Commit Action Review – Cost, Concerns

Today, we are going to talk about Commit Action. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

It is easier nowadays to find a coaching service. Whether it’s in-person or online, you wouldn’t really have to go through great lengths in order to find a coaching service that is right for you. If you have a business that is a struggling a little bit, there are those offering business coaching services out there. Same goes for people wo want to take control back of their lives. A lot of coaches out there are ready to help you reach your full potential.

Coaching can be helpful to a lot of people. I mean, coaches in sports always want to make their team the best that they can be. When you have somebody motivating you to become a better of yourself, you will try your hardest to become it. Not a lot of people are able to be introspective on their own. Sometimes, you really need to hear it from somebody else in order to understand what is hindering you from “greatness.” Though, often, coaching services cost a decent amount of money.

DISCLAIMER: I am in no way affiliated with Peter Shallard and Commit Action in any manner. This is just an independent review. You are still free to do whatever you want. But I hope that this review shapes your opinion on whether or not you should try this coaching service out.

But before we get to the meat of the review…

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Commit Action Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Commit Action
  • Founder: Peter Shallard
  • Website:
  • Socials: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube
  • Type: Coaching service
  • Niche: Accountability coaching
  • Recommendation: The coaching services that are offered by Commit Action are decent. But it’s not targeted towards everyone.

Who is Peter Shallard?

Commit Action founder Peter Shallard

Peter Shallard is a psychotherapist, founder and CEO of Commit Action. He is widely known as the “Shrink for Entrepreneurs.”

There’s not really a lot of information that you could find about Peter Shallard online. From what I could find, Peter pretty much started off having his own private psychotherapy practice. He was mostly catering to the people in his area because he didn’t have much of a niche back then. Peter was marginally successful. He was able to get a few clients, enough for him to continue his business.

But Peter realized that he kind of needed a specific niche in order to drum up his business further. So he decided to print up a few fliers and then send them out to everyone in the area. The fliers were mostly targeted people who wanted to quit smoking. And that advertising blitz of his managed to work out. He was able to get a lot more clients who wanted to ease into getting rid of their smoking addiction.

At some point, Peter decided to ease a bit in running his practice. He went on to become a corporate consultant. And that was what kind of started the ball rolling into Peter’s current career. He was closing a lot of deals and earning a lot more money. Peter started to get a lot more entrepreneurial clients who wanted to do one-on-one consultations with him.

Peter kind of saw the potential he had there. But at that point, he was kind of burnt out. So he decided to take a bit of a sabbatical for four months. Though, at the same time, he started to continue to get the ball rolling when it comes to offering his services and expertise to more people. That was when Peter decided to market himself online.

Throughout that entire sabbatical of his, Peter put so much work into his blog. At this point in time, blogs were still pretty popular among a lot of people. Social media wasn’t really as prevalent back them. So the main way people could market themselves was through blogs. And it worked well for Peter. Which isn’t surprising, since he was determined to make a career that wasn’t tethered to a specific location.

Slowly, Peter was able to build an audience for himself online. He was attracting a lot more of entrepreneurial clients. That success of his is what would eventually lead him to starting Commit Action.

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What is Commit Action?

The logo for Commit Action

Commit Action is a coaching service target towards entrepreneurs. The premise for the service is that Commit Action will assign you to your own personal accountability coach that will help you get back in track with running your business.

There are three steps to the accountability coaching service that Commit Action offers. The first step involves creating action plans that you will do within a given week. When you are assigned to your accountability coach, you will basically be having a session that will determine exactly what your action plan would be like for the week. All of the things that are included in the action plan is based on what your responses are to your coach during the session.

Once you have finished that session with your coach, they will then craft the action plan that you will be doing. The action plan that they will make for you will then be mapped out through the Commit Action app. Whatever objectives that are scheduled for you to do within that week are also automatically synced to whatever calendar app you’re using. Though, you will also get summaries sent to your email.

The second step is when the accountability thing comes into play. You’re basically going to go through the motions of doing exactly what your action plan has laid out for you during the week. Your accountability coach will regularly check in on you to check your progress. There’s not really much else with regards to this specific steps. You’re just ticking off every single thing you have to do.

The third step is the time of reflection. You and your coach will be discussing everything that you did that week. It’s not guaranteed that you will be able to do every single thing in your action plan. Especially if you’re just starting out with this process. Your coach will pretty much adjust the following week’s action plan based on the week that just transpired. Then you do the entire process all over again, improving and adjusting every single time.

How Much Does It Cost?

The website for Commit Action

Commit Action operates on a membership basis. There are two different tiers that they offer. Both of these tiers can be billed either monthly or annually.

The standard tier includes everything that you would expect. When you subscribe you will get your dedicated accountability coach who will do weekly one-on-one calls with you. You will also get a 60-minute strategic onboarding call. The membership also includes access to the app that you and your coach will be using to create your weekly action plan.

Aside from that, the membership also includes the opportunity to join live webinars ever month. If you continue to subscribe, you will also get to join in on quarterly workshops and other events. It also includes access to Commit Action’s library of training videos and webinars. The standard membership plan costs either $399 for a monthly subscription or $3,840 for a monthly subscription.

The Elite membership includes everything you get with the standard membership. Aside from that, you also get even more coaching time that you could schedule within your work week. If you’re subscribed to the annual plan, you will also be able to get quarterly planning deep dives. You also have the ability to include your accountability coaches into the software stack that you use for your business. The Elite membership costs either $1,599 for a monthly subscription or $15,360 for an annual subscription.

Commit Action also has a money-back guarantee. If you weren’t satisfied with what you’re getting with your subscription, you can get a refund. Granted, you have to be subscribed to any annual plan in order to get a refund. You also need to email them within the first 30 days of your subscription in order to eligible for that refund.

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Final Verdict – Commit Action

The coaching services that Commit Action offers isn’t really something that I would recommend to everyone. This service is targeted towards entrepreneurs and business owners. So the target audience is already relatively small. And considering how much it costs for a monthly subscription in the standard tier, not everyone can afford to do subscription to a service like this.

It does seem that Commit Action is one of the more affordable coaching services compared to some that I have reviewed in the past. You’re sort of getting the most of what you can for how much you choose to pay them. A service like this takes a while to be effective. But it’s really dependent on the person who is using the service. If you’re not putting in the effort, despite being given clear goals, then it’s really on you if you fail.

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