Copy Paste Income Review – Legit or No?

Today we will be reviewing a program called Copy Paste Income. Is it legit? Find out in this Copy Paste Income review.

You’ve probably heard of Ewen Chia’s Copy Paste Income if you’ve been searching for online moneymaking opportunities.

The sales pitch makes it sound like you can make thousands of dollars with this product while putting in very little work. But is it truly worth your hard-earned cash and time?

To begin, contrary to what Ewen Chia may lead you to believe, there is no such thing as instant wealth when it comes to the internet. Any software that promises differently is probably just trying to trick you.

As it turns out, Copy Paste Income is an e-course about affiliate promotion. Creating passive income is possible; however, Chia’s methods are simplistic at best and unreliable at worst.

There is zero assurance that this program will earn you even a fraction of the thousands of dollars it promises.

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this Copy Paste Income review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Copy Paste Income in any shape or form whatsoever.

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Copy Paste Income Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Copy Paste Income
  • Founder: Ewen Chia
  • Website: N/A
  • Socials: Instagram
  • Type: Digital program
  • Niche: Marketing
  • Recommendation: I don’t think Copy Paste Income can replace an actual job opportunity. I also do not believe that it can work as well as they market it to be. If you ask me, my top recommendation is still a lot better, as it has been proven to work.

What is Copy Paste Income?

Ewen Chia’s software touts a foolproof method for making money online by repurposing existing content.

If the sales page is to be believed, you may make more than $3,000 in one month with zero knowledge or expertise in web marketing.

This sounds fantastic, but might it be too good to be true?

Affiliate marketing, the focus of Copy Paste Income, can be a viable means of earning passive income. The point is to advertise other people’s goods and receive a cut of the proceeds from any sales made.

While that would be nice, it’s not as easy as just copying some content and hoping for financial success.

The misleading advertising is the core problem with the Copy Paste Income technique. Everyone wants to get rich quick, and the sales page makes a lot of promises that can help them do just that.

Online income is possible, but it needs dedication and time. It’s unreasonable to expect immediate improvements like those Ewen said would occur.

Yet, if you’re prepared to put in the time and effort, affiliate marketing may be an excellent method to earn money online.

So don’t count on getting rich by merely duplicating some content and hoping for the best. You’d be surprised how much more there is to it.

Who is Ewen Chia?

Copy Paste Income Review - Ewen Chia

The Copy Paste Income Method was developed by Ewen Chia, a well-known personality in the field of affiliate marketing. You may be wondering: “Who is this Ewen Chia, and can he really help me succeed in affiliate marketing?”

Let’s start with his background check first. In addition to being a product producer for ClickBank, Chia also has several affiliate products of his own. He has much experience and is well regarded as a proficient affiliate marketer. His record of success is undeniable, it seems.

You should view his teachings with skepticism, as you would those of any expert.

While Chia’s methods have been praised by some, others have expressed skepticism about their efficacy.

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My Favorite Program

Copy Paste Income Overview

The creators of this service claim that it will show you how to earn money by promoting items and earning commissions by adding affiliate links to e-books. Yet, in reality, is this a trustworthy means of financial gain?

Watching the training videos where Ewen demonstrates how to identify things and market them using his eBooks is the first stage in the program. A major flaw with this approach is that it is easy to discern the difference between a poor quality eBook and a legitimate training course, therefore it is unlikely to provide the desired results.

Not only are Ewen’s suggestions for improving traffic inefficient, but they also cannot be maintained in the long run. Social networking and document sharing platforms like Scribd and Slide Share, which he recommends, may increase your eBooks’ exposure and, in turn, your traffic, but they won’t be a sustainable strategy.

If you are unable to attract visitors, your business will fail. Copy Paste Income may look like a simple method to generate money online, but it’s vital to know that it’s not a long-term answer.

This program is similar to Digital Doctor, TikTok Rapid Growth, and Digital Landlord.

The trainings are structured in this manner:

Basic Training

The proprietor, Ewen Chia, personally welcomes you to the program in a video message. A few videos on the principles of affiliate marketing are also included. Don’t count on getting a well-rounded education in this topic, though.

Complete Coaching

Ewen goes into additional into about his strategy in five videos found in the program’s “Complete Coaching” section. Over three hours of video on affiliate marketing and selling other people’s wares may be found here. Remember that Ewen is always on you to advertise his goods.

Copy Paste Ebooks

The meat of Copy Paste Income is right here. You’ll be able to sell 10 different ebooks under your own name. Using Ewen’s Private Label Rights (PLR), you may sell his books and keep all the profits.

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My Favorite Program

Earn Easy Cash

Included here are email “swipes” and other materials that can be used to spread the word about the program.

Additional Resources

The Copy Paste Income premium membership section features a number of optional extra purchase options. To help get the word out about your website, you may buy services like “Copy Paste Traffic” or “1 Million Visitors.”

These add-ons may be useful, but they may get pricey, and their value isn’t always clear.


There is a $37.50 fee for the class.

Now here’s the fascinating part: if you try to leave the sales page without making a decision, a pop-up window will emerge. There is a discount of $10 available to you if you decide to stay. It brings the total cost of the class down to $27.50.

Final Verdict – Copy Paste Income Review

My opinion is that it is a legitimate way to make money online, despite the fact that there are some individuals who will definitely declare that it is a hoax.

The fact that the program has a sixty-day money-back guarantee is without a doubt the finest aspect of it. Also, it offers an honest approach of generating money online, which is a huge plus.

On the other hand, it is not an original concept, and the internet is rife with other applications that are very much like it.

The bad news is that there is no further positive news to report. The promotional strategies that Ewen Chia has employed for Copy Paste Income leave a lot to be desired.

The quality of the program is likewise below average, and the claims that are made on the website give the impression that they are too wonderful to be true.

It is immoral to promote a product in a way that suggests it is possible to earn money in fewer than twenty-four hours by only copying and pasting text. It attracts inexperienced people who don’t know any better and keeps them there.

In addition, Ewen promotes this deal using fabricated customer reviews, which is a blatant red flag that the business is a fraud.

Taking everything into account, I am unable to give the Copy Paste Income scheme my endorsement. You should stay away from it since neither your time nor your money will be well spent on it.

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