Commission Machine Review – Michael Cheney Scam?

Commission Machine Review - Michael Cheney Scam?

Today we will be reviewing a program known as Commission Machine. Is it legit? Find out in this Commission Machine review.

Is there genuine value or worth in participating in affiliate marketing?

This thorough review aims to give you a clear and insightful look into The Commission Machine, so you can make well-informed decisions. The detailed review thoroughly explores every vital aspect of the service, delving into its different features, providing a thorough breakdown of its pricing, and pointing out the main pros and cons.

Let us dive in together and uncover some valuable insights for a better understanding!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Commission Machine in anyway possible. This is solely an independent review.

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Commission Machine Review: Quick Details

Name: Commission Machine

Founder: Michael Cheney


Socials: N/A

Type: Affiliate marketing

Niche: Email and Social Media Marketing

Recommendation: If you are a newcomer to affiliate marketing and lack experience, it might be wise to avoid the Commission Machine.

Who is Michael Cheney?

Commission Machine Review - Michael Cheney Scam?

Michael Cheney, an established figure in the world of digital marketing, is the brains behind the creation of Commission Machine. With a wealth of experience and expertise in affiliate marketing, Cheney conceptualized and developed the Commission Machine program. Utilizing his extensive knowledge gained through years of hands-on involvement in the affiliate marketing landscape, he curated this training platform to impart practical strategies, insights, and techniques to aspiring marketers. 

Cheney has carved out his reputation over the years by developing numerous courses across various online marketing niches. However, his standout recognition predominantly arises from his expertise as an email marketing guru.

This proficiency led him to create specialized courses solely dedicated to leveraging emails for enhancing sales, fostering engagement, and fostering business growth. His unwavering commitment to teaching and disseminating these potent email strategies has established him as a sought-after authority among aspiring marketers aiming to elevate their skills in this particular arena.

Being said, Michael Cheney’s goal with Commission Machine is to equip individuals with the tools and knowledge necessary to thrive in the competitive realm of affiliate marketing, offering a comprehensive approach tailored to help individuals succeed in this dynamic industry.

What is Commission Machine?

Commission Machine Review - Michael Cheney Scam?

The Commission Machine is all about teaching folks how to kickstart their affiliate marketing journey using email and social media strategies. It gives a full-on training for those wanting to jump into affiliate marketing, honing in on using emails and social media to nail marketing campaigns and earn those commissions. This program sets you up with the must-know tools and tricks required to build and expand a successful affiliate marketing gig, focusing on these critical digital marketing areas.

The program says it can help you make up to $2642.60 every day online with its ultimate affiliate powerhouse technique. They claim this strategy is a big deal in such industry as it promise a shot at making serious cash daily. According to them, using this secret method can really amp up your online earnings in the quickest and easiest way.

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How does Commission Machine Works?

The Commission Machine is a comprehensive course, created to help you master the art of building a powerful email list. In this program, Michael shares detailed tips on how to gain subscribers and expertly promote affiliate products to them.

This course goes beyond just email marketing—it dives into using social media too. Michael’s guidance covers everything from creating engaging email campaigns to making the most of social platforms to boost your affiliate product sales. With this course, he claims that you will gain a well-rounded skill set to manage and profit from your email lists, setting you up for success in affiliate marketing.

Course Overview

  • Copy Method – This strategy is all about using email marketing to make money by promoting products as an affiliate, especially for folks who are new to this game. It is a simplified approach, giving newbies a way into affiliate marketing through emails. The goal is to offer simple methods and tricks that help newbies use emails to promote products and make money, making it easier for those starting out in this field.
  • Deploy – In this part of the course, you will learn how to create your own Commission Machine. You will be focusing on deciding how often and how you want to talk to your audience using emails. Michael Cheney will guide you through, showing you a real email campaign or Commission Machine, he is running himself. Following his tips gives you a sneak peek into his winning strategies, so you can use them for your own campaigns giving you the advantage to get hands-on help to mimic his moves and organize your email campaigns well to get the best results.
  • Make Money – Earning income by implementing and applying his strategies and methods.
Commission Machine Review - Michael Cheney Scam?

In addition, the Commission Machine’s main lessons zoom in on two big things: first off, they dive into how to use bonuses to supercharge sales. These lessons show you cool tricks to encourage buyers, which ends up boosting your sales.

Then, they really get into how to make affiliate commissions without needing an email list. These lessons will give you different ways to make money in affiliate marketing without banking on having a big email list. It focuses on exploring other tactics and methods to rock it in affiliate marketing without just focusing on building a massive subscriber list.


The regular cost of The Commission Machine is $47, yet there is a chance to purchase it at a discounted rate of $19.95. This lower-priced offer enables individuals to access the course at a more budget-friendly rate, presenting an opportunity to gain the valuable insights and strategies available in the program without a higher initial expense.

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Pros and Cons


  • Michael Cheney is a respected online marketing expert with years of experience. He has proven himself as a genuine and accomplished figure in the digital marketing world, earning credibility and recognition for his contributions.
  • The course operates on a single-payment basis, ensuring that once you make your purchase, you gain access without any recurring charges. It offers a hassle-free learning experience through its user-friendly and step-by-step video tutorials, making it simple for learners to comprehend and follow along.
  • They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, ensuring that if you are not satisfied, you can claim a refund without any hassle or inquiries. This policy offers you the peace of mind that if the course doesn’t meet your expectations or needs, you have the flexibility to request a refund.


  • Promising significant earnings in a day with three steps is misleading. The guidance for starting this method is insufficient, lacking the detailed information needed for success.
  • The website disappointingly fails to provide a comprehensive guide or sufficient information on traffic generation methods, leaving visitors clueless about driving traffic effectively for their objectives. Understanding traffic generation is very important as it influences visibility, engagement, and success. This lack of guidance poses a significant obstacle for individuals seeking profound insights into this critical aspect of online business growth.
  • This program does not cater well to beginners. It lacks the user-friendly approach needed for those who are just starting out. Those sales page vows about being easy for newcomers is not entirely accurate. Thinking you will hit the jackpot quickly through a few steps is simplifying it too much; it is the hard work and commitment that truly matter in the online world.

Final Verdict – Commission Machine Review

Despite the fact that Michael’s course might offer beneficial insights to marketers with experience in the field at a reasonable cost, it seems that it doesn’t doesn’t live up to the big promises they claim that they have made on the website. Relying on these exaggerated claims isn’t wise; they can create false expectations, especially since succeeding in online ventures, particularly in affiliate marketing, demands considerable dedication, time, and patience before substantial results are seen.

These inflated promises may lead to misconceptions, undervaluing the genuine effort and persistence essential in the online business landscape. Moreover, believing that rapid wealth is achievable through a few steps oversimplifies the entire process. Still, a definite commitment is required.

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