Commission Hero Review: 20 Reasons To Buy Or Avoid It(2020)

Hello and welcome to my commission hero review.

So,Who does not like to wake up with $1000s checks?

Commission hero is a course by Robby Blanchard which teaches people high ticket affiliate marketing.

Robby Blanchard is the world’s top clickbank affiliate.He launched his course commission hero last year in 2019.

To let people know the secrets which he used to make $9,200,00 per month.

I often watch him showing screenshots of his students’ success in facebook groups.It blows my mind too.

First I want to appreciate your decision about going full into affiliate marketing.

It is the best business model online.

So,without wasting anytime, let’s talk about commission hero.

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Commission Hero Reviewcommission-hero-1

Commission Hero is a course by Robby Blanchard.

In this course he teaches people how to promote clickbank products and make $1000s in a day by running FB ads.

Yes,the one and only marketing strategy that you are going to learn from commission hero is facebook paid marketing.

This is because Robby Blanchard is a master of running paid traffic and getting insane ROI.(return of investment).

Infact,Clickbank did a contest among it’s thousand and millions of affiliates,and robby blanchard won that.

Robby Blanchard claims that his students are even making $35000/month.

Aim Of Robby’s Course is..

commission hero robby blanchard


Here is a quick video of Robby Explaining commission hero..

Who Is Robby Blanchard?

Robby blanchard grew in a small town Massachusetts,a retired fitnes coach.

robby blanchard scam robby blanchard review

Later he created his own fitness course in 2015 which was 6 weeks shred.

Now,Robby Balnchard is the number one clickbank affiliate in the world.

He made up to 920,000 in a single month from clickbank.He topped leaderboard amongst thousands of affiliates wh9 took part in this competition.Robby-Blanchard-1

Here is a video about Robby Blanchard..

As he said that he was once a struggling gym coach,so here is an old video of Robby blanchrad old youtube channel talking about health and finess.

Here is what he wrote about himself on linkedin..

contact robby blanchard

Inside Commission Hero

It is well priced and pure online marketing training on facebook ads,let’s talk about what you will get inside.

These are the things that you are going to learn/get inside commission hero.

  • Landing pages
  • Ad Images that convert well
  • Facebook training system
  • Lot?s of contant
  • Private coaching group
  • Live Training with robby
  • Rolodex of contacts
  • Ad account training

I know a course I reviewed on BeastPreneur which offers the same training and charges people $2500.

The name of that one is legendary marketer.

Now I have seen lot’s of graphics of both of these companies,legendary and commission heroe,they have pretty similar graphics.

Like email swipes,Pre written fb ads,videos and sales page.I do not know who copied who.But,let’s move forward.

There will be 40 videos with 12 training module.Some heavy learning stuff here.

Here you go, want to watch a good video on what you are going to get inside the system?

Looking all good?But you are clever enough to get the point that it’s a sales video..

Can You Make Money After Buying Commission Hero?

Yes,of course you can make money from commission hero.In Fact you can even make $1000/day.

There are hundreds of success stories of commission hero students which were complete beginners like you.

One thing I like about affiliate marketing is that it is based on proven marketing strategies and 100% chances will be that you are going to end up making money online.

Yes,paid fb ads involve risks and there are chances that you can also lose your money.

Now,let me tell you two ways to make $10k/month with affiliate marketing.

No bullshit,luck or BS.Here is how it goes..

1 – First one is to get free traffic to your affiliate links or you can say products.Traffic channel can be anyone of these,instagram,IG,youtube and SEO.

Organic traffic can take time.In fact it takes time.

How much?It depends on situations,Niche,product price and your working hours.

For example, I started affiliate marketing for free and it took me 7 months and 17 days to get my first sale.

Yes,this is because organic traffic/SEO takes time.

It was a $7 sale on which I made $5.And you know what,most people including me do not see results in affiliate marketing with organic traffic within 5,6 months.

Before talking about the second way, I also wrote a post on How to start affiliate marketing for beginners.

2 – Second way to make money with affiliate marketing is Paid traffic.

It is when you run fb,instagram,snapchat and google ads to your affiliate links.

It is the fastest and quickest way to make money in affiliate marketing.It involves risks.Like crypto and nfts.

But one thing is that if you start running ads today,you can make money today.

