Contrarian Income Report Review – Contrarian Outlook Scam?

Today we will be reviewing a program known as Contrarian Income Report. Is it legit? Find out in this Contrarian Income Report review.

Because of the profound market insights that it provides, Contrarian Income Report has garnered a lot of praise. However, does Brett Owens’ technique of investing in dividends make sense?

In my review of the Contrarian Income Report, I will investigate all of these and provide you an in-depth explanation.

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DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Contrarian Income Report in any shape or form whatsoever.

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Contrarian Income Report Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Contrarian Income Report
  • Owner: Brett Owens
  • Website:
  • Socials: Twitter
  • Type: Newsletter
  • Niche: Stock investing
  • Recommended?: This newsletter does not guarantee that you would be successful in real estate investing. That career requires a lot of prior knowledge and some education. I suggest you stick with better opportunities which you can start anytime.

What is Contrarian Income Report?

The Contrarian Income Report is an online newsletter that provides subscribers with stock recommendations, trading alerts, analysis of the market, and much more. It is a publication of Contrarian Outlook and is headed up by stock picker Brett Owens.

The goal of the Contrarian Income Report newsletter is to assist readers in developing the chance to generate a reliable monthly income stream.

This service employs an approach known as “calculated contrarian” investing, which veers away from the common thinking regarding the stock market.

The practice of contrarian investing involves avoiding herd mentality and opting instead for a more analytical approach to the financial market. The financial publications Contrarian Outlook and Contrarian Income Report both take their names from this trading approach.

Contrarian investors look for “diamonds in the soil,” or stocks that aren’t receiving the support from the market that they should be getting, rather than buying the stocks that are now in high demand.

Right from the bat, Owens goes after a collection of dividend companies that provide the possibility of monthly dividends. This is one aspect of his strategy that I find particularly appealing.

Someone who is seeking for a monthly income, such as a retiree, may find that a method that uses staggered payouts works well for their needs.

This newsletter resembles the ones in the market in the similar niche, such as Automatic Fortunes, Seven Figure Formula, and Empire Financial Research.

Who is Brett Owens?

Contrarian Income Report Review - Brett Owens

Formerly the creator of a startup company in Silicon Valley, self-proclaimed dividend investor, and current chief investment strategist for Contrarian Income Report, Brett Owens began his career in the IT industry in Silicon Valley. He also has a degree in industrial engineering and operations research.

Nearly two decades ago, Owens began making investments in the stock market’s dividends.

Almost immediately, he became interested in stocks that had dividend yields of up to 8%. Some of his recommendations even generated returns in excess of ten percent. This is in addition to the payments made for dividends.

Currently, Brett is serving as the leader of Contrarian Income Report, where he is providing subscribers with his market analysis and forecasts.

Since he first began offering his service, customers have been given the opportunity to participate in dividends that are four times more than the average dividend yield on the S&P 500.

The major objective of Owens’s publication, the Contrarian Income Report, is to assist subscribers in funding their retirements without depleting their savings. For this tactic, dividends are an excellent weapon to use, and monthly dividends are an even better match for the bill.

I believe that Brett Owens has established an excellent strategy that is centered on dividends, and he is a very gifted stock picker.

In light of the fact that this discussion is intended to be about income investment, I appreciate that Brett takes a more practical perspective. He is not one to chase the next trend or act on irrational hunches.

The research that Brett uses to support his arguments is really well done and easy to understand. Overall, I like how intentional the approach is, and I’m amazed by how thoughtfully Brett chooses the recommendations he makes.

There is a purpose behind why Contrarian Outlook appointed Brett to the position of Chief Investment Strategist.

What is Contrarian Outlook?

Contrarian Income Report Review - Contrarian Outlook Logo

A publication that focuses on income investment ideas, Contrarian Outlook is one of those publishers.

It publishes a number of newsletters, some of which are called Contrarian Income Report, Hidden Yields, Dividend Swing Trader, and CEF Insider.

There are additional free postings available on the primary site that provide analysis of income investment. In light of this, one should know that Contrarian Outlook’s premium newsletters include the publication’s most insightful analysis.

This is one of the very few publishers that I’ve encountered that specializes particularly in the field of inbound investment. Even more amazingly, every provider provides its very own one-of-a-kind tactic.

If you put a lot of weight on dividend investing, this might be an excellent research publisher for you to look into.

Contrarian Outlook takes great satisfaction in providing its readers with high-quality, impartial research that does not contain any double-talk or hidden objectives. Because of this, throughout the years, the team’s overall performance has garnered such a strong reputation.

