Comprehensive Copywriting Academy Review

Today, we are going to talk about the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

There are a lot of ways that people can earn money online. A ton of people would often go through the e-commerce route. Usually, these people have a product that they wanted to sell. But they didn’t have the money to rent out an actual storefront for their business. It’s pretty expensive renting out a property with no guarantee that you’ll get any foot traffic going into your business.

Some go through the freelancer route. There are a lot of clients out there looking for people who can do something for them. Usually these are people who have some kind of writing or design skills. You’d be surprised by how many listings there are with regards to graphic design or writing. They’re very in demand.

And within those listings for writing jobs, there are ones for copywriters. One of things that you need when marketing a business is good copy. And that is where copywriters come in. They are the ones who write the text you’d seen on a business’s social media page. Even though it is just writing, it takes a bit of skill to get people interested in a certain brand’s product.

So it’s not at all surprising that there are handful of different online courses that teach you about copywriting. It’s a good skill to have. Especially since there are a lot of online businesses who are often on the search for people who can write copy for them that fits their brand.

I have only written a couple of reviews of these types of courses. So whenever I learn about a course that’s new to me like Comprehensive Copywriting Academy, I am immediately intrigued. But does this particular course stack up to the ones I have already written about? Well, we’ll find out in this review.

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Comprehensive Copywriting Academy Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Comprehensive Copywriting Academy
  • Founder: Nicki Krawczyk
  • Website:
  • Socials: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: Copywriting
  • Recommendation: While there is a potential to be earning money from copywriting, this particular course isn’t really something that I recommend to those wanting to learn about copywriting.

Who is Nicki Krawczyk?

Comprehensive Copywriting Academy creator Nicki Krawcyzk

Nicki Krawcryk is a professional copywriter, entrepreneur, and the founder of the website Filthy Rich Writer and the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy.

Her journey into becoming a copywriter started at home, weirdly enough. Nicki’s father was a marketing director at the time. And whenever he went home every night, he would often bring home some of his work with him. At this point, Nicki was already in high school. So her writing skill was pretty decent. Her father would often let her try her hand at writing copy for some of his work. That kind of sparked an interest in her to become a copywriter. But seeing as there was a trope that writers don’t really get paid well, she decided to go through a safe route. When she was in college, she decided to get a degree in public relations. Despite that, she didn’t really have any interest in working in that field.

Once she graduated, she managed to get a managerial job at a local health club. She also didn’t really enjoy her working experience because she was so much more interested in being a writer. It was when her mom sent her a book that she kind of realized that maybe she should give being a copywriter a swing. That was always what she wanted to do.

It seems that she was able to find work as a copywriter, having written for a bunch of different companies as well as people running their own businesses. The seeds for Filthy Rich Writer and the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy were planted around the time that she was working for a subsidiary for TripAdvisor. Apparently, TripAdvisor was planning to launch a new brand so they tasked Nicki to build a team that would write copy for that brand. She managed to get a few writers for that team. The thing that she had to worry about then was how to teach that team how to write copy. She took a few hours of every work day to have a class filled with discussions and assignments. Within a few weeks of doing that, the team that she cobbled together were skilled enough to write copy.

That was pretty much the moment where Nicki realized that offering a copywriting course could be a good idea. So that’s how Filthy Rich Writer and the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy came to be. Like any kind of business, it took a while for Nicki to find her stride. It seemed that the main problem that she faced was selling the course to people. But she eventually managed to create a system that helps her sell the course. Which we are going to talk about in the following section.

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What is the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy?

The Comprehensive Copywriting Academy is an online that is meant to help you start your journey as a freelance copywriter.

There is not really a lot of information that you could get from the website for the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy, which is weird. The website only has a handful of pages that you could go to. Even then, you’re not really getting a lot out of it. Based on the about page, there are more than 145 deep dive courses divided through six different modules. They don’t really show you exactly what those modules are called. Usually, a lot of the training programs that I have reviewed prior to this would give an overview of the courses and the lessons included in each courses. Sometimes, they include the time stamps for the video component for each lesson. With the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy, you don’t get any of that.

What’s also weird about this website is that a lot of the links redirects to the Filthy Rich Writer website. Sure, this particular training program is the flagship program that Filthy Rich Writer offers. But shouldn’t they be putting a lot of this information on the URL that they bought specifically for the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy?

Comprehensive Copywriting Academy creator Nicki Krawcyzk

Aside from the actual course, you are also going to get live coaching calls with Nicki every month. All of the live coaching calls are available to view after the livestream has ended. You will get access to all of the previous coaching calls that have happened prior to you joining. The training program also gives you access to a private Facebook group where you can talk with your fellow students.

It seems that when you the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy, you will get lifetime access to the course. Aside from that, they also a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you aren’t satisfied with the material included in the course.

For some reason, they do not mention the cost of the course upfront. But from what I could find, the cost to access the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy is either a one-time payment worth $697 or a three-part installment worth $257 per installment.

They also offer a free training video that you can access just by inputting your name and email address. There will be an email sent to your inbox asking you to confirm your subscription to their newsletter. But, at the time of writing this review, it seems that clicking on the link included in the email doesn’t lead to anywhere. You will get an error message. For some reason, inputting those details doesn’t redirect you to the actual video. You will have to confirm it through the email first.

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Final Verdict – Comprehensive Copywriting Academy Review

There is nothing about the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy that is worth recommending. Sure, there are decades of experience poured into the content that the course has. But there’s nothing about this particular course that is better than some of the other copywriting courses available out there.

As I have mentioned in the previous section, they do not tell you any of the details of the course upfront. Despite them having a dedicated website for the course, they didn’t really put any effort into putting what was on the Filthy Rich Writer website into the website for the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy. It feels like they’re just wasting a lot of money onto a dedicated URL for the course when they could have just hosted it through the Filthy Rich Writer website.

Even the free training video thing is a mess. Why would you even need confirmation after they’ve already input their contact details? Sure, it’s good that they want to make sure that you’re fine with getting bombarded with emails from them. But the link that they added doesn’t even work. The service that they used seems to still be active. But it’s not redirecting to the page that has the training video.

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That’s it for my review of the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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