Not like organic traffic,in which if you put the work today,it will make you money after months.

So,takeaways from this is that.

Paid Traffic = Quick Money?

Organic Traffic = Build Slowly and a long term game.

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How Are You Going To Make Money With Commision Hero?

Simple,quick and fast.You will run ads on your affiliate products and make money on that similar day.

I am not denying the fact that it requires hard work,but results are very fast.

If you want to make money after taking this course then you have to buy a funnel builder software called clickfunnels.

It is going to cost you $97/month.This software is the payoneer of fb ads.

Without funnel builders,running fb ads is a waste of time and money.

So,conclusion is that for making money it is necessary to buy clickfunnels.

These are the tools that you need to have to make your facebook ads more effective.

  • Clickfunnels Landing page builder software will cost you $97 each and every month.100% worth it.
  • Clickmagick Tracking tool to optimize ads.It will cost you 27 bucks a month.
  • Getresponse An Autoresponder which sends and collects emails is going to cost you $15/month.It is essential if you want to make money doing email marketing.

That is additional $140,but it has nothing to do with commission hero.

These are must to have tools and everybody that wants to make money with fb ads should buy them.

I personally bought them because they are the most essential and useful tools for affiliate marketers.No matter you are running fb ads or google ads.

Commission Hero Price

Commission hero price is one time $997 or two payments of $597.If you chose two time payments then you are going to pay them extra $196.

commission hero price discount

Overall Expense With Commission Hero!

Let’s talk about the overall investment that you need to make on commission hero.

Let’s do the math..

Commision hero course = $997

Clickfunnels = $97

Clickmagic = $27

Getresponse = $15

You must have to invest $1140 approx.

Optional charges?

Inner circle = $200.

Is Commission Hero A Scam?

No,commission hero is a legit course which actually teaches people affiliate marketing.

In fact the price of the course is very reasonable too and many students are getting success and making wealth.

commission hero bonuses clickbank affiliate marketing

I have reviewed many online courses and they all are very overpriced.I already talked about legendary marketer which costs 2500 bucks.

So,if you compare this one to other affiliate marketing courses then I must have to say that it is a no brainer to not buy this.

If you want to make money with affiliate marketing then you have to learn paid advertisement.

And what’s better than learning it from the best in the business?

Robyy Blanchard is the top affiliate marketer in the world when it comes to affiliate marketing with paid traffic.


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Things I Disliked In Commission Hero

There are few things which I disliked in commission heroe.

Marketing Tactics

I do not know who to blame in this, but let me tell you a fact.

You may receive an email from anyone promoting commission heroe,or see videos of commission hero students making $10k in a day.commission-hero-scam

But if you are a beginner or newbie more chances are that you will misunderstood these numbers.They make $10k in sales,not in profit.

So,in scripts,email swipes and fb ads copy they do not describe/elaborate it.

Or they do not want to elaborate this to us.Nevertheless,it is totally not commission hero responsibility to describe us.

Because whenever they say that their student makes $5k in day,this means in sales not in profit.They don’t differ fb ads cost from profit.You got that point?

Money Back Guaranteecommission-hero-refund-policy

This is another thing where in most of my courses review I give course makers a slight edge.

Commission hero has a money back guarantee which can be refunded after 12 months.

And after 12 months you have to apply for that within the first 7 days.

This is a very strict policy in my opinion.

Why I give this a slight edge?This is because I think that it is fair to not have a money back guarantee.

You go to college for 16 years and pay them $$$ for every semester.

This means that after paying them fees for 16 years and not getting a job after that,college will have to give you money back guarantee too?

They never will.And more importantly courses/skills do not gonna cost you 16 years to learn?

Clickbank Becoming Scam Marketplace

I am concerned that clickbank has some crappy products.

They are not even worth a penny.Not all products,just some of them.But here is the deal.You may be thinking that why I am not happy with clickbank on some levels.

This is because the commission hero,Robby Blanchard, is going to teach you how to choose products from clickbank for affiliate marketing.

For this all people that join commission hero,start promoting Robby’s recommended products,that leads to saturation,and people often think that commission hero is a pyramid scheme,which it is not.

And when a product becomes saturated,more chances are that you find it hard to sell.

Because there are already 1000s people promoting the same product.

I do not know about you,but I do not want to jump in a pool full of peeps.

