Connected Investors Review: Scam or Legit?

Today we will be reviewing a program known as Connected Investors. Is Connected Investors legit? Find out in this Connected Investors review.

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Before you decide to commit to this program, you should read this Connected Investors review first. You should check if it is worth your time before you pay for it.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Connected Investors in any shape or form whatsoever.

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What is Connected Investors?

Connected Investors is a company that aims to connect real estate investor to useful networks such as off-market deals, private funding, and like-minded real estate investors.

It was founded in 2005 by Ross Hamilton, a real estate investor. He is also the CEO of the company.

Connected Investors owner

Ross founded the company when he was only 23. He founded the company after he had some initial success in terms of real estate investments.

He realized that the main reason for a lot of cases in terms of real estate success comes from knowing the right people. With that in mind, he decided to create an online hub which can be used by professional where they can connect and transact with each other.

The online platform includes both a website and an app, and he worked hard on optimizing it so that real estate investors can connect with one another. Other than that, they can also share tips and techniques with each others, as well as get partners for business deals.

Connected Investors was once an online forum which is mainly used by newbies and pro investors to communicate and share information. Now, they claim to be the “largest social network for realtors”, which is quite a bold claim, if you ask me.

Ross explains that the real estate industry is quite behind in terms of technology, further saying that the reason for these is because professional stick to their old school ways. Well, I guess I can see the point. For one, these people profit from those methods, so that must be why they don’t see the need to change.

The company aims to streamline real estate transactions as well as eliminate all unnecessary costs when it comes to finding and flipping real estate.

Connected Investors Overview

Connected Investors Review - Connected Investors logo

In this section of the Connected Investors review, I will be giving you a quick overview of is in store for you.

Well, the original goal of the company is to merely serve as a way to connect realtors with one another. As time went by, some goals have been added to their mission.

Of course their main product is still the social media network. Basically, you can access private lenders which can assist you in terms of financing your deals, look for people who have good real estate deals you can take advantage of, as well as connect with buyers.

Basically, most functions you need are integrated into the network. All you need to do is sign up, arrange, and close your deals within it. Most of the real estate investing job is already done for you.

You can only message people though once you upgrade to the premium membership. Free members can only browse profiles.

The company claims that the whole process of looking for and closing real estate deals can be done on the website. Well, that actually depends if you can even find good deals in the first place.

Included in the premium membership are free courses regarding real estate investment. You can also get access to a podcast, title The Exactly How Podcast, which discusses tips and tricks in real estate investing, as well as improving your financial health.

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Tech Products

Other than the premium membership to the platform, Connected Investors also features two tech products. In this section of the Connected Investors review, I will be talking about both of both.

Deal Dog

Deal Dog is basically a map app which is externally powered by Google Maps. It is also quite intuitive and user-friendly. There are options such as zoom in and out, drag, and more.

Basically, the app shows you what real estate deals are available in a certain area. These deals are usually being updated.

One key feature of Deal Dog is that it allows you to bookmark specific areas of your choosing and get email notifications whenever a property deal has been made available on Deal Dog.

However, it turns out that Deal Dog just gathers the data from different sites that publish them. What a bummer.

The app will cost you $97 per month. It promises a 24/7 customer service helpline, a lifetime’s worth of updates, as well as a next level upgrade to your account in Connected Investors.

Basically, that upgrade will let you access new deals 3 days in advance before other members can view them on Deal Dog.


PiN is basically just a better version of the Deal Dog app. It has a cleaner UI and a better presentation overall.

What makes it a little better is that it includes more in-depth information regarding the property deals listed. It includes information such a property size, date and price of last purchase, vacancy status, contact information, and many more.

There is also a filter system which you can use to toggle deals on and off and only select specific ones to focus on. There is also a digital library you can browse where you can download classes, boot camps, as well as useful tools.

These tools include useful stuff such as email templates and bank scripts. Each of them are included in PDF format, and the videos explain how you can utilize each of them.

The lite version will cost you $814, while the pro version is $1,997.

Is Connected Investors a Scam?

I don’t think it is a scam. For one, I am actually impressed with the concept, and that rarely happens. I am used to reviewing shady-looking programs, and it surprised me that it actually is not a scam.

The premise is pretty solid. It is indeed correct that most people who succeeded in real estate investing have done so because they have met the right people. Also, it’s about time that technology streamlines most processes in the industry.

