Cody Jinks Net Worth

Today, we are going to be talking about Cody Jinks and his net worth.

So many new artists have seemingly appeared out of nowhere the past couple of years. Though, I guess I just wasn’t really paying attention to new releases. Because there are so many of them. I don’t know how I could keep track of it.

I guess writing about different artists and bands help me learn more about them. While I may not listen to their music after researching about them, at least I have a feel for what kind of music that they make. And that’s what matters, right?

It’s sometimes hard to get into new music. Even though I still enjoy getting to know new artists, it’s rare that I would immediately become a fan of them. I try my hardest to listen to newer artists. But when I like a song of theirs, it often leads to me becoming one of their fans.

Sometimes there are just artists that don’t show up on my radar. Often algorithms for streaming platforms like Apple Music or Spotify will suggest you artists and bands with a similar vibe to what you already to. They know exactly what type of music you’ll enjoy because they use the data you provide to them.

Exploring new music is often a challenge, so that’s why I don’t try. But when something sounds good to me, I will try to seek out the rest of their music. It’s hard for a lot of artists and bands to make it nowadays. They have to contend with playing the algorithm game to get people to listen to them.

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Cody Jinks: Quick Details

  • Full name: Meredith Cody Jinks
  • Birthdate: August 18, 1980
  • Occupation: Singer-songwriter
  • Estimated net worth: $1 million

The Early Life of Cody Jinks

There isn’t really a lot that I could find regarding Cody Jinks’s childhood. Though, if a lot of the other artists I’ve written about are any indication, they probably were influenced by their parents growing up. That’s sort of common among a lot artists in various genres.

It shouldn’t be surprising that a lot artists grew up listening to music. Often the songs that we listen to when we were younger influences our tastes and our style. Our parents are the ones who usually introduce us to music.

Cody Jinks seems to have grown up listening to country music. That lead him to learn how to play guitar. Obviously, so that he could play the songs that he listens. Sometimes we grow out of the things that we loved when we were younger. Or you just develop your own taste. That was when Cody discovered the genre of metal.

Eventually, he joined a thrash metal band called Unchecked Aggression. The band lasted for a few years. Though they did manage to release an album in 2002. After the band broke up, Cody Jinks took a bit of a break.

He started to get back into music in 2005. This time around, he went back to his country music roots. It took him a few years to get back in the groove. He spent about six years playing thrash metal. So sometimes it’s hard to shake off the past like that.

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The Growth of His Career

It took a bit of time before he started to release the music that he and his backing band, the Tone Deaf Hippies, were performing. Sometimes, it’s hard to choose the progression of an album. Or maybe they didn’t really have enough songs to warrant a full release.

You’d be surprised that Cody released his music all on his own. It’s hard for any artist to release music on their own. But considering that iTunes already existed by that point, along with the other music selling platforms, he probably was able to release music digitally. But actually doing physical release is a whole other thing.

It wasn’t until he released the 2015 album “Adobe Sessions” that he started getting attention. I initially thought that the company that makes Photoshop was involved in the production of the album. Then I remembered that adobe refers to a material they use to make houses. The album managed to show up in Billboard’s regional Heatseekers charts at the time of release. He became the opening actor for Sturgill Simpson’s tour that year.

Cody’s career really took off after that. It’s amazing to see people succeed after putting the work for all these years. Sometimes it really just takes a lot of time and effort for people to succeed. He has spent almost a decade as a country artist by that point.

The Years After That

There isn’t really much else that we could talk about outside of his career. That’s the only thing we can talk about when it comes to musicians, I guess? Their career is the only think that is worth talking about.

It’s insane that it took a decade before his career really took off. Sometimes you just don’t really know what releases you do will hit with the audience. People are weird like that sometimes. You just kind of have to trust that people will enjoy the work that you do.

By 2016, Cody had released the album “I’m Not the Devil.” Sometimes during the recording process, things change either for the better or worse. The recording sessions are of the time where there’s a lot of room for experimentation. Making new songs is hard to do.

The album was close to being finished and they had already chosen a title at that time. But by the time that they finished recording “I’m Not the Devil,” they decided to rename the album with that track in mind.

“I’m Not the Devil” managed to debut at number four on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart. It’s an amazing feat, to be honest. The album also managed to sell 11,300 copies in the first week. It may not seem like a lot considering other genres go upwards of the hundred thousands. 11,300 within a week is still a lot of copies sold.

He was co-headliner on a tour with the band Whitney Morgan and the 78’s. Aside from that, the album was named one of the best country albums of the year by Rolling Stone.

He still did some releases in the next couple of years. In 2017, he release a cover of the Pink Floyd song “Wish You Were Here.” Aside from that, he also released an expanded and remastered version of his 2010 album “Less Wise.”

In 2018, he released the album “Lifers.” This was the first album that released under a label deal with Rounder Records. Like I said previously, most of his early releases were self-published. It’s interesting to see him choose to have his record released through another label.

Sometimes you do need help with distribution of your music. It’s easier to do that now. But prior to this, it’s hard being an independent distributor.

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So What Is Cody Jinks’s Net Worth?

By 2019, he decided to go back to release music on his own. But this around, he founded the record label Late August Records. It makes sense that he would start his own label. I feel like a lot of artists at some point do that. As well know, owning your music is a challenge.

In October of that year, he released the album “After the Fire.” I guess the album managed to show up in one of the Billboard charts on the week of release. It was until two weeks after that the album managed to reach the number 2 spot on the Top Country Albums chart.

At that point, Cody Jinks has amassed a net worth of $1 million. It’s not bad for an artist who has worked for almost two decades.

What’s weird about it is that “After the Fire” wasn’t the only album that he released that year. Or even that month. A week after the release of the album, he released “The Wanting.”

It’s insane to see artists just choose to release multiple albums with a short amount of time. This kind of release structure is pretty rare. I know a lot of artists record a lot songs that never make the cut. But being album to produce two albums’ worth of new music? That is crazy.

Sometimes when the creativity is flowing, it’s hard to make it stop. But why would you? Creativity and inspiration are often hard to come by sometimes. Even if you try to conjure them up, they wouldn’t really last. When you get that kind of opportunity, you seize.

It’s amazing to see how much Cody’s career has changed throughout the years. Despite having spent a decade writing and performing country, he hadn’t really gotten the experience to have his own tour bus until recently.

He has such a solid support group. Apparently, his wife watched him perform on stage before they even gotten together. Who would have thought that somebody in the audience would become the love your life? It feels like it came out of a movie.

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