Only Teaching Facebook Paid Advertisements

I mentioned the legendary marketer price and compared it to commission hero.

This is because commission hero price is affordable and makes sense,but the fact is that you are going to learn about paid advertisement.

So,you can say that it is a course which will teach you how to be a fb ad ninja.

They are not focusing on other kinds of marketing like email marketing,SEO(free traffic from google),youtube marketing,google ads and many many free ways to generate free and long term traffic.

Monthly Cost Can Increase

I forgot to tell you that other than buying tools,you have to spend at least 200 bucks on fb ads.And this price can increase,if you do not succeed in the first try.

It is fact that in commission hero you are going to learn some solid strategy running fb ads,but still it is not proven way to get ROI.

Instead you lose your money.But one good thing is that,the skills you learn in commission hero,can overcome your all loses!

Things I Like In Commission Hero

Let’s talk about things which I Liked In Commission Hero..

Real Marketing Strategy

Commission hero is going to show you the real marketing world.People are making thousands of dollars from fb ad.So,I have no doubt that this simply works.

In fact my friend Jacob caris made $100,000 in one day promoting Dean Graziosi and Tony Robinnson courses.

No bullshit,NO Bs,but the truth is you can make life changing income online by buying commission hero.


Personally before buying any online course I want to know the owner.

Whether he is credible for that course or not.

Commission Hero is a course by world’s top clickbank affiliate marketer.And clickbank is a top affiliate network.Means Robby actually know this s***.

Inner Circle

This is going to cost you approx.300 bucks a month.And if you are newbie in affiliate marketing,I would recommend you to buy that one too.

Because inside inner circle they are going to give you ready made sale funnels made be Robby Blanchard and I know how helpful it can be for a affiliate marketer.

Fastest Way Making Money

It is the fastest and easiest way to make money online with affiliate marketing.

Yes,there is not a single way which can help you make money faster than the one they teach in commission hero.

But I recommend to run $5 ads per day and scale from there,IF you are seeing profits.

Note : [I am editing this review,because after reviewing this course,I have read many reviews on google and people are still complaining that it is a scam.

I think it is my duty as this website owner to give you full information and everything you will need to make a decision.

So,here is more to this review,now we are going to talk about 20 reasons,10 to buy and 10 to avoid commissions hero course.Let the fun begin..]

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10 Reasons To Avoid Commission Hero

Here are the 10 reasons for you to not buy commission hero and avoid it at all costs.

1 – Additional Costs

I think I have already talked about this one,so I will not waste time again on it.

All you need to know is that you have to invest in marketing tools like clickfunnels and others.

Which Robby did not seem to mention in webinar or anywhere else.

2 – Just focusing on Clickbank

It is just focusing on clickbank and do no focuses on other marketing networks.Yes,the core affiliate network’s product to promote is clickbank.

Now,clickbank is banned in many countries.If clickbank is banned in your country then it seems to be a waste of time and money to buy this course.

Here is the list of countries where clickbank is banned.

Other than this clickbank has some other amazing facts which go against commission hero..

As I said that clickbank is becoming scam marketplace,so you have to be careful before promoting any product.I recommend to check that product stats before start pushing it.

I.E,gravity which means how many people are promoting it before you.

Even better,if you buy that product before promoting it.

It is just me,I love to buy the product which I think to promote in the future.

Clickbank cons…

  • Now almost 50% of clickbank products do not last for more than 3 years.
  • Refund rates can be a s high as 10% and it can go upto 30% if you choose a scam product.
  • Fewer and fewer products are listed on clickbank each and every passing day,in which some are straight scams.

Here are the videos from Robby Blanchard channel in which he tells which products to promote.

In this video Robby Blanchard mentioned Ted’s Woodworking…

clickbank product

This product is very infamous and got a special shoutout on the clickbank wikipedia page.

Robby also mentioned numerology as a good product,but it is a complete scam.Here is a video proof.

Other than this I have just watched his video with Justin Atlas which is the creator of clickbank university and clickbank breaks the internet.

He did a collab with Justin Atlas and on that video praised Justin for his courses and mentorships he is providing to people who want to make money from clickbank.

I have just reviewed Justin Atlas courses and according to me these both courses are just trash and waste of money.

And the funny part is that his courses cost $2500 each.

Here are the products which helped Robby Blanchard make $1.8 million alone from the clickbank platform.



