Cody Bjugan Reviews – Scam or Legit?

Today, we will be talking about Cody Bjugan and his works. Is it legit? Find out in this Cody Bjugan Review.

Cody Bjugan, a seasoned veteran with over two decades of experience challenges the status quo in the real estate industry. In a world where myths often shape perceptions, Cody aims to dispel the misconceptions surrounding raw land with development potential.

Is the conventional wisdom surrounding land development and homebuilding ripe for a revolution, and will Cody be the key to unlocking life-changing wealth in the vast world of real estate? This review delves into Cody’s unique insights, questioning established norms and exploring the untapped potential of raw land. 

Disclaimer: I am not in any way affiliated with Cody Bjugan nor with any of his works. This is solely an unbiased review of him and his work/s.

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Cody Bjugan Reviews: Quick Details

Name: Cody Bjugan


Socials: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn

Niche: Real Estate

Recommendation: By starting with a blank canvas, investors would likely see an opportunity to shape the development of a raw land according to market demands, zoning regulations, and environmental considerations in comparison to an already developed land. 

Who is Cody Bjugan?

Cody Bjugan

Cody Bjugan is from Paradise Valley, Arizona. He is a distinguished figure in the real estate industry, boasting a career that spans over two deceased as a veteran Land Developer and homebuilder. With his wealth of experience, he has become a notable authority in the field, renowned for his expertise in navigating the complexities of raw land development.

He stands out amongst others because of his commitment to guiding real estate entrepreneurs on how to capitalize on the unprecedented demand for raw land with development potential, emphasizing the potential for creating life-changing wealth through strategic investments. 

His unique insights and innovative approaches contribute to reshaping perceptions within the industry, making Cody a sought-after expert in the realm of land development.

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Cody’s P.I.F

Cody's P.I.F

Cody’s approach to real estate is all encapsulated in his P.I.F (Purpose, Impact, Fulfillment) philosophy. 

For him, Purpose goes beyond profit margins, but it’s also about aligning investments with a higher mission, ensuring that each development project serves a meaningful purpose within its community

Impact underscores the transformative effect of strategic land acquisition, not just on your portfolio but also on the broader landscape. Through VestRight and the Land Acquisition Academy, he emphasizes the power of real estate development to positively influence neighborhoods, fostering sustainable growth and community development.

And lastly, Fulfillment is the culmination of Purpose and Impact, representing the satisfaction derived from creating lasting value for both investors and the communities they serve. 

With this philosophy, Cody embodies a holistic approach to real estate – one driven by purposeful investment, positive impact and personal fulfillment.

What is VestRight?


VestRight is Cody’s platform in helping you understand the most profitable and least understood strategies in the vast world of real estate, which is dealing with raw lands.

It was founded in 2019, with the aim of being the driving force of knowledge, demystifying the myths and showing real estate entrepreneurs how to capitalize on the unprecedented demand for raw lands with development potential.

They want to differentiate the differences and most especially the benefits of dealing with raw lands, rather than doing the norm – house flipping, wholesaling and the likes. Stuffs like this and everything in between regarding real estate and raw lands are all included in their program, Land Acquisition Academy.

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Land Acquisition Academy

Land Acquisition Academy is a relatively new course, but the founders aren’t. They have more than 2 decades of experience and what they’ll teach here is the exact same replica that made them the successful real estate investors they are now. 

The course specializes in dealing with residential development land as they are most likely to be developed first as the population of the world gets bigger and bigger. It consists of housing development, encompassing single and multi-family homes, and planned communities. 

But the strategies that you will learn here can also be used in commercial and industrial settings. Like most real estate courses out there, Land Acquisition Academy includes teaching the following key concepts:


Proximity to urban centers, amenities and infrastructure greatly influences the land’s value. They will also teach you how to evaluate the area’s growth potential, zoning regulations and future development plans.

Market Analysis

You’ll learn how to identify emerging markets or areas with projected growth and you must also know and research local real estate market trends/demand for specific types of development.

Infrastructure Availability

This is the most important aspect that you should be mindful of. Assess the availability of essential infrastructure such as roads, utilities and water supply, and cost and feasibility of connecting to such existing infrastructure should be considered. 

Environmental Considerations

Conducting an environmental assessment also does the trick. You should be able to identify potential issues such as soil quality, flood zones, and other environmental constraints. There’s no one person who’s willing to buy land near a hazardous zone afterall. 

Financial Analysis

They will work with you, helping you conduct a thorough financial analysis, considering acquisition costs, development expenses, holding costs and potential returns. They also have tools that you can use to estimate cash flow, return of investment and other financial metrics.

Exit Strategy

Knowing your exit strategy will help you create informed decisions on what you’ll do with the raw land right in front of you – whether it’s flipping, subdividing and selling parcels, or holding it for long-term appreciation. 

And the best part of all of these is that it is viable at home. Yes, you read it right. You can do all of these at the comfort of your homes. All you need is to have a laptop, phone and an internet connection.

For land deals, all the data that you need can be seen using your computer. The site where the land is, and with just one look, you’ll be able to know whether it’s a land with potential growth or not, with the help of the strategies that’s included in this course. 

The price is too overwhelming, costing you $15,000 for the Land Acquisition Academy. There can be minimal coaching calls, but they prefer not to be accustomed to it. They want you to be on your own feet, just learning all of the things included in the course.

Pros and Cons


  • Cody Bjugan has a ton of experience and knowledge in the craft, making him one of the sought-after personalities in the real estate industry.
  • Raw land provides a blank canvas for development, allowing you to customize projects based on market demands and trends or just hold for it until its value rises.
  • It has typically lower upfront cost compared to already developed properties
  • Successful development can lead to significant appreciation in the property’s value over time.
  • The competition of buying raw land versus an already developed property is said to be lesser.
  • Cody’s VestRight has gathered a lot of testimonials from happy clients stating that his strategies gave them the opportunity to impact their and other’s lives.


  • There’s no refund policy indicated for their Land Acquisition Academy course. 
  • The cost of the course might be too much of an investment that can overwhelm some people.
  • Developing raw land involves uncertainties such as zoning changes, environmental challenges, and environmental development risks.
  • While the upfront cost for buying the raw land may be less expensive, the overall investment increases if you choose to continue on developing it.
  • The success of raw land investment is closely tied to market trends and demand, introducing a level of unpredictability.

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Is Cody Bjugan a Scam?

Cody Bjugan seems legit. His two decades of experience can prove that he has expertise in his craft and still continuing to broaden his perspectives in the real estate industry while helping people through the intricacies of buying raw land with the potential for development growth. 

In the end, it still lies on the preferences of a certain investor. If you’re one of those seeking stability and quicker returns, flipping, renting or dealing with already developed property is the right way for you. But if you’re patient enough to wait and let the market trend shift into your favor, then investing on a raw land that has the potential for substantial growth is the best way to go. 

It’s true that real estate has made more millionaires compared to other businesses and other types of investments out there, but it still depends on your own work ethics, preferences and passion that makes you successful in any kind of venture.

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