Every membership to Contrarian Outlook comes with guaranteed access to research that is impartial as well as advice for investments that are not prejudiced.

I think Contrarian Outlook is a decent organization, and I like its commitment to income investment.

In my perspective, another one of the company’s strengths is that it prioritizes producing high-quality newsletters above producing a large number of them.

When they try to cover too much ground and compete in too many different markets, some publishers’ work might be hit or miss. The laser-like concentration that Contrarian Outlook provides is a refreshing change of pace.

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My Favorite Program

Contrarian Income Report Newsletter

The Contrarian Income Report is a monthly study newsletter that is written by Brett Owens. In each issue, he presents his most recent findings about monthly dividend equities, preferred shares, and other possibilities to earn hidden income.

Your email will automatically be updated with a new edition on the first Friday of every month. It will normally consist of at least one new suggestion, updates on the positions of the model portfolio, and market analysis.

Each issue features an abundance of research and analysis on fantastic high-yield dividend possibilities, as well as fresh recommendations and other content. The Contrarian Income Report ensures that you are kept up to date throughout the whole year on emerging chances for dividends.

Every issue is a really educational read that offers a variety of useful information as well as up-to-date insights into the most recent news that is influencing the market.

Model Report

When you become a member, you are granted unrestricted access to Brett Owens’ Monthly Payer Portfolio. This portfolio offers yields of at least 7 percent and has the potential for further growth. In addition, it contains each and every one of his active recommendations.

The portfolio is a wonderful source of information. It places all of Contrarian Income Report’s holdings in one easily accessible location, giving you a bird’s-eye perspective of all of them, and it provides deep insights into each stock.

When you take advantage of this offer, you will have access to this helpful resource for a whole calendar year.

In addition, the model portfolio makes it simple for you to keep up with the most recent recommendations made by Contrarian Income Report, allowing you to derive the maximum benefit from the service.

Flash Alerts

When Brett Owens learns that recent events may have an effect on the model portfolio for the Contrarian Income Report, he notifies his followers immediately through a flash alert.

You will get an email providing further information about the news and describing how it will effect the roles that are impacted, as well as a strategy for how to react to the new circumstances.

Owens monitors the market around the clock and is sure to keep his subscribers informed of any developments.

In addition, the flash notifications make life easier for grownups who are always on the go and don’t have the time to keep a vigilant eye on the 24-hour news cycle.

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My Favorite Program

Weekly Market Analysis

Brett Owens is well aware that it is difficult to keep people up to date with just one monthly report given how quickly the market is moving.

Because of this, Owens also covers more short-term shifts in the market by providing weekly reporting on the most recent trends that are affecting the market.

In addition, some of his other second-level suggestions and specifics on stocks that he has been keeping an eye on are included in the weekly briefings.

The report that Owens sends to you arrives in your mailbox on a weekly basis like clockwork, and it includes a ton of supplementary data that is not typically included in the report that is sent to you on a monthly basis.

Another tool that assists you in maintaining your awareness of market conditions is the weekly report.

The flash alerts address particular news that affects certain portfolio holdings, while the weekly analysis provides a more comprehensive perspective of the most recent market circumstances.

Quarterly Webinars

About once every three months, Brett Owens hosts an exclusive live webinar event just for his subscribers that is only open to members.

During these webinars, Owens discusses a variety of topics, including model portfolio positions, emerging market patterns, and more. In addition to that, he addresses the members’ most pressing queries and goes through the most recent information about the Contrarian Income Report.

The webinars have a really personable and welcoming atmosphere. When opposed to the tired presentations that the majority of gurus are giving, this one is a welcome change.

Therefore, you should not be shocked if you find that you are looking forward to attending these sessions once every few months.

Final Verdict – Contrarian Income Report Review

The Contrarian Income Report is an excellent investing newsletter, and the cost of subscribing to it is more than justified. You can gain first-hand access to exclusive trading strategies and reports for the low price of $39, which has the potential to put you up for financial success.

The high-yield dividend techniques offered by Owens have the potential to have a significant impact on any income investment portfolio.

It might be challenging to locate good dividend companies, but the 7% Monthly Payer Portfolio highlights numerous high-quality options so that you can get a head start on your education in income investing.

As a means of ensuring that you get the most out of the service, Owens takes the time to detail his line of reasoning behind each and every deal.

Through Owens’ monthly and weekly reports, you will also have a constant line on the most recent news that is influencing the market. This will allow you to make sense of anything the market throws at you in the future.

To top it all off, there is a guarantee that you will receive your entire initial investment returned, making this an incredible deal.

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