Major part of his success came from leptitox and most of his students getting success while promoting leptitox.

But here’s the thing,as Robby Blancahrd mentions these products,what’s going to happen next?

This is going to make these products saturated because all students will focus on that one.But you have to find your own winning products,like Robby did at the start.

Not just to copy your mentor’s advice and paste it on your ads and start running them for $100 and $1000s.

3 – Refund Policy

commission hero refund policy

It’s refund policy is very strict and according to me,once you buy a commission hero and then thought to refund your money,you’re gonna face difficulty.

Why?Because of these rules which were made by them?

  • If you want a refund then you have to wait for 12 months to request a refund.
  • After one year,you have to request a refund within 7 days,or else forget it.
  • If they agreed to give you a refund,they’re gonna ask you proof of you applying for their course and taking action.

Go here if you want to read commission hero refund policy.

And here is the little thing I found on their sales page.It’s saying that you can generate ROI very fast.Within 30 days,which I think is not a good thing to mention there.

affiliate marketing

4 – Facebook Group

commission hero fb group

Commission hero has its own private facebook group.Which you will get access if and only if you bought commission hero.This community is very helpful and there to help each other.

Community always hustling and trying to make it happen.And you will not be the first ones to join this group,thousands of people bought commission hero and are there to help you during your journey.


Bad thing…If you post something bad,it will be deleted by admins.

For example,I like it when some private groups do not moderate posts,it increases legitimacy.

Also,you never know who is posting their bad experience,because those posts will be moderated by the admin.And if the person will say something against this course,it will be removed again and again.

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5 – Clickbank Banned?

Clickbank is banned from many countries.This means that this course is not workable for people living in those countries which are banned.

These countries include,India,Pakistan,African Countries and most of the asian countries.Or else you can find a way to make a clickbank account(;


6 – Banned Facebook Accounts

There are many complaint about commission hero students of their accounts shutting down by facebook.

It is a very common thing which happens almost every time when you run ads.

Robby Blanchard has a special section on how to tackle this issue.

commission hero fb

Here is a video of Robby Blanchard explaining this issue.

Other then this,here is a screenshot of his student talking about his struggles with fb ads shutdown sh**.

commission hero bonuses

This is why Robby Blanchard advises his students to not run ads directly to your affiliate links.

Instead of this you have to direct your visitors to a lead capture and after this capture their email and than sell them something.

Few will buy upfront and few will not.Sell them in future,who do not buy upfront.Email market them?Money is in the list.This advice is the best one that came from Robby Blanchard..

7 – Support

I have emailed Robby Blanchard media four days back and still did not get the answer back.So,you can say their support is very poor.

I hate when my emails do not get a reply.

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8 – Focusing On Paid Traffic

It is focusing on paid traffic only.

No free traffic or how to make money with free traffic.Why free traffic is the pillar of building an online business for me?

Let me explain free traffic vs paid traffic in affiliate marketing?

Building an online business with free traffic from google on any other platform takes time.

As I told my little story above,I spent most of my time using free traffic for my products.Now,I have said that you need to spend at least $1000 on fb ads.

And I too know that if I want to see some success in affiliate marketing then for this I have to spend $1000.But I was not a fan of spending my money on my business.

I wanted my business to pay for it.

Yes,that is why I focused on free traffic because I wanted my business to pay for my expenses,not my bank account.

And in commission hero,as you are not going to learn free traffic,you have to spend $$$ from your bank account.

But as I said it is the fastest way to make money with affiliate marketing,so no complaints..!

9 – Making Money From Others Effort

Robby Blanchard is making money from other people’s referrals.

As I said that you will need to buy clickfunnels which is necessary to run ads.

Now,they have an affiliate program in which they will give you $38 for each person you signed up under your link.And that money is recurring too.

Means that if you managed to signup someone through your affiliate link,you will be paid till that person stop using this software.

Like clickfunnels,getresponse and clickmagick has also recurring affiliate program.

So,who is going to make all these money?

It’s Robby Blanchard,inside commission hero he will give you his affiliate link to buy them.And if you end up using these tools for life,Robby will make some real money with others effort haha.

Why I am saying it’s unfair.

I have been in another program called legendary marketer which is very similar to commission hero.

