who gets his business news through television, CNBC is one of those channels that you would often go to for that. There are a couple of other channels that are available out there. But we’re mostly going to focus on CNBC for now. I know that you’re wondering why I am suddenly talk about a business news channel all of a sudden. Especially since most of what I talk about are online training programs that focus on things like ecommerce or digital marketing. There’s a pretty good reason for that.

CNBC, unsurprisingly, offers a subscription service on its website. We will talk more about what that subscription service is later on in this review. Judging by the title, you know exactly what that subscription service is. Like I said, it’s not surprising that a channel like CNBC would offer their own subscription service. I mean, their parent company has a streaming service that offers most of its sister channels’ entertainment and news offerings. So why shouldn’t CNBC offer their own service to its own audience? I mean, they have a big enough audience where it warrants that sort of thing. And their audience usually subscribes to different business publications already.

But for ordinary people who want to get into investing and trading, does a subscription to CNBC Pro make a lot of sense? Sometimes it’s good to hear insights from people who does this sort of thing regularly. As good as some insights are in written form, it’s easier for a lot of us to have a visual sense of what they mean. There’s still a lot of questions that beget an answer. And we will probably get to that by the end of this review for CNBC Pro.

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CNBC Pro Review: Quick Details

What Is CNBC?

Logo for the cable network CNBC, which offers the CNBC Pro service

There is not a lot that you should know about CNBC. It is a basic cable channel based in America that is focused on business news. Business news is anything that talks about the economy and the financial market at large. CNBC’s sister channel MSNBC or even the news telecasts on NBC have business news incorporated in their shows. But CNBC is where you could find everything that has to do with finance and the stock market. It’s a very specific channel for a very specific audience. They also have different channels based overseas that use the CNBC brand and also airs the shows that air on CNBC in America.

Like a lot of other cable television networks, CNBC started out differently to what it currently is. The earliest of CNBC was SPN or the Satellite Program Network. It’s kind of a general television network that aired a bunch of different stuff. They had music video shows, game shows, talk shows and even reruns of old sitcoms. It was what free-to-air networks would be like if they were only available on cable or satellite providers. A few years later into its run, SPN rebrand in 1986 to Tempo Television. It still had the same types of programming that it happen. But it seemed that their programming attracted a more upscale audience who enjoyed their programming compared to what was able on free-to-air television. In 1988, NBC decided to purchase the network because of the reach that the network had more than the programming that it contained. A few months later, they relaunched the network to the Consumer News and Business Channel.

It struggled a bit early on its run due to the existence of the Financial News Network, which was airing for about eight years at that point. By 1991, the Financial News Network signed a deal to merge their network with CNBC. But it didn’t push through because the company that owned FNN filed for bankruptcy. That lead to a bidding war between Dow Jones & Company—yes, that Dow Jones—and CNBC. Eventually, CNBC won the bidding war. And once FNN went off the air, CNBC immediately took over, which lead them to increase their audience reach twofold.

The network steadily grew its audience within the next couple of years. It expanded to other territories through O&Os (owned and operated networks) and licensing deals with other media companies. Obviously, it also expanded its digital reach which lead to them starting their own subscription service called CNBC Pro.

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What Is CNBC Pro?

CNBC Pro is an online subscription service that adds onto the core experience of the CNBC website. You have the CNBC website. It is a normal news site. You get everything that you could get out of it. There are articles and opinion pieces about what’s happening in the market and the economy. What you see is what you get, basically. It works exactly how it’s meant to work. Mainly as a hub for everything that gets aired on television while also expanding on it that you don’t really get from an hour-long program.

With CNBC Pro, you get access to additional content that is only available through that subscription service. Most of what’s on the website can be viewed for free. You don’t have to worry all that much with using up the free articles a month that other publications usually give you. They work differently compared to say, The Washington Journal.

It’s not unusual for certain websites to have certain content hidden behind a paywall. Something like Stock Gumshoe would have most of their articles available for free to everyone. But they would also have other content that you could only view if you pay for a subscription. CNBC and Stock Gumshoe operate different, since the latter is independently run while the other operates under a corporate umbrella. But both of them offer most of their content for free.

A screenshot of the CNBC Pro website

What you get from the CNBC Pro subscription service is fairly simple. You get access to a livestream of the CNBC channels based in the U.S., Europe and Asia. (Because those are the only CNBC-branded channels that NBCUniversal owns and operates.) Aside from that, you also get access to the Pro Playbook, which is a daily newsletter that would influence your investment strategies. You also get access to additional articles that they post every week for Pro subscribers. They’ve also added a new feature called the Stock Screener which basically lets you keep track of the stocks that you already follow. It allows you to filter stocks through a variety of different categories including “investor sentiment.” Bear in mind that this particular feature can only be access through the desktop website for CNBC. It doesn’t seem that they have added this functionality to their mobile apps yet.

There are also other additional video content including Pro Talks, which features insights from the hosts of CNBC’s programming slate and Views from the Top, which is a Q&A series. You also get access to a library featuring full interviews with CEOs and other major investors.

CNBC Pro is available to most territories, but you can check their FAQ page to check if your country is excluded from it. The cost for CNBC Pro is either $34.99 for a monthly subscription or $299.99 for an annual subscription.

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Final Verdict – CNBC Pro Review

If you are somebody who is already getting your business news from CNBC, this subscription service is probably for you. It does add something to the experience of going through the website. You get additional content out of it. It could definitely help you in forming your strategy when it comes to investing. So it’s probably well worth the money to try it out. You’re already spending money on investing, so why not spend so more on this?

This particular subscription service is definitely not for everyone, I’ll admit that. It could be beneficial to those who want to get into investing. But it’s definitely not something that you should be getting immediately. There’s a pretty decent amount of additional content to this particular service. And I appreciate that it also gives you the ability to watch shows from the international editions of CNBC in Europe and Asia. Though, you should be aware that there is a certain timeslot where the livestream is available. It’s not a 24/7 kind of livestream where you can just watch everything that they air on the channel. But they do offer their shows on-demand through CNBC Pro.

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That’s it for my review of CNBC Pro. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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