When it comes to real estate investing, the main challenge is always finding great deals. That is quite problematic, seeing as the business revolves around that one process.

However, I think that Connected Investors seems to be unfocused. They want to do a lot of things at once. They want to be a social media network, as well as a program that can help find deals.

The problem with that notion is that Connected Investors does a mediocre job on both fronts. With that said, the fees they are asking for are quite exorbitant for the mediocre service they are giving people.

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Is Real Estate for Everyone?

Real Estate

This portion of the Connected Investors review’s goal is to show why real estate wouldn’t work for everyone.

Those who do not have the financial resources to invest in real estate right away are immediately ineligible from doing so. You can’t simply enter the real estate market because you want to simply on a whim. Starting a real estate-related business is a big step since it needs a significant financial and time investment.

Many reality shows romanticize the idea of making quick cash by purchasing and selling real estate assets, as if it were that simple. Keep in mind that this industry isn’t as simple as it seems on television.

Real estate also need a require manpower. There are far too many factors to consider in here. You must comprehend not only how investments function, but also how other procedures such as remodeling, interior design, and others work.

Being able to understand the real estate market is just the beginning. You’ve got a long road ahead of you, and it’ll only grow more difficult as time passes.

To be successful in real estate, you will need the right resources. If you don’t have enough money, I recommend starting a new kind of side hustle. Real estate is an expensive investment with no guarantee of returns.

To thrive in this business, you’ll need more than a good eye for potential investments and some negotiation skills. I wouldn’t advocate getting into the industry unless you have both.

Why I Don’t Recommend Connected Investors

In this section of the Connected Investors review, I will be revealing why I don’t recommend the company to you.

Expensive Program and Mediocre Service

I don’t recommend Connected Investors mainly because it costs way too much money. If you are a rookie in real estate investing, then you are definitely looking for a way to save as much money as possible.

The mediocre service they are providing simply do not equate to the money they are charging to get access to said services. As such, I simply cannot sit down and try to find an excuse for them, as I am not affiliated with them anyway.

There are other better alternatives anyway, so I suggest looking for those instead.

Scammers, Scammers Everywhere

For one, the social media network they are trying to establish does not filter out memberships.

In fact, anyone can sign up as a free member. This usually results in scammers and spammers infiltrating the site. Basically, if you are looking for private lenders, then this is definitely not the place to look for one.

Well, it is of course possible to still find a legitimate lender, but it is a very unlikely occurrence, if you ask me.

Mediocre Tech Products

When it came to Deal Dog, I actually expected a good product, considering the monthly cost of $97. However, this does not seem to be the case. It is just an overpriced search engine which gets its data from popular sites that lists property deals.

What’s more, it doesn’t really offer anything unique. It’s just a search engine with a map attached to it. Furthermore, it actually offers less features, even basic ones such as narrowing down search results. It’s definitely not worth their asking price.

As for PiN, the main issue is that there is a lot of incorrect data. It might be a bit better than Deal Dog, but data is the key to success in real estate. If a software that costs around $2,000 shows incorrect data, then it’s definitely not worth purchasing.

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Final Verdict – Connected Investors

Before I end this Connected Investors review, I would like to share a few more insights that could help you.

Investing in real estate is a full-time career in and of itself. If you don’t have the money to invest, it won’t work for you. As you can see, purchasing real estate is not a low-cost pastime.

To be a successful real estate investor, you must invest in properties that you believe will have a high return on investment. You must keep them until you are certain that selling them is the best option.

Aside from that, you have a lot of duties to attend to that take a lot of focus. You’ll need a crew to help you flip properties. You must also take care of other time-consuming tasks, such as working with an accountant and a lawyer to address any worries or issues you may have with your property.

If you believe that everyone can become a real estate investor, you must first understand how the industry operates. Many people tried to get into the industry without having enough knowledge, and most of them have failed miserably.

If you want to make a lot of money in the long run, you must also be dedicated to the business. You must be ready for anything, including financial losses.

Being a real estate investor is not a nice side hustle in my opinion. It simply entails a great deal of financial risk.

The perfect side hustle, in my opinion, is one that you can perform whenever you want and one you can start without spending a lot of money on. I know of one that would be ideal for you. The next section has further information on this.

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