In that course,they were crediting clickfunnels and aweber(email marketing tool) to the person who refers the customer to the course.

Now ,if you refer someone to commission hero,Robby will make money from your referrals.

Not just any money it’s RECCURING.lOL..!

Robby blanchard legit

And by doing this he won a dream car from clickfunnels.Someone wins a dream car from clickfunnels if they refer 100+ active customers to clickfunnels.In this case,Robby is recommending 100+ members each and every month.

It’s just my point of view and thinking,yours can be different.I am just sharing my views openly with you guys(;

Because if I recommend you legendary marketer,at you end up buying clickfunnels and other tools,I will make money on All.

10 – People Are Complaining Online

I do not know but there are still people who are complaining and saying it’s a scam.I have spent a fair amount of time reading these all complaints.

They all are saying commission hero a scam but are not giving the reason why.

And there are some reviews which are saying that commission hero is not scam.

I recommend you to not believe them all the time.Because this is what they do.

They will say that it is a scam do not buy this one,else buy my product.

So,if someone is saying it a scam,you must have to look whether they are recommending their own product or not.

If yes,their reviews are never unbiased.

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10 Reasons To Buy Commission Hero

1 – It can change your fortunes

I have no doubt that it is a life changing course and can change your fortune,IF you succeed in getting going.

Now what I mean by getting going?We all know that ads are like a bet.

Chances of you making money by running ads on any social media or search engine platform is like 60/40.

These numbers can grow and your chance to make money can increase upto 75%,IF you have experience in running ads,having an irresistible offer.

Because in my opinion ,experience is gained by making mistakes.It’s the mistakes which makes people successful,no one born to be a successful person.

So,in facebook ads,if you know your shit and have confident on your product which you are promoting,it can give crazy ROI.In Fact crazy crazy ROI.

Having a product which provides value to people matters the most in fb ads affiliate marketing.

I like a quote by a famous marketer,SETH GODDIN”

“If you use your money to create an exceptional product,then you do not need to spend huge budget on ads.”

People don’t buy goods and services,they buy relations,stories and magics.

Don’t find customers for your product,find products for your customers.It’s not the product,it’s the story you tell.

You can be one of the both,either remarkable or invisible based on the product you chose.

Stop blaming,start innovating and start doing unique things each and every day.And in last,A product for everybody is a product for nobody.

This is the whole grain of affiliate marketing right there.

If you read this quote it seems pretty normal,but if you are an experienced affiliate marketer like me,this is some serious shit right here.

2 – It’s my #1 Recommendation to make money online

Some of you guys may not know that commission hero is my core product.

Commission hero is my #1 recommendation to make money online for anyone who is trying to make money online from affiliate marketing or from some other business.

This is exactly what I did,I spent few days searching for different courses and asks their owners to give me free access,because if I like it and it gives real world value to my readers then why not recommend it to you?

After testing and watching many online courses and spending three years as a successful affiliate marketer,I chose commission hero to be my core product.

Why?Because I am 100% confident in what I am promoting and have no doubts that it can change your fortune and direction of your life.

My process of choosing commission hero was very straight forward,I didn’t find my readers for commission hero,I find commission hero for my readers.

I believe that it is the best affiliate marketing course out there.And after reviewing hundreds of affiliate marketing courses,Robby Blanchard course is still my #1 recommendation to make money online.

This website is to help you guys,to make you a better decision which you will not have to regret in future for.

Because every day a new guru claims that his course is worth investing in,which makes this affiliate marketing industry very saturated and it confuses people who to believe and who not to believe.

I will explains why you can believe Robby Blanchard and why he is the only person who deserves to be our mentor.

Here is what I believe after spending 3 years and making $12k/month consistently with affiliate marketing,you are not going to broke or end up losing your money or time if you find something which can compete other products on the same market.

Commission hero beats many affiliate marketing courses in the market at the moment.Which I will explain in detail.

3 – Affiliate Marketing

We all know that Robby Blanchard course is based on teaching us affiliate marketing.Affiliate marketing with paid traffic to be exact.

Now,affiliate marketing is the best business model out there.I have tried many online businesses before sticking to this one – Affiliate Marketing.

I have ran my own digital agency like Robby Blanchard,tried making money from Amazon kindle,tried dropshipping and amazon fba.

Every online business you name it,I tried it.So,why I stick to this business model and claiming that it is the best business model out there?

I stick to affiliate marketing longer then any business model is because I know that if I put the hard work,I will eventually make and reach to that $1k/month mark.

I failed at the start but I knew that this business model is based on proven marketing strategies that will eventually make me money at the end.

Yes,it took time for me with free traffic,but well worth it.

Next thing…it is the best business model out there.

With affiliate marketing you are not just building a high profitable business,but you are getting financial freedom.It is completely passive.Passive means recurring.

For example, you succeed to sign up someone to use an online tool like clickfunnels,you are going to make $40/person until they stop using it.

I really like when I see my bank account growing after I check it when waking up in the morning.

Listened a term,make money in your sleeps,one quote I really like about Warren Buffet which completely resonates with affiliate marketing?

If you did not find a way to make money in your sleeps,work until your death.

Fb ads marketing is just like this.Set your ad campaign and check after one week whether you made money with it or you need to stop it and test another one.

It’s all about testing ads,till you find your winning ad.And if you find your winning ads,it will definitely bring shit amount of $$$.

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4 – High Ticket Products

If you go through commission hero course,Robby recommends you to promote high ticket affiliate products.

High ticket affiliate marketing is the only way to make big dollars in this business model.

Most of the products which Robby promoted when he became number one affiliate marketer in the world is high tickets.

Even me,secret to my success to reach my income goal,which was $10k/month,quickly then other affiliate marketers is because I straight away jumped into high ticket affiliate marketing.

Maths is very simple for me and you in future?

Would you promote a $10 product to 100 people and make $1000 on that one,for which you have to find 100 people who agree to buy this product.

On the other hand,would you promote a $1000 product to only one person,and make $1000 on that.

Obviously the second option makes sense to me.

Less hustle and less advertising.And when it comes to promote affiliate products with fb ads,then your best way is to promote high ticket affiliate marketing products.

Let’s say you run ads of $10 a day for 10 days and make only a sale,Boom $1000 for you.

On the other hand you run $10 a day ads for 10 days and make one sale,which is a low ticket,you will make $10 – $40.That’s a loss..!

5 – Robby Blanchard is a Real Deal

Before investing in any mentorship or a course,what you will look for in a mentor or the course creator?

It’s the credibility of the owner.

Whether the owner is credible to teach you this,or he is even successful in this business or not?

Most of the gurus out there teaches people how to lose weight and they are like 100kg<…

Good news for you is that Robby Blanchard is a real deal and he is the #1 clickbank affiliate in the world.

If you do not know what clickbank is,clickbank is the top affiliate network in the world at the moment.

In 2019,affiliate marketers made $17 millions in which Robby Blanchard alone made $3.7 millions.Whopping stats.Legend..!

Other than this,Robby once was a fitness coach.

It was like 4 years ago.After one years of achieving success in the fitness niche,Robby tried to do something new.

So,commission hero creator started a digital agency and started running ads for business owners.And after running ads for business owners,he learnt an evergreen business skill.

How to get crazy ROI while running ads.

But as I said that affiliate marketing is the best business model because it gives us financial freedom,so for this he quits his agency and focused on affiliate marketing with paid ads.And here you go…at the moment he is #1 affiliate marketer in the world.

Here is the proof commission hero owners earnings when he became the #1 affiliate marketer in the world.

is commission hero legit

That’s a five weeks in which Robby Blanchard made $1,102,533 in commissions.

And in one day he made record breaking $50K in profits.Mind blowing stats.

The reason for me giving you these proofs is that if you want to make money with paid ads,then Robby Blanchard is the best person in the world to learn from.

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6 – Thousands of Successful Students

commission hero discount commission hero legit commission hero price commission hero reviews make money online commission hero success stories

Including me,Robby Blanchard got thousands of successful students around the globe.

You know what?Robby Blanchard success would have little to no impact if his students are not achieving the results for what they paid him.

I have read hundreds of success stories of Robby Blanchard students.Here are the screenshots of few of them.

Not just affiliate marketing,this course can be also used as marketing your own products,running ads for other people and lists go on.

Do not believe me,here is the screenshot of a student who is getting success promoting her own product.


I think after reading these success stories you should not think that commission hero is a scam.

Commission hero is a total legit affiliate marketing course.If others can do that,you can too.But one thing I want to tell you here.

Most of the people reading this review might think that commission hero is a magic pill,which will make you millionaire overnight.

You are wrong SIR!

Success takes hard work and consistency,so I believe that after joining commission hero,you have to work.

Because maintenance of fb ads requires time,not all the time but sometimes when you are finding hard to find the winning product.

7 – No Flash


Unlike other affiliate marketing courses,there is no flash in commission hero.

What this means is that while selling his course,Robby does not use the power of shiny object syndrome and did not sell anyone fake dreams and lifestyles.

Instead I have seen his webinar which is pretty much point to point.

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8 – Fastest way to make wealth online

Robby Blanchard affiliate marketing course is the fastest resource for anybody who wants to make money online.Or I would say wealth online.

Facebook ads + clickbank works like booooomb..!hahaha

I do not know but I love paid fb ads and clickbank.If you got $1000 in your bank account and go hard at ads,then I am 100% sure that you can achieve $5k/month income goal in the same month.

It’s all about scaling,testing,using different ad sets.

Be creative and stand out from the crowd.

Now,you can skip to the next point but here is a small story of me with paid ads..

I was making $200 with affiliate marketing using free traffic in early 2018,but I was working really hard to get to that $1000 with free traffic.

I knew that there is something in the bush.

Was seeing the bigger picture which helped me to keep pushing myself everyday.

When I reached to $2000/month after almost 2 years of hard work,because I was focusing on free traffic not paid,I changed my focus from free traffic to paid traffic.

I went really hard at paid traffic and it took me no time to make $3000 with clickbank + fb ads.

I usually ran $200/week ads and each week I was making $1000…pure profit.

So,here is a little advice for you,if you have money in the bank and go hard at the paid traffic,real shit happens!

And it is not just me who is making money with fb paid ads.

My friend who is a complete newbie in paid traffic made $100k in a day.Yes,you read it right..

$100k in a single fuckin day.This is the future of affiliate marketing(;

And overall $200k in a month.

Let me explain else you will not think that I am just bullshiting.

His name is Jacob Caris from Australia and here is one of his interview.

9 – People Are Saying It’s A Scam?

But people are calling it a scam,what about them?Let me explain this too.When you lose you blame others,don’t be that kind of a person in life.

Move forward,fail forward and get growing each and every day.

Every day is not sunday and everyday you are not going to end up in profit.

In paid affiliate marketing with paid ads,you gain some you lose some.

10 – Who Should Join Commission Hero

Commission hero is the best course which I found and focused on affiliate marketing with fb ads.

Now you should buy or avoid this course IF,

  • You are willing to invest $1000 in ads and willing to take risks.
  • You have to work at least 10 hours a week.
  • Happy to try new things,to make new funnels,to test your offer and product to new audience and last one to make it happen.Lol
  • You do not expect to be a millionaire overnight after buying this course.

Another thing which I like about commission hero is that it is compatible and well priced.

As I said I have reviewed affiliate marketing courses which costs $2500< and no one knows their owner credibility,these courses were entre institute,clickbank breaks the internet and overnight freedom.

After reviewing them I recommend the people who were looking to buy them to check this course out.COMMISSION HERO.!

How To Join a Commission hero?

Well,you can directly go to their checkout page and buy this course here by clicking the image..

checkout page commission hero

Or you can watch Robby Blanchard free training to get a better idea on it and how it works.

commission hero webinar

>>> Sign Up For Commission Hero <<<

My Final Opinion – Commission Hero

Commission hero is not a scam,and it is 100% legit.

You should definitely give it a try.I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to build an online business.

Building an online business is not easy what it sounds like.It took me more time then I was expecting.

But I still regret my one decision.

That one decision is to not choosing a mentor.A mentor who is already successful in the business which I am looking to go in.

And guess what,who is better than Robby Blanchard?Million dollars guy.

He is the best mentor one can have and I highly recommend to take his course.

Instead I have reviewed hundreds of online courses about affiliate marketing and they cost more money than commission hero and provides no value.

Not with commission hero,pretty affordable price and real world value inside the course.

That’s it for today’s review.

Hope it helped you make a decision.

Now…if you buy commission hero then I request you to comment your personal experience with it.

It will help people who are looking to jump into it.

Also if you liked this review buy commission hero through my link.I will get commission for my efforts(;

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